2020 Sep 09
My cousin, Dannell Aukerman, may have made contact with Macoupin county several years ago in reference to our shared family ancestry in Greene and Macoupin counties, from 1820 until around 1888. In case she hasn't, here's our genealogical information on John P Ward, my GGGF. I'd be interested in learning anything more about his life and associations in that county, if possible. Very pleased to make your acquaintance,
Scott A. "Scotty" Ward  scottydc@yahoo.com
2020 Sep 03
Willis Ballard is the son of Wiley and Nancy Ballard Lincoln County, NC. Willis born in NC circa 1794, in 1820, he is found living in Rutherford, TN. Married a Sarah, maiden name not found. Their first 5 children were born in Rutherford, TN. The Willis Ballard family then moved to the Greene County, IL area as did his brothers Lewis J and Avery Ballard. I've located 6 of their 9 children. In an 1830 census Greene County, a female child born circa 1823 is who I would like to identify. I believe this is my 3rd great grandmother, Mary/Polly Ballard. 2 marriages in Scott county Smith 1843 and Brissey 1848. 3rd marriage in Greene County to Levi Camplin in 1866.

Would appreciate any insight, Thank you in advance.
Arlene tobegranny@yahoo.com
2020 May 06
I am doing amateur genealogy research on my family tree. I have hit a real road block doing online research on my great great grandfather William Henry Smith. He resided (i'm guessing in Greene county IL.

Here are the facts:

1.) Born Feb 28 1845 in Illinois according to census records
2.) Married Sarah Caroline Jones (6/29/1844 birth in Greene County)12/2/1863 in Carrollton Green County IL ( I have located marriage information but it's summary info versus original documents)
3.) Ended up leaving IL for Colorado to the Saguache County Colorado area with Sarah Caroline who died in 11/18/1888 and other counties where he resided until he died 2/8/1922

I have this little information from other family trees and I have located the marriage information for William and Sarah. Further I have an obit for Sarah Caroline Jones Smith.

I was wondering if there is information regarding the parents of both the husband and wife in the marriage records. I cannot determine with any certainty where William Henry came from. I have some info that his father was born in Ohio and his mother was born in IL. But other than that, I have really no idea. I suspect that much of the other info I see online are educated guesses on William Henry and his father who is supposedly name William Smith as well. I"m assuming at some point William Henry made their home in Greene County as he married a girl from there. I believe Sarah's family also left IL to live in Colorado according to all my research.

Can you give me any guidance on how I might proceed to find out where the heck William Henry came from and who his family was? Thanks so much!

Pat Peterson ppete127@gmail.com
Iowa City, IA 52246
2019 Feb 21
I am researching the Settles/Suttles family history in Greene County. Jesse and family came to Madison County and then on to Greene county in 1828.
Jesse Settles/Suttles was born in Virginia in 1775 and married to Susan ? born in Georgia in 1785. Jesse died in Greene County in 1860 and Susan died in Greene County in 1849. They are buried in Walkerville. I am looking for information on this couple or anyone else that is researching this family. We are from Jesse's son William Settles/Suttle who married Cynthia Moody's line. Thanks for any help you can offer. Colleen colleensettles@gmail.com
08 Jan 2018
I am looking for birth records. Some people have told me they were not recorded before 1900. If this is true then I am in trouble. My grandmother told my mom that her mom was born in Chicago. Well we know there was a fire and all records were destroyed. The research I am doing shows that her mom and dad only lived in Greene County, Illinois in the 1850s till the 1900s. I believe my great grandmother would have been born in 1852 by the name of Mary Hiley Hardwick. Her mom and dad we believe to be Charles Augustus and Mary Jane Adcock Hardwick. I would love to put all the mysteries and secrets to the stories I have heard to an end and the only way I know is to find her birth certificate. Any help or direction on where to look would be appreciated. Sherri
2017 Dec 25
I am researching the family of my third great grandfather, Robert Wood, who is reported to have been born in Greene County in 1822. I am specifically looking for his parents and/or siblings.
I have a great deal of information on he and his wife, Elizabeth Hill raising their family in St. Clair, and subsequently in Saline, Missouri.
There was a Sheriff of Greene County in 1838 who is a potential father named Young Wood. Are you aware of any resources that might reveal additional information on this Young Wood?
Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Charles Wood of Kansas City, MO
2017 Aug 24
My genealogical research led me to Macoupin County where I was helped by Linda Kmiecik who referred me to you.
I discovered a legal proceeding against my gggrandmother Ruth Tanner. In the April term 1835 she was before the court with a William Holton on charges of fornication and adultery. She was separately charged with bigamy. Her husband (1st husband?) was Stanton Tanner. After maneuvering in the court in Macoupin County the case was moved on a change of venue to Greene County.
I would like to see the proceedings of that case and any other court records relating to Stanton Tanner, Ruth Tanner, William Holton, Cavil McDaniel, Jennette Tanner McDaniel. I would appreciate copies of everything the court would have.
I am presuming that Stanton divorced Ruth (he appears later in Indiana without her). If that divorce took place in Greene County I would like all the records relating it.
Is there someone there who could do this research for me? I will gladly pay for that person's time and expenses.
Thank you. George W. McDaniel
2017 Mar 25
I'm searching for my great great great grandparents, Joseph and Susan (Bandy) Hill. They were married in 1832 in Greene County, Illinois. Any help about the Hill family would be greatly appreciated. Craig Hill craig4461@att.net
02 Mar 2017
My great grandmother Laura Ethel Crosby (nee Allen) was born in Old Kane, Greene County on Nov. 10 1889. That is all the info that I have for her in Greene County. Any help for further information about that Allen family would be great, if available. Joel Hogan yrj77s@gmail.com
2017 Jan 02
I'm looking for a record of baptism for Meredith, Sally, Richard and Jesse Ashlock from the Macoupin Baptist Church or it could have been the Kane Baptist Church dated August 1837. I'm also looking for any record that shows the arrival of Meredith and Richard Ashlock about 1828 from TN. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike Deming ldmddeming@gmail.com
2016 Jun 16
I'm looking for a relative who was born in Mt. Airy Precinct, Greene County IL on 4 May 1844. Her name was Julia Anna Short and she was married to Robert Henry Crayne of Wilmington IL on 16 Feb 1862. Her father's name was Joshua Mastin Short (b. 1809 Kentucky; d 1876 Green County IL) and mother was Eliza Ann Chaney (b. 1 March 1811 in TN). Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I live in St Louis MO and you aren't too far up the road from me. Would be happy to meet with someone to assist in this research. I am an art historian and am skilled in researching documents/records. She was my paternal great great grandmother. Thanks very much, Laura MacCaskey

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