Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1908

6 Sixtieth anniversary Thos E Williams and wife.
15 Albert Meng and Ruth Adams, Greenfield.
17 Ward Eldred and Rita Miller, Chicago.
20 Hubert Conlee and Eula Pope.
29 Matt Sanford and Rose Woolsey.
18 Philip Young and Stella Hunt.
19 Lewis J Titus, Koekuk, and Abbie Pegram.
19 Dee Hildebrant and Mary Varble.
19 Earl Osborn and Norma Hensler.
26 Roy Farrelly and Grace Smith.
12 John Henning and Cora Varble. Woodville.
21 Willis Walker and Nora Lawson.
29 Guy F Hill and Mary C Carmody.
19 Henry Sullivan and Sarah Bunch.
20 Henry Davidson and Marcie Varble, Eldred.
24 Harry Ashlock and Lousitta Osborn.
26 Henry Borlin and Agnes Mills, Woodville.
26 Wm B Weller and Virginia Borer, Kane.
1 Frank Byland and Florence Wolfley, Bluffdale.
4 Clyde Springgate and Ethel Ducan, White Hall.
9 Harvey Haddock and Lulu Camerer, Bluffdale
16 Chas Hillig and Etta Johnson.
18 Clyde Fair and Inez Farrelly.
18 Jesse Rathgeber and Burks Flatt, Eldred.
24 Daniel LeFevre and Mabel Quinter, both of Chicago, near Woody.
24 Wm A Horn, city, and Nettie Vahle, Jerseyville.
24 Golden wedding W L Kincaid and wife, Greenfield.
30 LeRoy Vinyard and Eva Young, at Roodhouse.
7 Thom Ashlock and Dena Johnson.
11 Reuben H Postlewait, Medora, and Libbie Ellis, Manchester.
21 Hugh Bushnell and Mary Peacock, in Oklahoma.
29 Twentieth anniversary T J Roady and wife, Kane.
30 R E Duncan and Sadie Foley, Weldona, Col.
20 Florus Voiles, Guymon, Okla. and Addie Haddock, Bluffdale.
26 Golden wedding B N Stout and wife.
3 John L Brown and Mrs Eliza Buchanan, in Kansas City.
5 Harry Curtius and Effie Wright.
5 John Kirk and wife celebrated 46th anniversary.
16 James E Vaughn and Emma Carmondy.
1 Wm Heraty and Iva Robinson.
4 Best Rose and Lucy Simpson, White Hall.
4 Wesley Darr and Cora Hoff, Bluffdale.
8 Dwight Lorton and Lucy Ashford, Linder.
12 Bert Hodgerson and Bessie Ward.
20 Frank Snyder and Letha Hollingsworth.
21 Joel Johnson, city and Clara Winkler, Des Moines.
22 Chas Carstens and Alice Gaffney, Mt Gilead.
27 Chauncey Eldred and Angie Tribble, Bluffdale.
28 Dr F W Hamilton and Lucy Y Simpson.
4 Kent Gimmy and Dehlia Lamberg, Detroit.
5 Greeley Vermillion and Bertha Davidson, White Hall.
15 Chas Atteberry and Bessie Gano.
25 Rollins Scott and Ada Farrelly, Linder town.
25 Raymond Carmody and Mabel Tucker.
26 Fred Gerbing, Roodhouse and Pearl Squire.
28 Joseph Moloney and Beartice Carmody.
21 Bruce Owens, Atlanta, GA and Elizabeth Pope, City.

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