Carrollton School Christmas Stories

12 Dec - Ronnie Mak – Age 8 – Oak Grove
Last night I dreamed I was old Santa Claus’ little boy. Oh, I was having a good time. It was Christmas eve, and Papa Santa Claus and I were putting toys and things in his pack, while Mamma Santa made some popcorn balls. After awhile Papa Santa said to me:
“Do you know where your coat and cap are?”
“Yes, sir, what’s that for?”
“Ain’t you going with me to fill the little chaps stockings?”
“O yes sir, that will be fine.”
“Well, then, hitch up the reindeers to the sleigh.”
Pretty soon we were in the sleigh, going very swift, and over the housetops and everything else. My land, I couldn’t half tell in a year what we went over.
After awhile Papa Santa said:” We’ll stop here; I go to the last house first, so the children will be asleep.”
Then I asked if I could go down with him.
“Yes”, said Papa Santa Claus,” but you will have to hold on tight to me so you will not fall down and hurt yourself.”
Well we are down the chimney, and I am not hurt.
“Hush, hush, you will wake the children.”
Then I looked around the room and oh my, I nearly ????, I saw three little children on a bed in the corner; shivering and scrunching close together under an old thin cover. There wasn’t any carpet on the floor, nor anything pretty in the room. There was only one picture in the house, and under it was; “Be Merciful as your Father is Merciful.”
“Oh Papa,” I whispered, “do give them a whole lot of presents.”
“Oh no, we have to try to please all the children, and these poor little children will be very glad in the morning if they find a stick of candy and a cookie in their stockings.”
As I watched him put the candy and cookies in the old, rugged stockings, I felt so sorry for the poor little cold, hungry children, I thought I never would love Papa Santa Claus any more.
And the next place where we stopped the little children had a nice warm house, and more playthings than they could use, and when Santa Claus began to take a lot of fine things out of his pack for them I just got so angry I woke up and found it was a dream. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night, a thinking and wondering about that trip with Santa Claus and I am thinking about it yet, and I can’t make up my mind what to think about him.
27 Dec 2
………………and comes a flying. When he is heavy loaded with presents to take to different places he drives about four to six reindeers. One year he as very feeble and could not come so he sent his wife to our school. I remember the presents were very few that year. I hope he will be able to come himself this year. Santa Claus has never brought a Christmas tree yet to our school. He has long beard, yellow face and dressed in a grayish fur robe. Two years ago he was at our school and danced. Last year Santa Claus brought me a match box, some candy and books. In St. Louis Santa Claus goes along the streets and throws peanuts at the little boys. Santa Claus nearly always, gives me what I want.
Santa Claus is Partial
Alice Vander?and – age 11 – Mt. Gilead
I think he is a religious old man, as he always brings us presents to remember Christ’s birthday, but I don’t think he does it right for he is partial, as he gives more to the rich than to the poor. God was not partial, he treated them all alike. I think Santa Claus is an odd-looking old man, but I think he must e wise, because he always knows what will suit us best. He used to bring me dolls but since I can read and play he always brings me story books and music. I think he lives in the north, as he always comes no difference how cold the weather is and he drives reindeers. I think he is well-liked by all the children, as they speak more speeches and sing more songs about him and his wife than any other man. I think he will come to our school this Christmas as he came last year, as we have a good teacher and the pupils are good. I think Santa Claus is a very old man, as he used to come on Christmas when grandma was a child and had a long white beard then.

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