Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1907

6 John Fitzjarrell and Clara Amos, Greenfield
7 Barney Geers and Sophia Hansen.
17 James Orr and Cora Jones, Roodhouse.
22 John Camerer and Artie Graham, Bluffdale.
12 W H McCullough and Anna Beilfus
14 Clarence Kimberlin, Curryville, Mo, and Celia Manz.
22 Chas U Ozbun and Lulu Smith.
26 Fiftieth anniversary Isaac T Smith and wife, Bluffdale.
7 Joe Davidson, Eldred and Alice Reynolds, Woody.
20 Otis Sturmon, Woody, and Myrtle Guess, Otterville.
21 Paul Varble and Laura Ford.
24 Frank Campbell and Mrs. Nellie Mulberry, High Street.
9 Harry Allen, Winchester, and Edith Clough.
11 Oscar Sterl, Abilene, Kansas and Lucy Hardcastle.
15 Golden wedding Geo Balz and wife.
22 Jacob Rathgeber and Olive Gordon, Riverside, Cal.
2 Geo Coke and Mary Gleason
8 Glover Conlee and Virginia Norris, White Hall.
12 Lee Brown and Blanche Bigger.
19 Harper Kelly and Sybil Nulton.
19 Frank Hovermale, Berkeley Springs, W. Va. And Edith Armstrong, Rockbridge.
19 Oliver Miller, Rockbridge, and Winona Boulton, Greenfield.
27 Frank Mack and Lillian Becker, Carlinville.
3 James J Elvidge and Helen Carmody, Litchfield.
7 Newt Violet, Daum, and Mrs. Salina Starns, Walkerville.
11 Rev H P Carson, Huron S D and Hattie Van Arsdale, at Brighton.
20 Hugh M Dockery, Kansas City, and Mrs. Agnes L. Newbold.
22 Edgar C Goodman, Kane and Alice Pattas, Cambridge.
4 James W Swires and Bessie Schuyler.
8 Richard Newbold and Myrtle Holt, Spokane, Wash.
17 Lee Gardiner and Mattie Robinson, at Kane.
17 Milton C. Elliott, Kemper, and Maria J. Smith, near Jerseyville.
26 Elmer Keyes and Maud Griffin, City.
27 Christopher Starns and Flora Hughes, Kane.
4 Harvey J Bowman, St Louis, and Kathryn Braden, Nameoki.
8 Merrill Metcalf and Lennie Amos, Greenfield.
17 Jesse Linder and Ruth Wilhite, Greenfield.
22 Joe B Bailey, Alton, and Matilda Acklets, Kane.
25 Edgar LaRun, San Francisco, and ____________Egelhoff.
26 Wm Butcher and Adah Darr.
29 C A Henshaw, Patterson and Mrs. L ________, Kansas City.
1 Ross Bartholomew, Table Grove, and __________Ward
3 Farber Pope and Varble Gross in Kane.
8 Martin Thomas and Margaret Van Devon, Kansas City.
9 Edward Sauer, Three Rivers, Mich. And Josephine Stone.
16 Chas Terry, Otterville, and Mary Greene, Kane.
17 Chas Smith and Beatrice Durman, Eldred.
17 Geo Bechdoldt and Cecil Halbert, Eldred.
28 Logan Neal, Greenfield and Maud Williams, city.
29 Ross Reynolds and Elizabeth Mundy, Kane.
31 J C Nelson, Alaska and Ida Williams Rockbridge.
4 Dr Guy Howard Reed and Mazie Fishback, at Beaumont Texas.
4 Sixtieth anniversary J A McPheron and wife.
9 Lewis Doyel, Wrights and Ollie Shores, Greenfield.
10 Robt R Cooper, Greenfield, and Mrs. Margaret Bayless, city.
11 Josiah Tucker and Jessie Barnett, Rockbridge.
13 Frank Allen, Greenfield, and Anna Holnnack, Rockbridge.
27 Curtis Crum and Edith Gebo.
28 Harry Mitchell, Greenfield, and Katie King, city.
28 Lee Kelly, Linder, and Elizabeth Quast, Greenfield.
30 Harry Lewis, Granite City, and Nellie Thompson.
12 Joseph Yingling, Jacksonville, and Hattie Beebe.
17 John Wellhausen and Phebe Freer, Rockbridge.
18 P J Achenbach and Gertrude Greene, city.

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