Marriages and Anniverseries in 1904

January - March


11. Wm. E. Meyers and Ida June Brooks, Kane.
12. Joseph L. Kirback and Mrs. Mamie Mungall.
20. E. F. Kieinau, Bloomington, and Mary E. Carter.
29. Emmett Harrigan and Stella Knight, at Jerseyville.
1. R D Zink, Greenfield, and Lenora Short.
11. J F Burruss, Miami, Mo., and Georgia Robinson, Linder town.
11. B R Kesinger and Hattie Rhodes, Wrights town.
18. Geo A Smith, city, and Alice Vandersand, Kane.
1. Chas C Williams, Chicago and Cora M. Piper
7. Wayland Crouch and Maggie Strickland, Greenfield.
14. W C Munsell and Grace Marshall, Kane.
15. C J Doyle and Nelle Wilhite, Greenfield.
22. A J Tunnell and Laura Scandrett.
22. Turner English, city, and Minnie Stanfield, Fort Scott, Kas.
22. Wm B Robinson, City, and Erma Evans, St. Louis.
25. Chas L. parks and Nelle Smith, Rubicon.
3. John B. Jackson, White Hall, and Mrs. Maude M. Davis, city.
6. Bert Sharon and Lucretia Nichols, Chicago.
9. Chas Ramsey, city, and Maggie Scoggins, Woody.
20. Henry Burger and Ethel Staats, Greenfield.
26. John Conrad and Maude Gillingham, Bluffdale.
27. Ray I Barry, Roodhouse, and Letitia Bowman, city.
27. Jacob Dohm, Sr. and Mrs. Meddie C. Piper, Greenfield.
2. M M Dorsey, Powder Springs, GA., and Martha Meek, north of town.
3. Walter Evans and Ella March of Woodville.
10. Frank Schattgen and Willetta Reed, White Hall.
10. Harry Seago and Emma Edwards, Kane.
14. Glenn Cousins and Ella Foley, Alamosia, Col.
20. Silver Wedding Elmer E. Strode and wife.
29. Floyd Wilkinson, White Hall, and Irene Johnson, city.
30. Howard Rives, Fayette, and Minnie Clark, Rockbridge.

[missing September & Part of October]

25. John Limons, Foreman, Ark., and Katie Lewis.
27. Christian Daum, Jr., and Eva M. Giller, near Daum.
27. Beverly Farrow, Eldred, and Minnie Kelly.
10. Harry J. Hunt and Mamie Foley, Clinton.
14. Herbert Vivell and Susie Cook, Hot Springs, Ark.
17. Arthur Hildebrant and Helena Schnelton, near city.
17. Jud Attebery and Alvis Campbell, city.
21. Maurice Allen and Rosa Gough, White Hall.
22. Killian Frank and Anna Hirt, city.
24. Leon Berry, city, and Ruth Doolin, Curryville, Mo.
24. Bert Howard and Jennie Nagle, Chicago.
30. Golden wedding Leonidas Coates and wife at Hillview.
3. F R Todhunter, Washington, D C, and Jeannette Artz, Rushville.
4. Daniel Osborne and Bertha Farrow, St. Louis.
10. Walter B. Greene and Lettie pope, Kane.
11. Wm. Crane and Myrtle Estes, city.
21 G S Downs, Bloomington, and Mary Dallas, west of town.
24. Fred C. Jones and Goldie Wilkinson, near Roodhouse.
24. Oscar Nichols and Clara Pinkerton, High Street
25. Silver wedding George Bechdoldt and wife Eldred.
25. Fred Brown and Eva Wayham, Kane.
27. Eldred Thomas and Lelia Booth, city.

Transcribed by Judy Hartsock

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