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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Greene County, ILGenWeb, site.

2019-Oct-19 Added extractions and Resource link for Stories from Illinois History
2019-Aug-19 Added 1873 subscriber surnames and better images of the pages
2019-May-30 Added a few obituaries and divided some obituary pages into more, smaller pages
2019-Mar-16 Added extraction and Resource link to History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois
2019-Feb-21 Thanks to Colleen Settles, added her Settles/Suttles query
2019-Jan-30 Thanks to LInda Ballard, updated Judge Hinton's biography
2018-Dec-10 Thanks to HathiTrust.org, added link to Souvenir of White Hall
2018-Dec-09 Added tidbit biographies of Joseph Dinwiddie and James Garrison
2018-Nov-18 Thanks to Kathryn Harris, added 1853 marriage register image
2018-Nov-05 Added Charles Lynn and George Smith biographies
2018-Nov-02 Thanks to FamilySearch, added Resource link to naturalization records
2018-Oct-31 Added A L Osborn biography
2018-Sep-07 Added remaining 1873 Atlas biographies
2018-Jul-11 Added a few more full transcriptions of 1873 Atlas biographies
2018-Jun-08 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
2018-Jun-06 Added more full transcriptions 1873 Atlas biographies
2018-Apr-13 Thanks to Penny (Lynne) Todd-Ponsonby, added listing of her funeral prayer cards from 1800s-1920s.
2018-Apr-07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018-Mar-31 Thanks to Kent, added a Resource link to a Greene County Illinois genealogy Facebook group
2018-Feb-25 Thanks to Robert Bailey, added Roodhouse and White Hall schools
2018-Feb-15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Korean War Fatal Casualties list
2018-Feb-12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal Casualties list
2018-Jan-10 Thanks to Sherri, added her Adcock/Hardwick query. Added descendants chart drafts for Isham Adcock, one Charles W. Hardwick, and Willis Hardwick.
2017-Dec-27 Thanks to Charles Wood, added his Robert Wood query. In response, added descendants chart drafts for Amon Wood and Samuel Wood
2017-Dec-11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War resource link
2017-Aug-24 Thanks to George McDaniel [email protected] added his Ruth Tanner query
2017-Jul-06 Thanks to Jack Cox  [email protected] corrected Stephen Wood's birth date
2017-Jul-01 Added 1916-1950 Deaths from Illinois State Archives
2017-Jun-30 Extracted full 1873 biography of Isham Linder
2017-May-27 Thanks to Nancy Simonds Wolski [email protected] added otituaries for Flossie Sitton, Jerry wells, and Betty Wells
2017-May-02 Thanks to Dan Hardy [email protected], added obituary for Isaac Milner
2017-Mar-25 Thanks to Craig Hill [email protected], added his query and family group sheet draft for Joseph Hill
2017-Mar-23 Thanks to Nancy Simonds Wolski [email protected], added obituaries for Robert and Vida Simonds
2017-Mar-04 Thanks to Joel Hogan [email protected], added his query and 1873 Allen Albro biography
2017-Feb-21 Added County Fair chapter from 1905 Past & Present
2017-Jan-07 Reorganized and gave the website a new look with a template borrowed from Templates in Time
2017-Jan-05 Thanks to Marjorie Nicols, added transcriptions of Riot court documents, Mannering estate documents, and John Painter revolutionary war pension documents,and timeline
2017-Jan-05 Transcribed a few more biographies from the 1873 Atlas
2017-Jan-02 Added query from Mike Deming
2016-Dec-30 Added 1877-1915 deaths from Illinois State Archives website
2016-Dec-11 Thanks to Keith Buck, added Historical Society to Resources
2016-Nov-10 Added lists of Black Hawk War, Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, 1883 Pensioners, and Solders' & Sailors' Home Residents
2016-Oct-07 Added biography of Robert Williams
2016-Oct-04 Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored military land grants
2016-Sep-16 Added obituary for William Briggs
2016-Aug-27 Thanks to Dennis Partridge, restored Black Hawk War pdf listing of veterans
2016-Aug-27 Added biography of John Record
2016-Jul-16 Thanks to Jack Cox, added Stephen Wood tombstone photos
2016-Jul-16 Added Jacob Funkhouser descendants chart
2016-Jun-17 Thanks to Laura MacCaskey, added new Query
2016-May-07 Thanks to Bob Drennan, added IRWIN and REYNOLDS obituaries
2016-Apr-23 Added John Spear biography
2016-Apr-02 Added 2 pdf files of books from DPLA
2016-Mar-31 Added off-site Digital Public Library of America resource
2016-Feb-21 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Primitive Baptist Church resource link
