Events in 1909

6 Two degrees below zero, coldest in two years: drop of 65 degrees in 48 hours.
6 Elder I D Crawford’s house, west of Kane, Burned.
20 Frank R Smith succeeded Daum & Smith.
20 E L Davis retired from firm of Davis, Carmody & Thien.
22 Fourteenth annual Masonic banquet.
23 Temperature 78 degrees in shade.
24 Rev D H Toomey called to Baptist pastorate.
25 E L Davis bought opera house and post office block.
30 Temperature dropped 80 degrees in week.
11 Mrs Wm Geers fatally burned near Jerseyville.
11 The Patriot printed a page of local Lincoln stories.
12 Five local clubs joined in observances of Lincoln centennial.
22 Robin redbreast arrived, and crocuses in bloom.
4 Rev J F Lackey accepted call to Presbyterian pastorate.
4 Annual G A R banquet.
9 James W Rives, Greenfield, committed suicide.
9 T J Raffety’s and J W Strain’s barns burned.
22 Congressman Rainey bought Longmeyer farm, 200 acres, $30,000.
25 Ruth Rice, Rockbridge, aged 3 years, burned to death.
27 Mad dog scare results in canine slaughter.
31 City council voted 3?000 bonds to aid in building sidewalks.
1 Announcement that Edward North had sold his White Hall property, including the People’s ban.
1 R M Rattan opens new livery barn.
9 H A Woodward’s barn burned.
11 Evangelist Coad closed a month’s union revival meeting: 130 conversions.
15 Oil prospect hole started at J G Pope’s.
17 First step taken in organizing Eldred levee district.
20 City election: Mayor Bowman re-elected.
24 Kane won banner in 2-year high school contest.
27 New county board organized with Joseph Schier chairman.
29 Odd Fellows celebrated 90th anniversary of order.
1 Elmer Patterson of White Hall, aged 16, killed by train at Drake.
2 Thin ice formed.
5 90 degrees in the shade.
6 Kane commencement: four girls graduated.
8 White Hall won rhetorical banner at county high school meet: athletics postponed.
15 Schmidt & Pranger sold shoe store.
17 Mrs Mary Fullerton, aged 80 returned from second recent trip to Scotland, unattended.
21 Greenfield commencement, 21 graduates.
22 Greenfield won athletic banner at county meet.
30 Judge O P Thompson delivered Memorial Day address.
31 C H S commencement, 18 graduates.
7 Judicial election: Judges Creighton, Shirley and Thompson’s re-elected.
3 Mark Bowman graduated at J. S. Naval academy, Annapolis.
8 Boring for oil near Kane ceased at 1200 feet.
11 Leo Dunsworth graduated at U S Military academy, West Point.
28 Peter Evans, White Hall, killed in a runaway.
4 Celebrated with union church services and sermonettes by four pastors.
6 Fry Park commission named.
29 White Hall’s annual fish fry.
30 Roy Kinser committed suicide.
5 County Sunday school convention at Kane.
8 Henry Badman, 39, killed by cars at Alton.
23 Fourth annual farmer boys’ encampment at Greenfield.
25 John M Pranger and Beverly Groves killed by blowing over of a silo.
29 Bluffdale Baptist church dedicated.
8 Greene-Jersey Baptist association at Roodhouse.
10 Graduation exercises Carson School of music: two graduates.
15 Two fires within an hour destroy Mark Reed’s and Amelia Perrin’s barns.
17 Racing matineo at fair grounds.
20 Illinois conference returns Rev. A. K. Byrns as Methodist pastor.
21 County W C T U convention held here.
23 Apple crop of McClay orchard estimated at 30,000 barrels.
23 S G Gardiners’s 80th birthday celebrated at Kane.
24 John Kaser passed his 90th birthday.
27 Slight earthquake shock felt in county.


1 Schafer & Sanford sold grocery store to Robt Carter and Robt Martin, transfer to be made Jan. 1.
3 Kane Baptist church celebrated its 68th anniversary.’
11 W S Corsa’s percheron sale at White Hall: fourty-four animals brought $28,090.
14 F M Mytinger’s residence burned at White Hall.
17 W A Hubbard elected grand warden of Illinois Odd Fellows.
18 Three days Catholic fair realizes $1100.
20 Christy land sale: 515 acres averaged $123 per acre.
24 Annual meeting of the Greene County Fair association: Robert Hardcastle elected president.
25 Thanksgiving concert under direction of J A Carson.
25 Union Thanksgiving service: sermon by Rev D H Toomey.
26 Children gave benefit entertainment for Cherry sufferers.
6 Winter arrived in 3-inch snow and near-blizzard.
7 Report showed five miles of granitold walks built during season in Carrollton.
8 Two degrees below zero.
9 The Patriot’s fifteenth annual postal reunion.
16 County Farmer’s institute at Roodhouse.
16 Royal Arch Masons gave banquet for Grand High Priest Montgomery.

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