School Graduates - St. John's

St. John's parochial school was started in 1877, very near the beginning of Rev. A. J. Sauer's pastorate of St. John's Catholic church. It was first housed in a one-story frame school building on the north side of South Main street, nearly opposite the present two-story brick building, which was erected in 1904, during the pastorate of Rev. J. J. Driscoll. It continued for a number of years teaching only the elementary branches, and many of its pupils entered and graduated from the Carrollton High School. From the start the school was taught by Dominican Sisters. Enrollment in 1896, 85.
The school building had been planned with a view to the ultimate establishment of the hight school, and the plan was accomplished in 1922, during the pastorate of Rev. Thos. E. Cusack.
The frame building for the Dominican Sisters adjoining the church on the south, built in 1881, was removed in 1922, and a larger and more modern home for the instructors was erected east of the school building.
The first graduating class, composed of eight boys and eight girls, received diplomas at the commencement exercises June 1, 1926.
Enrollment, September, 1937, High School 58; grades 115.
Class of 1926
Mary Carmody, Helena Goeddy, Agnes Frank, Stephen Grummels, Francis Geers, Anthony Geers, John Heraty, Kathryn Hanson, John Kirbach, Louise, Kirbach, George Koster, John Koster, Margaret McMahan, August Pohlman, Louise Thien, Louise Wagener
Class of 1927
Mary Brennen, Ruth Heraty, Charles Kirback, Julia Longmeyer, Francis Meyer, Bernard Thien
Class of 1928
Edward Fisher, Kathryn Fleming, George Goeddy, Lawrence Kirback, Francis Pohlman, Leo Rawe
Class of 1929
Mary Carmody, Francis Hill, Frances Kirbach, Helen Koster, Rosemary Longmeyer, Mary Thien, Frank Wagener
Class of 1930
Mary Louise Becker, Anna Goeddy, Hazel Heraty, Howard Heraty, William Keiper, Clement Koster
Eleanor McMahan, Francis Rawe, Catherine Thein, Bertha Thien
Class of 1931
Leonard Carmody, Floyd Kelly, Marie Klunk, Louis Meyer, George Pohlman, Elizabeth Schmitz, Leonard Stone
Class of 1932
Vincent Becker, Louise Gehlhausen, Leo Grummel, Anthony Hansen, Mary L. Postlewait, Mary L. Rawe, Marjory Schmitz, Catherine Schnelten, Helen Thien
Class of 1933
Wilma Bowie, Philip Ewen, Joseph Goeddy, Edward Hansen, Raymond Kerchoff, Francis Kirbach, Norbert Koster, Genevieve Naber, Chris Schroeder
Class of 1934
Irene Banghart, Leo Thien, John Bernard Schnelten, Florian Naber, Celeste Schmitz, Hester Batty, Marjorie Thien, Mary Catherine Cordes, Mary Keiper, Irene Rawe
Class of 1935
Marie Kaiser, Ethel Heraty, Mary Catherine Bowie, Catherine Kirbach, Teresa Fleming
Class of 1936
Ursula Abeln, Jerome Pranger, Leonard Hansen, Ernest Pohlman, James Becker, James Carmody, Harriet Varble, Clara Thien, Margaret Wagener, Margaret Roth, Helen Hartman, Margaret March, Barbara Kuhnline, Virginia Seimer, Leonore Naber, Helen Sethaler
Class of 1937
Junior Seimer, Evelyn Kirback, Phillip Pohlman, Ernest Ridings, Eileen Ridings, Virginia Heraty, Mary E. Pranger
Class of 1938
Mary Agnes Carmody, Ena Caselton, Catherine Hartman, Rosemary Kirbach, Margaret Kuhnline, Kathrun Perry, Margery Rawe, Florence Roth, Robert Cronin, Francis Becker

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