Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1911

5 Elmer Ozbun and Lulu E Wood.
6 Sixty-third wedding anniversary Thos E Williams and wife.
9 Eber Carter and Alice Bradley.
10 Lucan Teppen and Mary Koster.
11 Harry Kelly and Ida Fair.
18 Augustus Geers and Pearl Bennett.
23 Walter Greene and Lucille Jennings, St Louis.
25 Roy Lanhan and Myrtle Bradley.
31 Golden wedding anniversary Ornan Pierson and wife.
1 Hulan Hamilton and Zetta Benson. Rock Island.
19 Lawrence Hillig and Goldie Davis, Pike county.
22 John Banan, Greenfield, and Mary Selborst.
22 W L Greenwood and Mrs Fannie Ligon, Kane.
25 L C Cowart of Macon, Ga. and Bonnie Kergher.
25 Walter Gano and Emma Marshall.
25 Oscar Long, Jerseyville, and Mabel Davis.
25 Chas Bailey and Caroline Greiner.
7 Lyle P Conner and Mae Higbee, White Hall.
17 Wm E Gibson and Goldie McAdams.
20 Rev Want, Greenfield and Leslie Anderson, Bloomington.
22 Chas Waugh, Liberal, Kas and Mabel Robbins, Greenfield.
26 Augustus Tomlinson and Leslie Anderson, Bloomington
2 James Wells and Blanche Bates.
6 Robt Whiteside, Greenfield and Agnes Bowman, Walnut Grove.
10 Brace Fain and Ada Eldred.
11 Cassius Edwards and Emma Sterrett, Greenfield.
20 Harold Lyon and Tine Fairleigh.
23 Bert Bell, Jerseyville, and Nellie Benson.
30 Max Smith and Teresa Fox.
7 Grover Suttles and Maude Jones.
18 E D Abbott and Edith Saylor, Greenfield.
4 Edward Carter and Mary Ross.
14 Aloye Schmits and Frances Schnelton.
14 Orville Harlan, Cerro Gordo, and Elaine Der.
14 Anthony Certitude, Jr. and Mabel Hudson, Madison.
16 Grant Melvin and Edith Doyle, Wrights.
20 Harry Little and Rosa Borlin, Woody.
22 J W Robinson and Genie Burch, Kane, at Phoenix, Arizona.
28 Dr A E Hoag and Bertha Moorshead, St Louis.
1 Luther Smith and Bertha Mills, Chicago.
6 Loyal Pinkerton and Neva DeShazer, Berdan
12 John Connolly and Teresa Hynes, Chicago.
18 Wm S Ridgly, Decatur, and Edith Curtius.
2 Wm Lively, 60 and Emily Minnick, 61, White Hall.
2 Fred Ward, Walkerville, and Agnes March, Eldred.
10 Wm Knoth and Mrs Honors Baines, Roodhouse, 2d time.
15 Benj Shade and Daisy Faulkner, Greenfield.
15 Leslie Tribble, 18, and Anna McAdams, 14, Bluffdale, in St. Louis.
22 Robert Smith and Ethel Gardiner, Kane.
28 Judson Pope and Mannee Hoffman, St Louis.
14 Wilbur Strang, Greenfield, and Clover Giller, Linder.
14 Otis Smith and Addie Hoots, Eldred.
19 W I Arnold and Jennie Boyce, Kane.
20 Joe P Lackey, Nashville, Tenn, and Edith Whiteside.
21 John Flatt, Bluffdale, and Mrs. Nellie Osborn, White Hall.
28 Elmer Euart and Edith Prouse.
28 Lloyd Admire and Grace Reynolds, Woody.
4 Herman Frech and Hattie Crane, Linder.
4 Alvin Langer and Ida Fry, Spankey.
5 Tony Davis, White Hall, and Una Wooldridge, Kane.
7 Earl Hubbard and Mabel Rollins, Walkerville.
9 Marmon Gimmy and Emily Lunneen.
11 Porter Linder and Ethel Reed.
11 Harold Wayham, Jalappa, and Nona Flatt, High Street.
11 Golden wedding Henry Tendrick, Sr, and wife, Rockbridge.
18 Emmett Howard and Edith Sanderson, Ashdowne, Ark.
18 Albert Currie, Houston, Texas, and Lettie Admire.
29 John Pope and Mrs. Delia Dibble.
30 Otto Bomke Chicago, and Agnes Vigus.
1 Harry Rice, Jerseyville, and Toi Wooldridge, Kane.
4 Golden wedding Squire Ed Miner and wife.
9 Otis Joney, Houston, Texas and Nell Williams.
27 Richard Martin and Lucy Day, St Louis.
28 Leo Hindelang, Decature, and Bertha Kelly.
30 Elbert Levi, Linder, and Goldie Tucker, Wrights.
2 Wm Coonrod and Jessie Goldman.
11 Dayton Tillery and Gertrude Cummings, Woody.
16 Ben Lorton and Bessie Scoggins, Woody.
20 Walter Stevens and Wealthea Haney, Kane.
20 Silver wedding Tom G Williams and wife, Teralta, Cal.
27 Roy D Thomas and Marjorie Delzelle, Cadillic, Mich.
Marriage Licenses for year - 171
Divorces granted - 15

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