Biography - Robert Dunsmore

The oldest conductor of the Chicago & Alton Railway in point of service is Robert G. Dunsmore, who likeness is presented herewith. No man in the employ of the company enjoys a wider acquaintance than this popular knight of the ticket punch. He is personally known to almost every man, woman and child along the line from Bloomington to Kansas City, and from Roodhouse to St. Louis. Mr. Dunsmore is a whole-souled fellow, the like of whom one seldom finds. He is as unweilding as the sturdy oak of the forest when he is in the path of duty and right, but as kind and sympathetic as a child to those unfortunately in distress. None but the unworthy ever have any fault to find with this genial and generous gentleman. When off duty he is an agreeable and entertaining companion, but on duty he is all business – courteous to all, but brooks no foolishness, which may of his "smart" passengers have found out to their sorrow.

Mr. Dunsmore is a native of Canada and was born in Huntingdon County, Province of Quebec, in 1848. His first years were spent upon a farm and the rudiments of his education were acquired in the country. For four years he attended the Huntingdon Academy. With the exception of two years, from 1865 to 1867, which he spent in the Queen’s service as a soldier, he worked on his father’s farm until he came to the States in 1868. His first work was done for a brother in Minnesota, who was a contractor on the Minnesota Southern Railway, now a part of the C. M. & St. P. System. He also did construction work on the Northern Pacific. His first work in railroading was

Note: Robert Dunsmore's biography transcription is incomplete because pages 12 – 15 were missing.

Transcribed 25 Oct 2006 by Linda Jones Craig from Souvenir of Roodhouse, 1897.

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