previously known as Mt. Airy township
includes Athensville
Bluffdale includes Columbiana, Eldred, and Hay Press
Carrollton includes Carrollton
Kane includes Homer, Jalapa, and Kane
previously known as North Western township
includes Drake, Hillview, and Patterson
previously known as Sheffield township
includes Fayette, Greenfield, and Rockbridge
Roodhouse includes Barrow and Roodhouse
Rubicon previously known as Greenfield township
Walkerville includes Walkerville
White Hall includes New Providence and White Hall
previously known as Providence township
Athensville located in Athensville township
Barrow located in Roodhouse township
Carrollton located in Carrollton township
Columbiana located in Bluffdale township
Drake located in Patterson township
Eldred located in Bluffdale township
platted as Farrowtown
Farrowtown known as Eldred
Fayette located in Rockbridge township
Greenfield located in Rockbridge township
Happyville located in Patterson township
known as Hillview
Hay Press located in Bluffdale township
Hillview located in Patterson township
platted as Happyville
Homer located in Kane township
Jalapa located in Kane township
Kane located in Kane township
Patterson located in Patterson township
platted as Wilmington
Rockbridge located in Rockbridge township
platted as Sheffield
Roodhouse located in Roodhouse township
Sheffield located in Rockbridge township
known as Rockbridge
Walkerville located in Walkerville township
White Hall located in White Hall township
Wilmington known as Patterson
Wrights located in Wrights township
platted as Wrightsville

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