Biography - Edward Smith

Edward Smith, a native son of Greene [C]ounty, was born in Kane, February 3, 1855, and has spent his entire life in this part of the state, maintaining his residence in Carrollton since the age of twelve years. In the paternal line he is a representative of an old family of New Jersey. In that state his grandfather, Dr. E. F. Smith, practiced his profession for many years, his skill and ability winning him more than local prominence. He was also a leader in political circles and served as a member of the state legislature. His son Dr. A. H. Smith also devoted his energies to the practice of medicine and surgery for a number of years and eventually became a druggist in Carrollton. His maternal grandfather was Dr. Moses Scott, also a practicing physician, who was a member of General Washington’s staff in the Revolutionary [W]ar.

Dr. A. H. Smith was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and spent his early life in the east. He married Miss Amanda Robinson, a native of Virginia. About 1837 or 1838 he came to Illinois, settling in that part of Greene [C]ounty which is now a part of Jersey [C]ounty. Subsequently he removed to Kane, where he resided from 1850 until 1867, when he came to Carrollton, where he established a drug store, which he conducted with success until 1893. He built up an excellent business and made for himself an enviable reputation in trade circles, never being known to take advantage of the necessities of his fellowmen in any commercial transaction. His wife died in 1882. They were the parents of four sons and one daughter.

Edward Smith, the third son, spent his boyhood days in the usual manner of lads of the period, attending school in Kane between the ages of six and twelve years, when he came with the family to Carrolton and here resumed his studies. He put aside his text-books in 1981,and then entered his father’s drug store, where he learned the business, gaining accurate knowledge of the medicinal qualities of the various goods carried, so that he was registered as a pharmacist when the first law passed. He continued with his father until the latter’s death and has since carried on the business, having a large and well selected stock, which, carefully arranged, makes his a neat and attractive store. A straightforward business policy has ever been maintained and he receives liberal share of the public patronage which he well merits.

On November 17, 1898, Mr. Smith was united in marriage to Miss Eva Hewes, a daughter of a Methodist clergyman. Mr. Smith, however, belongs to the Baptist church. He has a wide acquaintance because of his business connection with the city and also by reason of his long residence in the county, and the fact that many of his staunchest friends are those who have known him from boyhood, is an indication of an honorable and well spent life.

Extracted 2021 Aug 07 by Marti Swanson from Past and Present of Greene County, Illinois, by Ed Miner, published in 1905, pages 480-481.

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