Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1905

4. Howard Parks and Emma Ford, Greenfield.
6. Eldred Roberts and Rose Fletcher, E St Louis.
11. Albert Giberson and Alta Mills of Woodville, at Springfield.
18. Robert T. Black and Eva Barnett.
19. Walter Wiles and Lura Barnett, Rockbridge.
25. Burl Dawson, St. Louis, and Edith Hulan, Kane.
28. Sixtieth anniversary, William Ridings and wife, near White Hall.
29. John Henry Johnson and Mary E. Morris.
1. Richard Secor, Greenfield, and Alice Savidge, Kemper.
11. Harry McFarland and Leonor Mestres, at Las Lomas, Mexico.
28. John A. Vaughn and Annie Schnelten.
1. Leon M. White and Myrtle Oberlin, St. Louis.
5. Sherman Murphy, Otterville, and Ollie Aulabaugh.
17. Robert C. Armstrong and Sarah Killen, Chicago.
18. Celby Whitlock and Bertha Pearl Campbell.
2. Ralph Linder and Charlotte Reinecke, Kane
3. Golden wedding of H V Jackson and wife, Nevada, Mo.
10. Golden wedding, Samuel Anderson and wife, Mt. Gilead.
14. John Hobson and Mrs. Lena Ferdon, both of Litchfield.
17. James Hale and Belle Cocke, city.
20. Raymond Jones and Martha Ashlock.
27. Blaine Ashlock and Bertha Cook, Walnut Grove.

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13. Ray Schafer and Nellie Hardcastle, city.
15. Charles Paris and Anna Bushnell at Jefferson, Okla.
17. Golden wedding Ephraim Young and wife, White Hall.
20. Rev J D Prigmore, Milton, Conn. And Amy Secor Davis, city.
23. Elmer Ford and Frona Van Meter, Rockbridge.
2. Edward Hawk and Lela Wheeler, Kane.
4. Homer Roberts and Mabel Burch
5. Van Ritchey, Kane and Nettie Fiatt, Eldred.
9. Fred Carter and Pansy Smith.
17. James Dennis and June Range, Rockbridge.
31. Harry C. Black and Mary Pewter, Murrayville.
1. Albert Bryant, Chicago, and Tatta Ruyle, Athensville.
8. Edward Cadmus and Nettie Barnett, Rockbridge.
9. John G. Ashford and Grace Ash, Greenfield.
12. Robert L. Carter and Annie Martin.
6 Stephen Martin city, and Fannie Brooks, Woody.
12. Frank Smith and Nellie Curtius, city.
12 .Dr. Lloyd Ashlock and Cora Miller, city.
13. Arthur Cunningham, Wrights, and Mary Robinson, city.
14. Thomas C. Scruby and Lena Bushnell, city.
20. L F Williams, Rockbridge, and Maude Osborn, city.
20. Harry Stubblefield and Laura Bassham, Greenfield.
20. Golden Wedding, Uriah Converse and wife, Greenfield.
25. Fifty-sixth wedding anniversary of Squire J G Heron and wife.
27. Archie Greenlee, Chicago, and Edith Buie, city
28. Kyle Witt, Kane, and Flora Conrad, city.
2. Samuel Mulbery, East St Louis, and Nellie Moss of West Virginia.
4. J D Linville and Rosa Bradley, city.
15. Harry Smith and Grace Carter, Kane.
16. Thomas C Slone, Linder, and Anna Settles, Walkerville.
25. Thad Brown, Bloomington, and Hester Bowman, city.
25. Miner Morrow and Mina Edwards, Claude Morrow and Anna Smith all of White Hall.
2. William H. Lisles and Evelyn Smith, city.
8. George Hillig and Rose Jennings, city.
15. Harvey Steel and Ida Aulabaugh.
22. L O Campbell and Florence Gardiner.
22. Golden wedding, Capt George L. Williams and wife, Alva, Okla.
29. David E Beatty, Jerseyville, and Matilda Schattgen, city.
29. E S McMahon and Margaret T Carmody, city.
30 G Will Miner and Mrs Carrie Bauman, at Jacksonville.
6. Henry Hancock, Jersey county, and Mrs. Hattie Hand, city.
12. Harvey McPheon and Annie Admire, city.
14. Ben R. Eldred and Ethel Sanderson, city.
20. Ward Baldwin and Ona Borman, Eldred.
20. H P Noble, Jerseyville and Minnie White, Kane.
20. Tony Woods and Nellie Beauchamp, Berdan.
22. Harry DeShasier and Josephine Seimmer, Berdan.
23. Dr. Emery King, Charleston, and Gertrude Rice, city.
24. Zenan Kelley, Newbern, and Neva Holmes, Linder.
25. L V Lawson and Ora Spotts, White Hall.

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