2016-Feb-07 Added Vallentine biographies and family charts
2016-Jan-30 Added revolutionary war extractions
2016-Jan-02 Added Daniel Needham's descendants chart
2015-Dec-26 Thanks to Duane Stewart, added 1873 Atlas Map of Greene County link and biography extractions
2015-Dec-24 Thanks to Duane Stewart, added 1873 atlas maps and added Lorenzo Carter family group sheet
2015-Sep-06 Thanks to Mary Farmer, updated Jalappa Cemetery list
2015-Aug-23 Added biography of James W Jackson
2015-Jun-26 Thanks to Nancy Wolski, corrected Martha Simmonds to Martha Simonds on Carrollton Graduates page
2015-Jun-07 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added VFW Memorial Cemetery
2015-Apr-12 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added Sharp Cemetery
2015-Apr-11 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added Smith newspaper article and descendants report
2015-Jan-07 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added ME Church baptisms
2014-Nov-15 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added early Kane Cemetery info
2014-Jul-01 Thanks to Nancy Hausch, added info about Selana Chapman
2014-Apr-06 Thanks to Peggy Thomas, added school records
2014-Mar-11 Thanks to Rodger Dent, added Walker and Waltrip family group sheets
2014-Feb-23 Added excerpts from History of Greene County
2013-Jan-26 Thanks to Virginia Dyson, added William Cotter photo and descendants chart with supporting document images
2012-Dec-30 Thanks to John Beckwith, added Davis Carter and George Huskey family group sheets, also transcribed Carter biographies from 1885 book
2012-Dec-19 Finished restoring map files, restored history of Carrollton churches
2012-Dec-17 Restored more maps
2012-Dec-06 Thanks to Robert Webb, added William Ballow obituary
Finished restoring school info
2012-Dec-02 Restored more school info
2012-Sep-23 Restored more military files, more school photos, and church photos
2012-Aug-28 Restored more military files
2012-Aug-26 Restored more military files
2012-Aug-19 Restored some military files
2012-Aug-16 Added World War II Enlistments
2012-Aug-11 Moved site to greene.illinoisgenweb.org
2012-Jul-04 Added links to Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware and Western Illinois River Country, added excerpts from 1879 History of Greene County
2012-Jun-29 Thanks to Dennis Haun, added Barnhart, Burley, Cannon, English, Evans, McMahon, Scates, Tharp tidbits and Chronicling America link
2012-Jun-20 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (more M)
2012-Jun-12 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (more D and F)
2012-Jun-07 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (W, more B, E)
2012-Jun-02 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (more T)
2012-May-31 Thanks to Brian Nichols, updated resource link to Genealogy, Inc
2012-May-30 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (O, T)
2012-May-28 Added links to Linkpendium and 1885 History book, corrected 1885 excerpts, continued restoring Marty's obituary collection (more C)
2012-May-09 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (more A)
2012-May-02 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (M, N, P, R, U, V, Y, Z)
2012-May-01 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (E, F, G, K, L)
2012-Apr-22 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (D)
2013-Apr-13 Thanks to Marty Crull, continued restoring obituary collection (C-D)
2012-Apr-12 Restored marriage files
2012-Apr-10 Restored list of 1880 Almshouse residents and 1918 list of auto owners
Thanks to Marty Crull, began restoring obituary collection (A-B)
2012-Apr-06 Restored death files and funeral home indices
2012-Apr-03 Restored remaining newspaper articles
2012-Mar-25 Restored more Patriot newspaper articles
2012-Mar-21 Restored more newspaper articles, histories, and census files
2012-Mar-17 Restored Jalappa and St John's cemeteries, Geo Winn and Geo Swallow biographies, 1849 school scholars court record, and more news articles. Replaced non-Greene county photos.
2012-Mar-12 Restored Memorial Gardens and Richwoods cemeteries, restored naturalization data, and restored more newspaper article transcriptions
2012-Mar-11 Updated IL Archives links, restored 1851 tax lists, restored newspaper articles
2012-Mar-08 Restored coroner inquest data


New coordinator, Norma Hass, implemented new look for Greene ILGenWeb, using site template courtesy of veteran GenWeb coordinator, Marsha Bryant.

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