1849 School Scholars

Schedule of a common school kept by Wm Roberts in the White School House east of Kane, IL, T 9 R 11, Greene Co, IL, West of 3rd Principal Meridian.

Charles Adams
Phyle Adams
Hiram Adams
Wm Brydia
John Brooks
Julia Christy
Mary Christy
Mary Christy
Andrew W Christy
James Christy
Samuel Christy
George Chirsty
Harriet E Christy
Jesse Cockerell
Allen Cockerell
Mary Ann Sperry
Daniel Sperry
Sidney Sperry
Charles W Sperry
Moses Stewart
Maria L Stewart
Simeon R Stewart
Joshua Mason
Elizabeth Mason
Wm Mason
Jacob Mason
Daniel Hendrex
David Enslow
Mortimer Kirby
Anderson P Green
Elias Green
Johnm Green
Hannah E Grandy
Luther Grandy
Frances E Grandy
James J Truscott
Martha J Truscott
Eliza M Waddle
John F Witt
Shelton T Tompkins
Robert Scoggins
Irine Tompkins
James Waddle
John Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart
Calvin Witt
Angeline Witt
Louisa dams
George Witt
Gentry Scoggins
John Scoggins
Charles Brooks
James Brooks
Thomas Von
John Jones
Harriet King
Rubin B Osburn
Benjamin T Osburn
Marquis L Osburn
George Ann Adams
Wm Davis
Charles Davis
John Adams
Wm Brooks
Hampton Green
George Truscott
I certify that the foregoing schedule of scholars attending my school as named and residing as specified in said schedule to the best of my knowledge & belief is correct, that is, was a school for the purpose of teaching various branches of an English education and that the common communication in said school was English.
Wm Roberts, teacher

Subscribed and sworn before me, a justice of the peace, in and for the county of Greene, state of IL. This 12 day of March, A.D. 1849.
J.M. Brydia

Trustees: Franklin Witt & Enoch Irvins

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