Teacher Monument
In memory of
Annie Louise Keller
who saved sixteen children
but sacrificed her own life
when a tornado demolished
Centerville school building
April 19, 1927
Lorado Taft  1860 - 1936
Sculptor of memorial statue
Illinois sculptor. Teacher
Lecturer of national renown
Apple Creek Prairie Chapter
National Society
Dauthers of the American Revolution
August 25, 1987
Greenfield School
Prof H. B. Stockman, of Massachusetts, was the first public school teacher of Greenfield, and with Mary and Anna Eddy; as assistants, gave universal satisfaction. Prof. John Burroughs, with Laura Hodge and Miss Akers, taught the school during the year 1858-9. Mr. Burroughs is remembered as a very muscular teacher who used the rod on all occasions, to convince the youthful mind of the importance of industry and application to study. Prof J. P. Mathews with Mattie Peoples, taught a very successful school during the years of 1859 and 1860. In 1860 Rev. R. M. Tunnell took charge of the school, Laura Hodge, Bettie Hodge, Hattie Allen, Mary Edwards, Carrie Prentiss and Mattie Henderson, acting as assistants. Mr. Tunnell has the reputation of having been one of the best teacher's in the county, and was retained as principal, three years. In the fall of 1864, Rev. W. C. Pratt, a Baptist minister, assisted by Lydia Henderson and Anna Graves, taught the school very acceptably, and was followed in 1865 by Prof. C. G. Snow, as principal, who held the position for three years, with the following assistants: Laura Hodge, Etna Cooper, Carrie Prentiss, Julia Graves, and Lydia Henderson. Rev. B. B. Hamilton, now postmaster of White Hall, assisted by Eliza Banning, Mary Holliday, and Jane Barton, taught the school of 1867. Prof. Snow was again employed in 1868, 1869 and 1870, with Etna Cooper, Laura Hodge, Carrie Prentiss, H. B. Hamilton, Lydia Henderson, as assistants. In the fall of 1871, H. J. Waterman, an erratic teacher, was elected principal, with Lydia Henderson, and Katie Prosser as assistants. Prof. R. M. Hitch, succeeded as principal in 1872 and 1878, with Mary Hamilton, Hattie Hart, Winnie Beason, and Ella Woolley, as assistants. Prof Hitch taught a most successful school, and is kindly remembered by his pupils and the community generally. In 1874, there was four departments, and Prof. J. M. Stewart, was elected principal, with Hattie Hart, Meddie Fisher, and Mattie Henderson, as assistants. It was now deemed necessary to enlarge the main building used for school purposes, because of the rapidly increasing number of pupils, and a new, two story building, containing four large rooms, was erected at the cost of $10,000. The building occupies a commanding position, is well ventilated, and heated by hot air furnaces that give entire satisfaction even in the coldest weather. In 1875 the high school was inaugurated, with H. H. Montgomery, a graduate of Blackburn University, and a gentleman of rate culture and executive ability, as principal and superintendent. The course of instruction is very full, and supplies the full preparatory course of collegiate instruction at home. There were besides the high school five other department under Prof. Montgomery's supervision. His assistants during his five years of principalship were—G. W. Piper, Miss Van Wey, Ora Boring, Laura Hodge, Emma Tunnell, R. M. Throop, Hattie Hart, G. W. Scubb, Josephine Castellaw., Corinne Bonfoy, Dora Johnston, J. W. Dalby, Rose Caswell, B. E. Harris, Della Teany and Etna Cooper.
Rubicon School 1863 - 1947
Myrtle Boring, Nonie Boring, Manoah Boswick, Nelle Burnett, Charles Capp, Mabel Capp, T. G. Capps, Luna Carr, Sara Carstens, Anna Caswell, W. R. Clardy, Marie Cochran, Amanda A. Cole, W. E. Collins, Helen Converse, Mona Craig, Zeno E. Curnutt, Mary Fergurson, Reta Mae Finley, Lucy French, J. A. Gibson, H. B. Hamilton, Mildred Handling, Anna S. Henderson, Martha M. Henderson, Mary I. Holliday, Fern Hunt, Mildred Jones, Edith King, Dorothy Lahr, Clara Maxfield, J. H. McMichels, Sylvester Melvin, Elta Meng, O. H. Miller, B. E. Nelson, Solomon Parsons, Stella Quast, M. Richmond, H. E. Rutherford, Jennie Ryan, Effie Sample, Fanny Sandefer, Ella Saxon, Laura Scandret, Mabel Short, H. C. Smith, Fanny Standerford, Dorthy Stark, Mollie Stokes, Edith Sutton, Marla Twitchell, Ann Umphress, E. H. Vanarsdale, Hattie White, Nellie Wilhite, Tennie A. Wilson, Marie Witt, Nellie Witt, Fanny Wylder, H. Wylder, Ruth Young
1909 Teachers
Albert Abbott, Jr., Elsie Allen, Lela Ash, Naomi Auten, Wiley Berry, Gertrude Blair, Oscar Cade, J. W. Cannedy, Nora Carmody, Martha L. Connole, Lee Cunningham, Maie Dunsworth, Adrian C. Edwards, Mary Evans, Nellie Foley, Beatrice Graves, Katie A. Hayes, E. E. Hinman, Bessie L. House, Benjamin Johnson, F. C. Jones, Roy Kessie, Edith King, Myrvan King, Lula R. McAdams, Eva B. McClelland, Mabel McGown, Frances Phillips, Laura Rice, Minnie Rice, Mary Rickart, Nannie Rives, C. M. Sackett, Hallie C. Short, Mary N. Staats, Maude Tanner, P. E. Thompson, Elva G. Wilson

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