Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1906

6. M.P.L. annual banquet.
13. Roney’s Boys’ concert.
18. Temple chapter. O.E.S. celebrated tenth anniversary.
20. Temperature 73 degrees; highest January record in 19 years.
25. Annual Masonic banquet.
26. Art League’s ninth annual reception.
1. Rural routes 7, 8, and 9 started.
3. Barn on Stout farm burned, with R. R. Robinson’s six horses.
4. Methodist revival closed; 39 conversions.
7. Commercial club resolved that Q C & St. L was ratty and rickety.
9. County school officers association met at White Hall.
12. Dalggen & Sieverling’s blacksmith shop burned.
13. Prohibitionists nominated county ticket.
19. Former Governor Yates spoke here.
27. Second Musical Union concert.
28. Rainfall for month 4.45 inches, snow 9.5 inches.
6. Submission of license question defeated by tie vote in city council.
7. Grand jury returns 38 indictments, including 5 against bucket shops.
14. Commercial club gave a pave-the-square banquet.
14. Woody post office discontinued.
16. Deep mud prevented mail carriers from going out during the week.
17. St. Patrick’s day and 2 degrees above zero.
18. Fourteen inches of snow fell.
26. George W. Rumrill had been Odd Fellow 60 years.
30. Third Musical Union concert.
31. Eighteen inches snow fell during month, total precipitation equal to 5. 35 inches water.
2. Hon. Owen Scott spoke on senatorial contest.
3. Local improvement board created as first official step toward paving.
7. Capt. Fry place sold at public sale for $10,000, about $137 per acre; Sam Hazle purchaser.
11. Dr. J. N. McCormick of American Medical Association addressed physicians and public.
17. City election; tamest on record; Kane anti-license.
18. San Francisco earthquake; many Carrollton people experienced horrors, but all escaped.
19. Bessie O’Brien concert at St. John’s hall.
20. Newton Smith, killed by cars at Slater, Mo., 22 years.
24. County board elects J.K. Farrelly chairman.
30. Greene County National Bank moved to new building.
4. Musical Union’s closing concert.
5. Current Topic Club’s 13th annual banquet.
8. Old Q C & St. L depot burned.
11. Edgar Vivell and wife, first earthquake refugees to arrive here.
13. Eldred-Springfield train put on Q C & St. L.
14. Mrs. Mary Fullerton, aged 74, returned from tip to Scotland taken alone.
18. E. A. Doolittle named as superintendent of public school.
18. Kane school commencement; 10 graduates.
19. H. L. Southwick of Boston gave readings.
23. Greenfield commencement, 21 graduates.
26. County high school meet at Roodhouse; Greenfield won both banners.
30. Memorial day; address by O. E. Tandy, Jacksonville.
31. C. H. S. 32rd commencement, 18 graduates; address by David Felmley.
31. Amos Rigg accidentally killed at White Hall factory.
1. C. H. S. alumni 19th banquet.
5. Infant of L. L. Pinkerton and wife choked to death by grain of corn.
10. Odd Fellows’ memorial day; address by E. A. Doolittle.
11. A cave-in wrecks building of Busy Bee store, Greenfield.
19. Objections to paving square and North Main filed.
21. Geo. W. Rhodes of Wrights killed by cars at White Hall.
1. Advance flour mill remodeled.
2. John Robinson’s circus here.
3. Prohibition county Chautauqua opened here.
4. Celebrations at Kane and Eldred.
16. Local improvement board recommended paving public square, despite protests of property holders.
17. Contract for city lighting again let to Heat, Light & Power Co., for five years at $75 per arc lamp, advance of $10. Ordinance also passed granting gas plant franchise to A. E. Dunn.
21. City Council passed paving ordinance and took initial steps for sewerage system.
25. Martha Connole, city, won diamond medal in contest at Piasa Chautauqua.
26. Lightening struck Keach school house.
27. Peter Klinger accidentally killed on dredge boat near Bluffdale.
30. Q C & St. L train wrecked near Fayette, C. E. White, brakeman, killed.
31. Wm. Vermillion, telephone lineman, fatally injured near Chatham.
4. First primaries held under new law.
9. Republican and Democratic county conventions.
16. H. T. Rainey and J. G. Pope nominated for congress by Democratic and Republican conventions at Jacksonville.
16. County Sunday school convention met here.
18. Woodville wolf hunt.
20. E. D. Johnson sold livery business to A. J. Rives.
20. L. K. Jones, county superintendent, resigned to accept school position at Rocky For, Colo. Geo. B. McClelland named as successor.
30. Old settlers’ meeting at Greenfield.
2. Philip Quisenberry killed by cars at Roodhouse.
3. Schools opened; public school enrollment 473; parochial, 93.
8. Masked men rob Burlington depot at Greenfield.
9. Farewell service for Rev. J. D. Arnold of Christian Church.
16. Catholic Order of Foresters organized here.
18. Paving case hearing opened in county court.
20. Wm. H. Fry committed suicide near White Hall; 59.
22. Mrs. Amanda Schemerhorn killed by falling into cellar near Greenfield; 59.
24. Johnson & Debolt bought J. J. Sharon’s store.
29. Greene county loses in paving case.
5. The PATRIOT published exclusive article showing total of 29,700 acres being reclaimed by drainage districts.
5. Guy Rogers accidentally killed at White Hall factory.
8. Kane Masonic lodge celebrates 10th anniversary.
9. First frost; ice formed.
15. Wm. J. Bryan spoke here.
19. Greene county fair closed [unreadable]; financial record breaker.
27. Post office moved to old Greene county bank building.
30. Edwin Vaile McIntyre organ recital.
1. County farmers’ institute, Greenfield.
3. Kane Baptists celebrated 83rd anniversary of church.
6. Election day; usual results.
10. James Turnbull, 53, killed by cars at White Hall.
16. Springfield-Eldred train discontinued.
19. Heavy sleet does great damage.
19. Contract to pave public square let to A. F. Franks, $18,800.
23. “A Day at Union Station” opera house.
3. New county officers took charge.
11. Land sale of A. J. Tunnell estate; 859 acres, $74,160.
11. Douglas school house, north of Rockbridge, burned.
13. Kane ladies husk corn for church societies.
14. Local physicians announce fee bill agreed upon.
14. John F. Waggoner, Greenfield, committed suicide; 38.

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