Biography - W Smith

The well known and popular hackman, W. O. Smith, is one of the fixtures of the town. For more than ten years past he has run a hack, making all trains on the C. & A. and C. B. & Q. railways. At first he started in a small way and had for a partner L. S. Baldwin. A few years ago he was able to buyout the interest of his partner and since then has managed the business alone. He has several teams and conveyances and enjoys a good trade. He has been very successful in a financial way and is enabled to live in one of the best little homes in the city, a picture of which is herewith given. Mr. Smith has one son, Joseph, who is his father’s able assistant. He treats all his customers in a courteous and obliging way and give them prompt service. The traveling public as well as many of all classes like to ride behind the "white mules". They always get there.

Transcribed 25 Oct 2006 by Linda Jones Craig from Souvenir of Roodhouse, 1897.

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