Biography - William Brown

WILLIAM BROWN, deceased, was born in Kentucky, Dec. 4, 1828. He was one of a large family of John and Elizabeth Brown, who were among the earlier pioneers of Kentucky, and also early settlers in Greene county, Ill. They moved to this county in 1829, and located on a tract of land and engaged in the pursuits of agriculture. They were lineally descended from the stock of Browns of "Merrie England." There ancestors, prior to the revolutionary period, settled on the eastern shore of Virginia.

William Brown attended the district schools of this county when a boy, and, like other boys of that period, generally had incompetent teachers, and hardly any books; nevertheless, he succeeded in getting the rudiments of an education. Very early in life he learned the toils of farm labor in assisting his father, and as to his own personal commencement in life, it was, so far as money was concerned, a very poor beginning; but being of an industrious and economical turn, he made everything contribute to his little store of wealth. In politics, he was a strong supporter of the principles of the democratic party. On the 10th of August, 1858, he was married to Miss Louisa Ware, daughter of James and Martha Ware, of Greene county, Ill. Mrs. Brown was born and raised within two miles of where she now resides; her parents were also early pioneers of the portion of the county where they reside. Mr. Brown and wife had five children, one of whom is deceased. After their marriage Mr. B. moved on the farm where he continued to reside until his death, which took place October 10, 1869. His remains are buried in the Mt. Gilead churchyard, not far from where he resided. As a farmer he was successful, energetic, and economical. He was a kind husband and father, and the loss to the family is irreparable. Mrs. Brown continues to carry on the farm, and is quite successful in her business enterprises. Besides making a good living, she is endeavoring, like a true mother, to give her children the advantages of an education.

Extracted 07 Sep 2018 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, page 46.

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