Biography - Jerome B. Carter

JEROME B. CARTER, is the son of John and Alice Carter, was born near the village of Whitehall, Frederick county, Virginia, on the 29th November, 1819. There were eight children in the family, of whom our subject was the eldest. His schooling was obtained under the subscription system. Robert Bond, a Quaker gentleman, and a well educated teacher, was his first and only instructor. His course of study lasted about five years, and then, at his own request, his father apprenticed him to a tailor at Winchester, in order for him to learn the trade. The master, whose name was James Burgess, had a kindly feeling for the lad, and the boy soon became acquainted with all the details of the business. After completing his apprenticeship, he opened a store of his own at Whitehall, and soon had plenty of work, and received a large patronage from all sections of the county. On the 18th May, 1843, he was married to Miss Martha Haynes, daughter of Acquilla J. Haynes, Esq., of Frederick county. His business at this time was very lucrative, but he resolved to emigrate to Greene county, inasmuch as a prominent merchant of Greenfield had written him to come and engage in his employ as salesman. For several years he was connected with Mr. Sheffield, and then, in company with Rev. James Reeves of Greene county, he opened a new general merchandise establishment on the south-east corner of the public square. Isaac R. Ostrom purchased the interest of Mr. Reeves, and the style of the firm was changed to Carter & Ostrom. This co-partnership lasted over eleven years. In 1867 he erected a new storehouse on the west side of the square, stocked the same with goods, and placed his son John T. Carter, Esq., in charge of the same. Only four months after the establishment had been opened our subject passed to his long home, and we can truly say, "universally regretted by all." He was only forty-nine years of age at the time of his decease. His estimable wife followed him four years later. She was only forty-two years of age, and like her departed husband, was endeared to all by many acts of affection and kindness. Four children were the result of this marriage, only two of whom are yet living; viz.: John T. Carter, now of J. T. Carter & Co.; Miss Ann Carter, wife of Luther Lynn, Esq., junior member of the firm of Carter & CO. Mr. Carter was a member of both the masonic fraternity and the order of Odd Fellows. In the former he had held nearly every position in the gift of the lodge. In the latter he held many important positions. As a business man he adapted himself to all classes, and was reported to be one of the most successful salesmen in this section of the state. Though not a professing Christian, he yet followed the teachings of the Divine Master by practicing charity. The latter quality endeared him to the poor, for whom he ever acted in a generous and benevolent manner. Without a single stain upon his reputation as a merchant or man of honor, he passed away, cut off in his prime, yet his memory is ever green in the hearts of all the citizens who knew him, and his name is ever mentioned with honor, and the remembrance of him is cherished by all.

Extracted 11 Jul 2018 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, page 43

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