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02 Sep 1938
Second Cholera Epidemic, 1851
Carrollton suffered its second onslaught of cholera in 1851. This time the official records did take note of it. Wm. Blackshaw was allowed $20, John Biddle $20 and Chas. Campbell $10, for caring for and nursing cholera patients and burying the dead. Hudson Brothers were allowed ...
Cholera Epidemic in 1833

It was that same year of 1833 that the cholera epidemic occurred in the community, described so graphically in later years by Williard’s son, Dr. Samuel Willard, then a boy of 10. That epidemic appears to have been the most gruesome experience the town ever passed through. Many died, a few were stricken and recovered, and those who escaped the disease lived in terror.

Not a word of this, however, in the old record book. In fact, about the only account of that epidemic is contained in a paper read before the State Historical society some years ago by Dr. Willard.

Transcribed 05 Dec 2002 by Linda Jones Craig

02 Sep 1938
Carrollton was incorporated as a city in 1867, and the first city council was composed of Wm. L. Greene, Mayor; J.F. Morrow, J. K. Sharon. John R. Crandall and R. G. Robinson, aldermen; Asa Potter was clerk. The completed list of mayors since that time is printed in another column.
So far as we can learn, the city council has never had to wrestle with the hog problem, but cows running at large became a subject of contention several times. Just fifty years ago cows were voted the privilege of grazing in the streets by a decisive majority, but the privilege was taken away from them a few years later.
The spirit of progess’ was beginning to stir the dry bones about that time. An ease-and-west railroad had been built largely through the efforts of Carrollton people in the earlier ‘80’s. Agitation for waterworks and electric lights became persistent along in ’87 and ’88, but opposition delayed action. The possibility of losing the county seat had stirred efforts to replace the dilapidated old courthouse with a new structure.
02 Sep 1938
Wrights, Berdan, Athensville – Wrights was laid out in 1872 by A. J. Wright, who built the first house, was first postmaster, first justice of the peace and first railroad agent.

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