Biographies are not just full of information about the person, but typically include valuable information about their relatives and ancestors. Although the biographical information may not always be accurate, they can be used as a springboard for your research.

Akers, A E
Allen, Albro B
Anderson, Evan E
Armstrong, George W

Barnard, Elisha C
Barrow, Alfred H
Bates, Charles T
Boggess, James L
Bowman, Martin
Brace, Curtis W
Bradshaw, Charles
Bradshaw, William M
Brown, Charles M
Brown, E B
Brown, Peter M
Brown, W A
Bushnell, Lodelia

Callaway, J T
Campbell, Walter A
Carlin, Thomas J
Carter, Jerome B
Christy, George
Clendenen, Hazard P
Coffman, Rev.
Collins, Walton M
Converse, Harry
Converse, Uriah
Cooper, Robert R
Cory, Luther
Cox, William
Crist, Charles H

Dunsmore, Robert G

Fenity, Peter
Fry, Jacob

Gardiner, Christopher J
Gardiner, James B
Gardiner, Samuel G
Gorrell, Peter
Greene, William L

Hamilton, J B
Hanks, Green P
Hannaford, A M
Harsook, Joseph
Higbee, Edward H
Hinton, Alfred
Houdashelt, Henry
Huitt, John W
Husted, Edward M

Jackson, James W
Jackson, WIlliam B

King, Lucian

Linder, Isham

Mason, George B
Morrow, Zachariah A

Perry, Nathaniel M
Porter, William A

Record, John
Rogers, Charles
Roodhouse, William C

Seeley, Anthony S
Smith, H W
Smith, W O
Spear, John S
Strang, Walter B
Swallow, George

Thomas, Charles R
Thomas, Samuel
Thompson, Robert C
Truesdale, D M
Tunnell, Andrew J

Violett, Selana

Whiteside, Levi T
Williams, Robert
Winn, George W
Witt, Franklin
Witt, George W
Woodson, David M
Wright, George

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