Funeral Prayer Cards 1800s - 1920s

Belltown Cemetery
McFARLNAD, Philip died April 5, 1898
Carrollton City Cemetery
WILL, George Washington died 1896 CO I91st IL Infantry
Fernwood Cemetery, Roodhouse
BISHOP, Henry C. died 1903 Sgt. Co.E, 7th Kansas Cav.
Highstreet Cemetery, West of White Hall
RAINES, Martha E. died Oct 11, 1902
Jones’ Cemetery, White Hall
STAATS, Mary A. died March 24, 1899
TAYLOR, Elizabeth A. died July 1, 1880
Oakwood Cemetery, Rubicon
BOULTON, Edward S. died Feb 5, 1917
White Hall City Cemetery, Greene County, Illinois
AMOS, George H died Oct 25, 1900
BARROW, Mary J. died April 1, 1903
BATES, Peter J died Oct. 24, 1900
BERNTHISEL, Anna E. died Feb. 3, 1901
BOONE, David died April 9, 1899
BOONE, Elizabeth died Aug 9, 1893
BRANTZEL, Hellen died Aug 8, 1892
BURLEY, Joel died Oct 28, 1898 (BURLEIGH)
CARRINGGAN, Bertha A died Feb 10, 1901
CHISM, Ida J. died March 6, 1905
CLEVELAND, Pathinia Feb. 8, 1902 (Parthenia)
CLOSE, John A. died 1901
COBB, Louisa S. died 1920
CULBERTSON, Anna died Feb 6, 1894
DAWSON, Ruth A. died Nov. 1901
DEVALT, Mary E. died 1899 (DEVAULT)
DRIVER, Green died Sept 13, 1902
DUGAN, James W. died March 2, 1903
DUNCAN, Marie E. died 1904
HARPER, Mary K. died Dec 9, 1901
HAWKINS, Mary E. died April 12, 1900 (card has different date)
HIGBEE, Jessie E. died July 23, 1913
HUBBARD, Stella died May 8, 1901
HULL, Elizabeth died 1901
ISTED, Mary A. died 1895
JOSHNSON, Julia Toler died 1913
JONES, Clarence died Jun 7, 1903
KING, Harold died 1903
LAWSON, Clarissa A. died Sept 12,1898
LOWENSTEIN, Isaac died Sept. 28, 1895
LYNCH, John Henley died 1900 (infant)
MARMON, George G. died July 28, 1893
MCAVOY, William died June 29, 1891
McCONNELL, George G. died July 21, 1899
McCLURE, G. Gilbert died July 10, 1900
MILINE, William died Nov. 1, 1900
MORELAND, Susan G. died 1901
MYERS, Mattie died Feb. 19, 1895
NOWALK, For a died March 3, 1902 (no grave stone found)
PETRI, Horace Own died Oct., 28, 1901 (no grave stone found)
PEARCE, Margaret Ann died July 30, 1904
PIERCE, Frances S. died Mar 3, 1900
PIERCE, J.M. died Aug 24, 1904 (James Madison)
POTTS, Elam A. died 1898
POTTS, Lorenzo B. died 1903
POTTS, Mary E. died 1904
POTTS, Thelma Belle died 1902
ROHRER, George W. died 1904
ROSE, Emma Belle died March 4, 1903
ROSS, Simeon died Feb. 1893
SMITH, Claude C. died Sept. 2, 1903
SHACKELFORD, William Curtis died Feb 9, 1903
SPANGENBERG, John H. died 1904
TERHUNE, Pauline Vanderheyden died March 5, 1903
TERHUNE, Ralph died June 14, 1900
VEDDER, Albert A died 1893
VOORHEES, John Simonson died Jan 8, 1897
VOSSELLER, John P. died July 6, 1894 CO I91, Illinois Infantry
WALKER, Marion H. died April 11, 1903 1st. Sgt, CoG 59 IL Infantry
WATTS, Myrtle Raines died Feb 28, 1899
WHARTON, Lydia J. died 1904
WHITE, Albert H. died 1903
WHITE, Mrs. Araminta died May 1, 1904
WILLIAMS, Barnett died 1910
WINTERS, Joshua C. died 1899
WOLFARTH, John died Oct. 31, 1903
WORCESTER, Luthera died 1901
YOUNG, Emma C. died Dec 12, 1899
YOUNG, Minnie A died Nov 22, 1900
ZIMMERMANN, William died April 25, 1899
Wood Cemetery
TRIPPEN, Mary M. died March 14, 1902
TRIPPEN, Peter J died Nov. 29, 1896
Cemetery Unknown
WALES, Charles Edward died 1901

Died in White Hall, IL but buried in Medora

ADAMS, Mrs. L.E. died 1904 (daughter was Mrs. AD Ruckel)

This woman is not buried in Illinois but she did die in White Hall. Her daughter lived, died and was buried in White Hall. Not sure what to do with her but she has genealogy ties to Greene Co., IL

GARTHWAIT, Mrs. Ann Vosseller died 1897 (unknown cemetery)
DAY, William E. died 1900 (unknown cemetery)
DENHAM, Edward C died 1902 White Hall
FRAME, Benjamin F. died April 19, 1900 White Hall

Contributor's Note: Names and death dates are from cemetery listings. More info may be on the funeral card. I am happy to provide the info on them to those interested in specific names on the name list. These cards may provide a complete death date, where the deceased died, where they were buried and at times a family member. If you find a person you want info on, please send me a message and I will send you exactly what the funeral card has written. Happy hunting!

Contributed 11 Apr 2018 by Penny (Lynne) Todd-Ponsonby via 02 Apr 2018 posting to Greene County Illinois Genealogy group on Facebook.

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