School Photos

Athensville School
This picture taken before 1900.
Top row, left to right:
Robert Chester "Bob" Darr, Tom Flarrity,Frank Bowman
Middle row, left to right:
Ed Sloan, Tommy Clifford, Tom Rielly, unknown, George Winters
Bottom row, left to right:
Charlie Crow, "Molt" Black, "Sailor" Brown
Belltown School
(west) still standing June 1993.
south side road
 Berdan School built in 1867, the photo is by Carl Phillips, Sr. 
District 11, Brush College
Carrollton School
Carrollton Community Unit High School
Class of 1902, Carrollton High School
Mattie Connole, Richard Shannon, Lulu Kelly, Elizabeth Simpson, Lucile Nicols.
Murl Edwards, Alice Vandersand, Nona Flatt.
Elizabeth Pope, Martin Dunsworth, Nettie Campbell, Frank March, Bena Fischer.
Photos by Reime.
Carrollton High School 1908
Carrollton High School Class of 1948
Back row from left: Paul Crotchett, William (Bill) Powell, Robert Black, Robert Smith, Robert Simonds, Kenneth Cory, Charles Brannan, Olin Shuler.
Second row from back from left: Mary Ann Plummer, Joe Langer, Freda Hartman, Robert McGlassen, Robert Reynolds, George (Brit) Brannan, Eddie Camerer, Howard Portwood, Bernard McGuire, Thomas Skaggs, George Robinson, Lyndell Hurt.
Third row from back, left: Helen Fry, Myrle Gilbert, Carl Powell, Mary Helen Baumgartner, Betty Louise Bowers, Rolin Benner, Robert Chapman, Keith Darr, Carl Camerer, Ralph Foiles, Richard (Dick) Boe, Leslie Bean, Dale Brandt:
Front row from left: Lois Ewell, Maxine Varble, Carol Reno, Joan Daniels, Wanda Bryant, Delores Dickinson, Mary Louise Hall, Betty Gilleland, Dorothy Giberson, Edward Baker, Rosemary Vinyard, James George Darr, William (Bill) Hamel, James Brannan.
Centerville School destroyed by 1927 tornado
Ceres School
North of Greenfield, Illinois, on US 67
Christian Grove School
aka Dog Tail
Daum Dover School
Douglas School
West of Kane
Eldred Concert Band
Elm Grove School
Southwest of Greenfield, Illinois
Golden Era School
West of Whitehall
Romona Ross, Miss Wiles, Elsie Mae Early, Rose Mary Grizzle, Viola Burns, Beatrice Burns, Leada Stewart
Greene County, Illinois
Greene Summit School
Green Summit School
Back row: Esteen S, ? Taylor, Eloise Allen, Heneretta Stevens
Middle row: Heneretta Darr, Loretta Stevens, Frances Hardwick, Kenneth Darr, Donald Crane, Delbert Allen
Front row: Myrtle Taylor, Raymond Carr, Robert Darr, Porter Stevens, Betty Cox
Greene Summit School
Jackson School
2 miles east of Athensville, Illinois
Jefferson School
Jericho School
Northeast of Wright, Illinois
Kane Primary School
Miss Rosa Stroud, teacher
May 13, 1897
Kane School
Lovelace School
Maple Grove School
Southwest of White Hall on the Bud Schutz farm
June 1993
Mt. Gilead School
South of Carrollton
Now a nursing home
Mt. Gilead School
May 4, 1880 
New Shiloh School
6 miles east of Whitehall 
Richwood School 
Roodhouse High School gymnasium 
Roodhouse School
South Lincoln school, March 19, 1907, Near Eldred, Illinois
Front row, left to right: Earnest Tillery (John's boy), Bert Cope (Spanky), Clara Smith, Lela Schield, Otto Langer, Agnes Langer, Lena Tillery (Earnest's sister), Inez Cope, Herbert Desherlae, Otes Logan
Back row: Callie Mungall (teacher), Martin Borman, Frances Schield, Bertha Borman, Edith Langer, Virginia Christian, Zelam Logan, Ada Schield, Lena Langer, Alma Cope 
St. John's Parochial School
Carrollton, Illinois 
Stone Jug School
Eldred, Illinois
Sunrise School
Twin Oaks School
East of Eldred, Illinois 
Union School
3 miles southeast of Athensville, Illinois 
Woodbury School 
Woodbury School 
Woodbury School, North of Kane, 1936-1937
First row, left to right: Paul Crotchett, Delbert Crotchett, kenneth Cory, Glenn Greenwood, Emma Stringer (only girl in first grade), Doris Hoff, Emma Lou Williams, Betty Greenwood
Second row: Betty Hoff, Henrietta Jackson, Imogene Greenwood, Gertrude Stringer, Edith Erwin, Betty Berry, Richard Reno, Louis Crotchett
Back row: Lois Erwin, Shirley Greenwood, Frances Stringer, George Stringer, Byron Lee Erwin, Clarence Sexton, Helen Ferguson (teacher)
Photo taken by Roth Studio

Thanks again to Marty Crull, who passed along most of the school photos.

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