Biography - George Witt

GEORGE W. WITT, the fourth child of Franklin and Malinda Witt, was born in Greene county April 21, 1841, and his early education was attained in the schools of this county. His character partakes largely of the caste of his father's. He is one of those quiet, unobtrusive men, who think more than they talk, and whose actions are the results of methodical thought and system, and we bespeak for him some considerable success in the political arena. He even now exercises a telling influence in the ranks of the democratic party. When about the age of twenty-five he was married to Miss Eliza J. Moore. By that union they have had three children; the eldest is deceased. He is now engaged in the business of farming and stock growing, and is practical and successful. He and his wife are both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is also an active member of the masonic order. Though Mr. Witt is a young man, yet few of his age exercise more influence in the county of Greene.

Extracted 05 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, page 35.

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