Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1941

as published 02 Jan 1942

13. Dwight H. Green, Republican took oath of office as thirtieth governor of Illinois.
20. Burglars entered office of the Production Credit Corporation and the Farm Loan Association in Greene County National Bank building during the noon hour, and escaped with $500.
24. Carrollton Cub Scout Pack organized.
10. The Carrollton Boy Scouts Troop celebrated the tenth anniversary of its organization.
13. Memorial service for the late Chief Norman L. Jones held by the Illinois Supreme Court at Springfield.
25. June C. Smith, Republican, elected to fill unexpired term of Justice Norman L. Jones.
1. Contract let for erection of Boyd Memorial Hospital.
10. Surveyors at work at hospital site; materials being hauled; construction work to start at once.
1. Meade Williams elected Carrollton township supervisor.
15. P. Lindsey elected mayor of Carrollton.
20. The E. A. Slone grocery store burglarized; $300 stolen.
30. Greene County Bar presents memorial to Circuit court in memory of Norman L. Jones and Frank A Whiteside.
2. Rev. William J. Reiss, Lutheran pastor, called to duty as U. S. army chaplain.
5. Emil Schram is named president of the New York Stock Exchange.
14. Dr. N. D. Vedder is named president-elect of the Illinois Dental Society
24. Fire destroys home of Marion Darr, west of Carrollton; home of Elon Garrison, City damaged by fire.
28. Class of 63 students, largest in school's history is graduated from Carrollton High School.
1. St. John's High School graduates 15 students.
15. Fire destroys Russell Oettle tavern in Eldred.
1. One hundred and thirteen men in Greene county register in second selective service registration.
1. Contract let for material to complete Sixth street surfacing.
14. Charles P. Casey appointed administrator of W. P. A. in Illinois.
19. Miss Margaret Combrink is named queen at Greene County Fair beauty contest.
20. Mrs. Bernice Mead appointed superintendent of Boyd Memorial Hospital, that is nearing completing.
24. Sixth street surfacing project completed and opened to traffic.
30. City starts drive to collect scrap aluminum for National Defense equipment.
1. Arthur Martin farm home in Greene County is winner of Emmerson Memorial Floral contest.
4. Loring Carr, highway commissioner of Kane, seriously injured in explosion at rock quarry near Kane.
4. O. L. Krughoff, Carrollton High School coach for seven years, resigns to accept position at St. Charles.
12. Heat wave of 29 days duration is broken. Thermometer for entire period had been above 90 decrees, and for the past week above 100.
19. Charles L. Higgs of Trivoli employed as C. H. S. coach
25. City water at lowest stage in years. Council plans to have test borings made to find new source of water supply.
30. Board of Review completes work in record time. Total assessed valuation of personal property and real estate in county $14,824,035.
2. City without water for 24 hours due to break in water mains.
2. City schools' enrollment 566.
18. Mrs., Meda D. Dowdall is notified her appointment as Carrollton postmaster has been confirmed.
21. Boyd Memorial Hospital is dedicated.
24. Marjorie Helen Groves, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Lester Groves, is first baby born at Boyd Memorial Hospital.
28. City welcomes Sybil Chism, organist on Lum and Aedio program, when she visits her uncle, Attorney Clement L. Smith.
1. Free ferry starts operation between Columbiana and Kampsville. Ferry now property of the State.
4. Hundreds of corn and wheat inundated by heavy rains, causing creeks to overflow banks.
17. Airmail service for Carrollton is in prospect. Representative of Mercury Corporation visits Carrollton and outlines plan.
18. Clifford Newton, Eldred, is the 1941 corn husking champion of Greene County.
11. Triplets, Caroline Sue, Marlin Eugene, and Samuel Franklin, born to Mr. and Mrs. Grant Woodring of Kane. Mother and babies are brought to Boyd Memorial Hospital.
21. County Council of Defense is organized, with John Stout of White Hall, chairman.
7. Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.
8. United States declares war on Japan, closely followed by declaration of war on Germany and Italy.
11. Word received that Corporal James English was wounded during Jap bombing of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor.

Transcribed 21 Sep 2003 by J Pilkington-Hartsock

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