Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1912

1 Francis Anderson, White Hall, and Wilma Boyd, Woodville, first leap year wedding.
4 John Powell, Jr and Cora Batty.
16 Squire M E McMahon and Mrs Kate Ashlock.
31 Richard Shannon, Clarendon, Texas, and Leta Strode.
21 Chrissie Wellhausen, Rockbridge, and Dolly Gilleland, Woodville.
31 Henry Calvin and Grace Anderson.
4 Thos Hubbard and Eva Camerer.
7 Wm Raffety and Etna Overby, Greenfield.
14 Gordon Reynolds and Chas Howe, Little Rock, Ark.
20 Gilbert Trusty and Gertie Brannan, Eldred.
26 Rorie Witt and Adeline Slone.
30 Harrison Goodrich, St Louis and Beulah Harwood.
1 Jacob Reed and Flossie Sheuerman, Pomona, Cal.
3 Wm H Vigus and Mayme Kirback.
10 Walter Milnes, Linder, and Sinnie Irwin, Kane.
16 Bernard Thien and Anna Langer.
30 Lawrence Becker and Lucy Carmody, Berdan.
15 Wm Ryan and Laura A Hunt.
4 Ernest Price and Lucy Baker, White Hall.
6 Ensign Mark Bowman U S N and Nannie B Rice, Baltimore Md, in Manila, P I.
9 Robert Martin, Jr, Eldred, and Frankie Angle, Woody.
15 Frank Kinsel, Mattoon, and Jennie Berman, Eldred.
19 Rev Verne Mitchell, Berdan, and Letha Solomon, Modesto.
23 Curtis Nash, White Hall, and Cecil Emery, Rockbridge.
26 Ernest Barnett, Rockbridge, and Sabra Robinson.
16 Chas V Short and Ruby Stone, Linder.
28 Fred Deppe and Alta Gallup, Chicago.
14 Dr C O Bulger, Greenfield, and Pauline Smith, Fayette.
14 Thos Hemphill and Erma McDaniels.
20 Dr Chas Read, Pekin, and Arlena Walter.
20 Henry Schroeder and Mary Meyer.
5 Sidney Slone and Charlotte Patterson.
11 Barney Abein and Miss Schumacher, Bowling Green, Mo.
12 Theodore Berry, Kane, and Lucie Turner.
17 U D Postlewalt and Mary Schnelton.
17 Maurice Robbins, Granite and Bonnie Mulberry, White Hall.
18 Ernest Blair, White Hall, and Rosa Kinser, Walkerville.
18 Emmett Raines and Florence Brown, to Portland, Ore, both from Kane.
7 Fred Robinson, Linder, and Edith Bowman, Rockbridge.
2 A L McClay, Hillview, and Helen Williamson, Griggsville.
8 Ira Reno and Grace Tompkins, Kane.
21 Alfred Johnson and Louise Vaughn.
6 Lester Goodman, Kane and Zella Williams, Rockbridge.
7 Robert Turpin, Carrollton, Mo. And Vesta Burress.
27 Robt E Rumrill and Ruth Parker
17 Chas Casey and Ethel Robley.
1 Wm Gray, Springfield, and Maggie Kirback.
4 Henry Jones and Zella McEvers.
10 Edward Tremmell and Kathleen Carmody, San Francisco.
17 James Erwin, Jerseyville, and Natalie Culver, Greenfield.
22 Chas D Long, city and Alma Strickland, Kentwood, La.
22 Ray Varble and Hilda Strode.
24 Frank Camerer, Bluffdale, and Cecil Smith, Roodhouse.

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