Biography - Peter Hobson

PETER HOBSON is a native of Cumberland county, in the north of England, and was born September 29, 1804. He is the eldest of a family of six children of James and Elizabeth Hobson, whose ancestors, for almost untold generations, were natives of "Merry England." Mr. Hobson emigrated with his family to the United States, landing at New York, about the first of September, 1822. They then proceeded overland, in wagons, across the Allegheny Mountains, to Pittsburg, and at that place Mr. H. purchased a flatboat, upon which he stored their goods, and the family embarking on the frail craft, they proceeded leisurely down the Ohio river to Shawneetown, and there landed, preparatory to another journey across the country, and this time they were destined for the fertile prairies of Illinois. They arrived in Greene county on the 9th of December, 1822, and he settled on the land which had been entered for him two years before by his brother, Robert Hobson. He was there engaged in farming until his death, which occurred in 1838. Mrs. Hobson survived the death of her husband until the fall of 1842.

Peter Hobson, while a boy, attended the schools of his native county. His time was spent alternately between school and his father's farm during the summer months, until their removal to America; and there he worked at home until the age of twenty-seven, after which he went to operate a mill for his cousin, Peter Hobson, at a place called Coonville, near Apple Creek. He spent about six years at that place, then returned home and assisted his father in his farming operations. On the 18th of December, 1848, he was married to Mary Chorn, daughter of Dr. Jesse Chorn, an old resident of Carrollton, having settled there in 1830, and being among the early physicians of the county; he was formerly from Clark county, Kentucky. Mr. Hobson and wife have had a family of eight sons, five of whom are yet living. Mr. H. commenced the struggle of life with a very small capital, and through the medium of industry and economy he has met with a well merited success, having most of the time since becoming a resident of Illinois devoted his attention to agriculture, and having bought his land on cheap terms, the improvement and natural growth of the country have made him comfortably situated in life. Mr. Hobson and family worship at the Baptist Church of Carrollton. He owned and carried on a mill with his brother, Thomas Hobson, about five years. Politically he was formerly a democrat until Gen. Scott was a candidate for the presidency, since which time he has voted with the whig and republican parties. He voted twice for Abraham Lincoln, and during the war was a firm supporter of the Union cause. Mr. Hobson is now living at his residence surrounded by his family, having been a citizen of Greene county for about half a century. For what he has accomplished in life credit is largely due to his early teachings respecting the value of time and the importance of a good moral character.

Extracted 07 Sep 2018 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, page 47.

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