Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1912

7 Twenty-five degrees below zero and robins are discovered wintering here.
8 John Cannedy’s nursery stock warehouse burned: loss $10,000.
17 January thunderstorm.
18 Modern Woodmen annual banquet.
31 Odd Fellows give banquet in honor of Grand Master Hubbard.
8 Annual Masonic banquet.
21 Twelve inch snow storm.
12 White Hall city primary cost $5 a vote.
17 Rev W. B Shirey begins pastorate Presbyterian church.
20 Great sleet storm, puts city water works, electric light and telephones out of business, streets blockaded with trees, wires and poles.
20 Mrs Lottie Atkinson burned to death at White Hall.
22 Mrs Henry Gordon, colored, killed by train, north of town.
2 Carrollton town "dry" by 157 majority.
8 Frank Hodgepath drowned on Fairbanks, Ranch.
9 General primary county Democrats gave Clark 816 plurality Republicans 283 plurality for Roosevelt.
16 City voted "dry by 160 majority.
30 "Clean-up day" in Carrollton.
30 Alva Meek’s barn and three horses burned.
4 Kane school won literary and Hillview the athletic banner, in 2 year meet.
11 Carrollton won literary banner at county high school meet.
14 City council adopted iron-clad liquor ordinance.
15 Because of wet weather, less than ten per cent of corn ground in county was even plowed.
23 Ross King, one-armed, was hero in rescue of classmate, Henry Beuchel, from drowning in Macoupin creek.
24 Orville Peebles drowned near Patterson, aged 10 years.
25 White Hall won athletic banner at postponed meet.
25 Chas W Brown of Jacksonville, Carrollton city engineer, slain by Ambrose Hurley.
26 Roodhouse Baptist Sunday school had 1187 men present; White Hall Presbyterian, 906; former won attendance contest.
30 Memorial day, address by W P Boynton of Alton.
30 C H S 38thy commencement, 24 in class.
31 25th Alumni banquet.
15 Squire Ed Miner and family departed for Pueblo, Colo.
16 Rev D H Toomey resigned Baptist pastorate.
17 F A Linder appointed county treasurer.
23 Rev. I A Eagle resigned pastorate Christian church.
30 Rev W H Tomline, Trinity church, and Rev D H Toomey, Baptist, preached farewell sermon.
1 Work of tearing down old Presbyterian academy begun.
2 Electric light franchise renewed 26 years, contract 5 years.
4 Serenely safe and sane here; Kane celebrated.
15 Chas A Taylor sold notion store to C W Holt.
16 Little Louise Kessie, Bluffdale, died from drinking coal oil.
27 Progressive party organized in county at White Hall.
29 Mrs John Greene, Hillsboro, killed in automobile accident; buried at Kane.
30 Hendrick and Carter closed revival meeting at Greenfield.
1 Local electric light and heat plant sold by O Pierson to Central Illinois Public Service Co.
1 John Morrow succeeded J L Boggess at West Side hotel.
11 Jeff Burris killed by cars, White Hall, 21.
12 Sheriff brings eloping couple from Missouri handcuffed together.
19 County teachers institute met here for week.
22 Kane Telegram suspended.
26 Geo A Ashlock’s cattle burned by lightening.
1 John Jones, Greenfield, drowned. Fort Worth Texas.
2 City school opened, but forced to close for a week on account of heat.
4 Greene-Jersey Baptist association in session here.
14 The Alex Boirum homestead burned by lightening; loss $2000.
25 Gov Deneen and state officers here on campus tour.
3 Hagenbeck-Wallace shot here.
5 Brace Dawson nominated for county treasurer at special primary.
12 Council lets contract for pumping machinery; mayor afterward blocks deal.
17 County Fair’s big Thursday, attendance record broken; Aviator Max Little gives flights, gates closed Friday, account of rain.
21 Ex-Gov Folk addresses Democrats here.
23 Berdan milk station burned; loss $2000.
5 General election; county gives Wilson 1737 plurality over Taft.
12 County Poultry association banquet at White Hall.
20 297 cars of apples shipped from Hillview and only half a crop.
24 Ellen Carmody’s residence burned; loss $2000.
29 Carrollton Good Roads club organized.
2 New county officers installed.
6 J M Smith and family left for new home in Louisiana.
12 The Patriot’s 18th annual postal reunion.
16 County poultry show opens at White Hall.
16-19 County farmer’s Institute, with meetings at Hillview, Carrolton, Greenfield, and White Hall.
22 Rev W E Mundall called pastorate of Baptist church.
24 Justice Lavery brakes record by tying four matrimonial knots in one day.
25 An "automobile" Christmas.

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