Biography - George Swallow

COL. GEORGE R. SWALLOW was born in Greene county, Illinois, August 21, 1830. He is third of a family of five children of Ransom and Sophia Swallow, who were natives of Vermont. Their ancestors were Scotch and German. Mr. Swallow's great grandfather on the maternal side was a soldier in the was of the Revolution, and the Colonel's grandfather was a soldier in the army during the was of 1812. Mr. Ransom Swallow, while a single man, came West, first locating at St. Charles, Mo. He settled in Greene county, Illinois, about the year 1827, soon after engaging in merchandizing and milling at Whitehall. In 1840 he moved to Manchester, where he died in 1844. His widow is yet living in the enjoyment of good health. The Colonel received his early education in the schools of Manchester, and when fourteen years of age set out to do for himself with only ten dollars in his picket. First, commenced clerking in a drug store at Winchester, Scott county. Remained there a few months then went to Alton, where, for a short time, he clerked in the Post Office. A year after moved to Jerseyville. In the fall of 1860 went to Centralia, Illinois; in March, 1861, moved to V________, Indiana. In August, 1862, enlisted as a private in the Seventh Regiment Indiana Infantry. In November following, was promoted to a first lieutenancy. After the battle of Shiloh, for meritorious services, was commissioned to captain of a battery by Governor Morton; was in command of that battery until Sherman's march to Atlanta; was then promoted to major of the Tenth Indiana Calvary. While participating in the battle of Nashville, the gallant major was wounded, soon after which he was appointed lieutenant colonel, and, after the battle of Blakely, was promoted to the rank of colonel. He participated in many hard-fought battles, prominent among which was Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, and Nashville, and numerous skirmishes. He remained in the service until the 6th of September, 186_. In October, 186_, he was married to Miss Hannah V. Davis, daughter of the late Abijah Davis, of Jerseyville. The colonel is now a partner in the banking house of Cross & Swallow. His first vote for president was cast for Abraham Lincoln, to which party he has strictly adhered. Few, if any, of the citizens of Jersey county, achieved a more brilliant military record during the late rebellion than Colonel Swallow. His is among the prominent and influential citizens of the county.

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