Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1909

7 Otto C Goode and Nona Nash, in St. Louis.
23 W D Waltrip and Mrs. Emma Hutchens.
26 Herbert Harshberger and Vesta Waggoner, at Virginia.
28 Ira D Curnutt and Paula Wood.
1 George S Pope, Washington, D.C. and Leah Henshaw.
2 Golden wedding. James V Maberry and wife, Mexico City.
9 John B Kirback, Greenfield, and Amia Abelo.
17 Fortieth anniversary, John Vaughn and wife.
23 Robert S Lee and Grace Crum.
19 Nat Pegram Jr. and Emma Fry.
20 Chas S Range and Ada B Middleton, Greenfield.
31 Clyde Slone and Mrs. Mary J Morse of Cairo.
31 Lawrence Handling and Fannie Cape?. Linder.
7 Sam Graves and Martha Gallup?.
14 Robt H Fullerton and Mary Rudisill.
17 John Gilleland and Pearl Sturmon, Greenfield.
21 John and Mary Kirk, colored, celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.
21 Leslie Bishop and Elsie Barnett, at Rockbridge.
24 Leaton Boggess and Ida Hedrich, at Peoria.
28 Henry Brinker and wife celebrated their 25th anniversary.
8 Ed Wilkerman and Alice Armstrong.
10 Kent Faith and Dora Shane, Greenfield.
12 Norman Gimmy and Lucy Rives.
20 Dr R A Hamilton and Bertina Green, White Hall.
24 Chas F Smith of Kane and Tossie Grizzle of Rockbridge.
29 Ebert K Metcalf of Greenfield and Grace Sargent of Carlinville.
1 Albert L Pierson and Nettie Robinson.
1 Clinton E Woods of New York and Loretta Lunneen.
2 John Crotty and Nellie Turner.
4 Ernest E Bloodsworth of Canada and Pearl Pope.
10 Frank Kaffer and Lillian Groves of Woodville town.
14 Chas W Close and Jessie Pope of Kane.
16 Ed L Williams and Rena Buchanan, at Westby, Wis.
18 Stephen Corrington and May Werner, at San Francisco.
19 Wm C Grizzle and Clara Stevens, Jalappa.
23 C C Cade and Wilmuth Groce, Patterson.
30 Leo Simonds and Helen Kirback.
12 Henry J Pranger and Anna Breer, in Calhoun county.
17 Clifton Short and Anna Jennerjohn, at Eldred.
22 Clyde Hopkins of Roodhouse and Reba Simpson? Of Medora.
18 Herbert Paul? Of Winchester and Anna Carmody.
19 Fiftieth anniversary of J R Bradley and wife.
30 Edward Smith and Ethel Ambrose, at Alexandria, Va.
4 J G Pope and Jennie Roodhouse.
6 Fred Gilberson and Lena Allen, Woody.
7 Dr J J Ehreaman and Regina Ahrens, St Louis.
15 C H Reno and Prudence Dawson, Kane.
16 Wm Frech Jr. and Mary Henkel.
24 Twenty-fifth anniversary, Wm Ford and wife, Greenfield.
25 Twenty-fifth anniversary, A T Secor and wife.
27 Sixtieth anniversary, Squire J G Heron and wife.
28 John W Vinyard, Sr. and Mrs Flora Jordan.
2 Will Lovel and Mary Sieberman, Linder.
6 Rev W R Johnson, White Hall, and Fannie Wood, Decatur.
9 Frank Doyle and Ada Wade, Wrights.
10 George Peters and Mabel Fulton, White Hall.
12 Arthur Hoppe, Alton, and Mary Halbert, Kane.
19 Brazilian Gilleland and Augusta Anderson, Woodville.
20 Michael Meyer and Gussie Thiel.
20 Finis Downey and Edna Davis, Kane.
21 Edwin Reno and Lillie Whitlock, Kane.
27 Grover Raines and Ethel Pinkerton, Belltown.
3 Kenyon Montgomery and Grace Wooster, Litchfield.
10 Earl Postlewait and Florence Conlee.
11Henry Shirley and Lucie North, White Hall.
11 Roy Beavers and Evelyn Shirley, White Hall.
15 Fiftieth anniversary, Geo K Ashlock and wife.
20 Raymond Spears and Donna Harkins.
25 Albert Erbeck, Alton, and Halllie Brown.
25 George Chinn and Mrs. Julia Schuerman, Alton.
25 John Leissenfelt and Margaret Murphy.
29 Clyde Lawson and Birdie Smith.
1 Fiftieth anniversary, Wm Egelhoff and wife.
3 Russell Black, Girard, and Cora Fitzgerald Jerseyville.
15 Clinton Pinkerton and Mrs Carrie B Pinkerton, In St. Louis.
16 John Simpson, Jr. and Edna McPheron.
18 Sherman Fry and Mary Kimbro, Rockbridge.
21 George Logan and Mrs Cora Voiles, Eldred.
23 Jessie Davidson and Beatrice Logan, Eldred.
?? Harry Turner and Mrs Martha Sumney.
25 C Stetson and Mary Chapman, White Hall.
25 Roy Thompson, city, and Mattie Shephard, Roodhouse.
25 Chas J Rausch and Ollie Carter.
?? Chas Mann and Nona Harden, colored.

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