Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1906

6. 58th anniversary Thos. E. Williams and wife.
17. Hurst Stout and Ida Mitchell.
17. Thos. Corbin, Ashland, and Clara Moses.
24. James L. Dickinson, White Hall, and Nettie Mae Campbell.
31. Marion Carrico, Jr. and Mabel Brooks, near Kane.
8. Alfred Williams and Jewel Doyle, East St. Louis.
10. Everett Rexroat and Cora Aulabaugh, Linder town.
13. Martin Kirback and Annie Hendricks, Greenfield.
14. Jesse B. Parks and Emma Ford, Greenfield.
18. James O. Reynolds and Mary Fairleigh.
20. John R. Hardcastle and Lucy E. Scruby.
20. George Kosters and Ella Rawe.
21. James Doolin and Nellie McAvoy.
27. Archie Harshburger and Mae Prindable.
27. Rutherford Brockmiller, Carlinville, and Amy B. Saxton, Greenfield.
1. 57th wedding anniversary of Major E. A. Giller and wife, White Hall.
3. 55th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Eldred, Carlinville.
7. Henry G. Camerer and Maggie Wilhilmy.
29. Harry Berge, Hannibal, Mo., and Myrtle Chism.
15. 40th anniversary, John Jones and wife, Roodhouse.
19. Horace Clark and Margaret Hutchens.
26. Charles Conlee and Mabel Albright.
12. Alfred Herold, Versailles, and Mary Hillig.
12. Scott Evans and Edna Davis, White Hall.
15. James Haddock and Teresa Igel, White Hall.
15. Allen B. Eldred and Helen Thomas, in Omaha.
18. Wm. Coghill, Jopin, Mo., and Maria Robinson.
20. Wade Alexander and Velna Smith, Linder.
23. Rev. O. A. Carmean and Alice Lovel, Rockbridge.
6. Dr. N. D. Vedder and Edna Rumrill.
16. John DeBolt and Amanda Rathgeber.
16. George Keiper and Hermena Langer.
20. Robt. McMahon and Mary Beauchamp.
20. Floyd Miller, Rockbridge, and Charlotte Jacobs, Jerseyville.
23. Green Garrison and Lizzie McAdams, Bluffdale.
25. James Holder and Rose Jewett.
28. Norman L. Jones and Meda Pegram.
4. James F. Spencer and Pearl Farrelly.
5. Clifford Collins and Edith Brennan, Manchester.
6. Alex Roof, city, and Lulu Fears, Hillview.
16. Joseph Newingham and Ida Garner, Walkerville.
13. Henry Thaxton and Louella Brannan, Wrights.
16. W. P. Short and Mrs. Emma Maberry, Woody.
20. Mert Gentry and Grace Reno, at Canton.
27. Simon Shannon and Mary Reif.
29. Fred Snyder and Gertrude Long, Pacific Union.
6. Keelie Standefer and Mrs. Lida Wise, Stillwater, Okla.
11. John Ewings and Nellie Stevenson, Rockbridge.
12. Chas. Tapscott and Ida Talkington; Albert Talkington and Addie Gracey, Rockbridge.
16. Chas. H. McCants and Bird Phillips, Santa Barbara, Cal.
23. Henry Eyer and Vernie Almaney.
26. John C. Ward and Mrs. Nellie West.
26. Claude Tucker and Lean Meister, near Berdan.
14. Leroy Taylor and Daisy Haddock.
17. Joseph Knight and Mrs. Ellen Barnett.
17. John Rosenstreter and Anna Mark.
17. Jesse Taylor and Stella Hildebrant.
17. Kaeer Prentice and Jennie Sawyer.
17. John F. Craven and Nellie Walker, Boonville, Mo.
30. Bennie Kimbro and Ella Fitzjarrel, Greenfield.
1. Purcell Roe, Roodhouse, and Lora Lair, Walkerville.
(?) Henry A. Connole and Hattie McFoe, Venice
(?) Chas F. Jones and Carrie Norris.
29. Frank Wagoner and Sarah Kaiser.
18. Clarence P. Crecilius, Newark, N. J. and Anna May Eberlein, city.
23. Frank March and Alta Witt.
23. Walter Postlewait and Margaret Frye, San Luis Obispo, Cal.
26. J. A. Powell, Iola, Kansas, and Nettie Ashlock.
26. James Shaw and Josephine Logan, Woody.
27. Dr. W. E. Dressel and Lucile Greene at Sioux Falls, S. D.

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