Biography - William B. Maberry

THE LATE WILLIAM B. MABERRY was born in Sumner county, Tennessee, on the 23d of May, 1809. His parents were James and Susan Maberry, who were old pioneers of that portion of Tennessee, in which state they lived and died. James Maberry's father emigrated to Tennessee from North Carolina. The subject of this sketch was educated in the schools of his native state, and, as might be expected, facilities at that day were very meagre. His father's occupation was that of a farmer, and very early in life he learned how to do farm work. On the 11th of May, 1830, when he was about twenty-one years of age, he was married to Miss Martha Taylor, daughter of Jacob and Mary Taylor. Mr. Taylor was also a native of North Carolina, though at a very early day he settled in Tennessee. Mrs. Maberry was born August 9th, 1810. After their marriage, Mr. M. engaged in farming on his own account; but the soil where he lived was so poor that it was almost impossible to eke out a subsistence, and, in accordance with the solicitation of his wife, he removed to Illinois, arriving in Greene county in the fall of 1837. When he arrived here, about all he owned in the shape of property was embodied in three horses, and for five or six years he rented a farm, until he could get money enough ahead to buy land of his own. When he moved, he had not money enough to buy a wagon, and, with two other families, engaged a man to bring them over to this county. In the pleasant pursuit of agriculture he always found his greatest enjoyment, and also succeeded in acquiring a comfortable competence.

Mr. and Mrs. Maberry had a family of three children – all sons – who were born in Tennessee. Only two are now living – James V. and William, both of whom reside near Woodville, on portions of the old homestead, and are among the successful farmers of Greene county. About the year 1847, Mr. M. and wife became members of the Baptist Church, of which he remained a consistent and worthy member until his death, always finding it a source of great pleasure to be found among those who worship God. Kindness was one of the principal features of his character; hence he was a good father and husband. As a man and a Christian, he had the respect and esteem of a large circle of friends. His death occurred at his residence, in August, 1857, and his remains were deposited in the family burying ground, on the old homestead. His widow is still living, residing on the home place. Besides being a kind and affectionate mother to her own children, she has raised three orphan children – two girls and one boy.

Returning to the life of Mr. Maberry, we will mention that, politically, he was a member of the democratic party. The purity and straightforward conduct of his life were above question, and among his neighbors he had the reputation of being a man of truth and honor.

Extracted 07 Sep 2018 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, page 51.

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