Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1914

14 Harvey Mundy and Rozena Crawford, Kane.
27 Mrs and Mrs Arthur Robley’s silver wedding.
28 Wm S Eldred, Thomasville, and Blanche Young, Springfield.
29 Howard Sanderson and Edith Reynolds, in Chicago.
2 James Traynor and Bernice DeMont.
3 Jesse Jernigan and Tessie Barrlett, Kane.
3 Irving I Mayer and Gilda Horwitz, Los Angeles.
4 Ray Dowdall and Lucia Kergher, in St Paul.
17 Felter Wayham and Helen Brown, Kane.
17 Henry Selhorst and Mrs Agnes Bagle.
11 Wm Baumgartner and Grace Ballard.
12 Martin Borman and Ada Schild; Lester Early and Florence Logan; Jesse Lakin and Lena Ridings.
13 David Ambrose and Kate Plate.
22 Jesse R Edwards, city, and Lillian R Phenix, Roodhouse.
27 John Cope and Grace Clowers, Woody.
2 Benj Powell and Mrs Edith Milns.
5 George Roberts and Daisy McAdams, Frankford, Mo.
12 Oscar Crabtree, Hillview , and Sophia Wood, Woody.
22 L L Varble and Lizzie Hensler.
22 Roy Batty and Ella Siemer.
9 Hayden Gallup and Grace Darr.
20 Wm A Kahman and Nellie Mahoney, Chicago.
25 Vernon Maberry and Ella Carter.
27 Chas Brannan and Florence Moore.
3 David Reynolds, Berdan, and Garnietta Cox, Rockbridge.
4 Thos C Hough and Jennie Eldred.
4 John Oliver, Steelville, and Anna Bess Harris, Kane.
4 Clair Saunders and Wilma Williams, Rockbridge.
11 Joe L Combrink and Lela Baldwin, White Hall.
13 James Estes and Zelma Sawyer, Roodhouse.
15 Ensign Joseph Blackwell, U S N, and Gladys Sieverling, Boston.
16 James Foster, Bowling Green, Mo, and Mrs. Eliza Hicks.
20 Guy Green, Hillview and Adelia Jouett.
21 Wm Ray and Effie Haddock, Eldred.
30 Guy Sisson and Agnes Kerrigan, East St. Louis
12 James Caldwell; 18, and Marie Ashlock 16, Kane.


August - November


2 Lee Robinson and Nellie Turner.
8 Harry Arger, city, and Lillian Pearce, Alton.
19 Paul Hardcastle and Elona Eldred, Los Angeles.
22 Charley Howard and Louella Dillingham, Walkerville.

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