Biography - Charles Brown

The oldest practicing physician in Roodhouse is Dr. Charles M. Brown, a native of Tennessee and a good example of the Southern gentleman before the war. Dr. Brown was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, May 28, 1833. He received his education in the schools of his home town and at an early age engaged in the hat and shoe business and made annual visits to New York, Boston and Philadelphia to purchase supplies. For two years, 1849-50, he was engaged in the tobacco business. During the war he was in the medical department of Gen. Bragg’s army. Perhaps this work more than anything else induced him to study medicine. He graduated from the Nashville Medical University in 1865. For five years he practiced his profession in Robison County, Tennessee, and then decided to locate in Texas. After remaining in Texas two years, visiting Dallas, Galveston and various other places, he returned to Tennessee and located in Memphis. He remained there sever years, from 1872 to ’79. In the latter year he came to St. Louis and after practicing there for four years concluded to locate in Roodhouse. This he did in December, 1883, and has remained here ever since. Dr. Brown is well educated and a man of high ideals. He is a close student and not only keeps up with the times in his profession, but finds time to keep posted in the literature of the day. In history, both ancient and modern, his knowledge is second to none in the section. Possessed of a very retentive memory for dates and incidents he always proves a good entertainer on any subject.
In politics and religion Dr. Brown is for equal rights to all. He believes in the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. In all his ideas he is intensely American; very strong in his likes and dislikes and firm in his opinions. Until 1896 he was identified with the Republican party, but drifted away from the faith in favor of the free silver cause. In 1894-6 he held the office of President of the Board of Education in this city. This is the only elective office he ever held or asked for.

Transcribed 25 Oct 2006 by Linda Jones Craig from Souvenir of Roodhouse, 1897.

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