1898 School Days

School Days, School Days Good Old Golden Rule Days
By Gordon C. Blackburn
As one goes through life and the challenges it offers there is, often, a time when one pauses to look back on when life was, perhaps, less burdensome. Someone once told this individual, “You may not realize it right now but this (time in school) is the happiest time of your life.” That person was right for me. Those probably were some of the more golden times of my life, although I didn’t perhaps think so at the time.
Several years ago at an odds and ends sale I had a chance to buy a couple of items in an envelope. One was a report card for an Arthur Allen of the “A” Class of the Fifth grade in a school in Paris, Texas. The school year, listed, was 1892.
The other item, in the envelope, was a list of teachers for “Greene County, Illinois Public Schools for the School Year 1898-99.” There were many names and schools listed in the little four page pamphlet. It listed the teachers and salaries for all the schools in Greene County. The schools were divided into two sections, Graded and Ungraded schools. It is believed those listed in the Ungraded section were the rural schools. Salaries given in most Graded schools wee for an eight month term.
There were tow listings, in the Graded section, for Roodhouse. In the Washington W (West) Side the names; positions and salaries listed were – W. H. Skinner – Superintendent - $100, Harvey T. White – Principal, High School $70, Elizabeth Pegram – Assistant Principal, High School, $45, Anna Ebey – Eighth Grade $40, Mattie Young – Seventh Grade $40, Belle Short – Sixth Grade $35, Celia Sawyer – Fifth and Fourth Grade $35, Love Good – Third and Second Grade $35, and Euphemia Shield – First Grade - $40.
Those teachers listed for the Jefferson E. (East) Side school in Roodhouse were Jno. B. King – Fifth Grade $40, Mary Campbell – Fourth and Third Grade $35, Ada Hopkins – Second Grade $35, and Nannie Wieser – First Grade $40.
There were 13 teachers listed for the Graded School in Carrollton and they were (the salaries liested here were for a nine month term) Clyde Slone – Principal $133.30, Lotta Weber – First Assistant, High School $70, J. H. Kimmons – Second Assistant Principal, High School $66.67, L. T. Gallaher – Third Assistant Principal, High School $60, Mrs. O. Sieverling – Seventh Grade, $50, Jessie W. Pope – Sixth Grade $40, Lida E. Connole – Fifth Grade $40, Letitia Bowman – Fourth Grade $40, Jennie Stone – Third Grade $40, Janie M. Russell – Second Grade $40, Roberta Davis – second division, First Grade $40, and Nettie Robinson – first division, First Grade $40. A. J. A. Carson was listed as teacher of music.
In the White Hall school a total of 12 teachers for an eight month term were listed. Those individuals were – C. E. Joiner – Superintendent $125, A. B. Wolfe – Principal, High School $65, Mae Higbee, Assistant Principal, High School - $40, Mattie E. Ryan – Eighth Grade $5, Rebecca Davis – Seventh Grade $40, Stella Johnson – Sixth Grade $40, Sarah Shaw – Fifth Grade $40, Vin A. Vedder – Fourth Grade $40, Jennie Strang – Third Grade $35, Annie Robertson – Second Grade $35, Mabel Green – second division, First Grade $35, and Mary F. Evans – first division First Grade $40.
Eight teachers for an eight …
And Laura Scandrett $45. No positions were listed.
In the Fayette School two people were listed for a seven month term. Those people were E. S. Barnard $51 and Myrtle Barnes $35. No positions were given.
No positions were listed for the two people working in the Patterson School, each for an eight month term. Those people were L. K. Jones $55 and Nora Morris $35.
A total of 22 school districts were listed in the Ungraded School portion of the pamphlet. Here just the schools named in each district will be given.
There were 14 schools listed for the Carrollton area and they were Centerville, Hopewell, Union, Hanover, Walnut Grove, Walnut Hhill, Mount Hope, Brush College, Diamond, Hardscrabble, Washington, White Oak, Richwoods and Berdan.
The two schools listed for the Daum area were Dover and Franklin. The white Hall area listed eight schools and they were Swamp College, Gregory, Benear, Maple Grove, Oak Grove, New Shiloh, Beatty and East Brushy.
Wrightsville school area in the Ungraded School district listed three schools and they were Wrightsville, Pin Hook and Apolonia.
Roodhouse listed a total of eight schools in this area. Those wer Golden Eara, Bending Oak, Pleasant Hill, Martins Prairie, Shanklin, Barrow, Liberty 12-12 and Clay City.
The four schools listed in the Patterson area were Howard, Happyville, Lovelace, and Coates. The Kane area listed seven schools and they were Mt. Pleasant, White, Old Kane, Douglas (9-12), Bryan, Green Summit and Woodbury.
Woody listed five schools in this division and those were Forest Oak, Sunrise, Woody, Mt. Gilead, and Pleasant Grove. There were seven schools listed for the Greenfield area and they were Pleasant Hill (10-10), Rubicon, Pleasant Point, Douglas (10-10), Pin Oak, Salem and Elm Grove.
Eldred gave four schools in the Ungraded Schools area and those were Pacific Union, Eldred, North Lincoln and Christian Grove.
Three schools wer listed in the Bluffdale area and they were Robley, Keach and Haypress. Walkerville also listed three schools and those were Oak Dale, Walkerville and West Brushy. The Athensville school area gave three schools and they were Mt. Airy, Jackson, and Birch. Ceres listed a total of three schools and those wer Pennell, Spencer and Union Grove.
An area known as Peagram gave two schools in this classification and they were Upper Sandridge and Lower Sandridge. Felter listed one school and that was Felter.
The area of Waller listed three schools and they were Oakland, Burroughs, and Locust Grove. The Spankey area gave two schools in this category and they were South Lincoln and Pleasant Dale. The Berdan area listed one school and that was Belltown.
The Short area listed a total of two schools and they were Liberty (11-10) and Jericho.
The High Street and Kampsville areas each listed one school in the Ungraded School category. The High Street school given was High Street and the Kampsville school name was Columbiana.
School terms in the Ungraded School districts ranged from 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 months.
It does seem a long time ago but the treasured memories, respect and lessons are still firm and strong.

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