Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1904

1. C A Weimer Cigar Co. incorporated.
17. Farewell service for Rev J E Lorton, pastor for Christian church.
20. “Under Two Flags” by local talent.
23. Two Carrollton business men mistaken for diamond thieves in New Orleans, and arrested.
28. Annual Masonic banquet.
30. Annual banquet M. P. L.
1. Spankey postoffice discontinued.
6. Ed Sieberman, near Daum, committed suicide; aged 22.
16. Residences of C. H. Borman and Ed Evans, at Eldred, burned.
27. New steel bridge completed across Macoupin, on state road, cost $2,440.
29. Mrs. Adrienne Boyd departed for Jerusalem as delegate to World Sunday school convention.
1. City council refused to submit license question to a popular vote, because petition was presented late.
3. Bert Garrett, freight conductor, crushed to death at Roodhouse.
8. High water-mark price for real estate set by sale of the old Woodson farm to B. Naber, at $118 an acre.
13. Snow storm accompanied by district peals of thunder.
14. Grand jury breaks record with 110 indictments.
17. Slone-Squire damage suit ends in verdict of $2,500.
21. County Republicans split and hold two conventions at Roodhouse.
21. Lightning burns Wal Wright’s barn and does damage at several points in county.
28. Democrat county convention endorses Hearst and names county ticket.
30. Prohibition county convention.
5. Town elections quiet and generally Democratic.
8. Keach and Hartwell levees broke and thousands of acres inundated.
9. Township high school proposition defeated in Rockbridge and Rubicon towns.
14. Thos. Newton killed by fall from fourth story of sewer pipe factory at White Hall.
15. John Rice’s house, south of Woody, destroyed by fire, and himself badly burned. Insurance $750.
18. Silas Carrico, a resident for 75 years, moved to Oklahoma.
19. City election; two anti-license alderman elected. Kane and Roodhouse wet; Greenfield and White Hall dry as usual.
20. Twenty-year franchise for heat and light granted by city council, as directed by vote, at election.
20. Six-inch snow storm breaks record for date.
22. High school preliminary contest.
29. Odd Fellows celebrate 85th anniversary of order.
3. City council votes 5 to 1 against licensing saloons.
6. J R Sparks of Havana chosen superintendent of Carrollton public school.
7. County high school contest at White Hall; Greenfield wins in athletics and White Hall in rhetoricals.
12. Greenfield high school commencement, 15 graduates.
16. Roodhouse high school commencement, 8 graduates.
17. School commencement at Kane, 9 graduates.
17. Greene county delegation attended dedication of Illinois monuments at Shiloh battlefield, and Col J B Nulton presided.
20. White Hall high school commencement, 13 graduates.
29. Bishop Ryan confirms class of 69 at St. John’s church.
1. Thirtieth commencement of Carrollton High School, 15 graduates.
1. Bluffdale postoffice discontinued; had been in charge of Russell family 75 years.
1. Two rural mail routes in operation from Eldred.
2. Seventeenth H S alumni reunion.
7. H T Rainey renominated for congress by acclamation, at Jacksonville.
8. Dr Squire’s residence almost ruined by fire; loss $700.
14. Ralph Linder’ store at Kane burglarized.
20. Democratic senatorial convention met here.
21. Jacksonville district C E convention held here.
26. Harry, son of Roy Davis, near Greenfield, drowned in cistern.
30. New sewer pipe and stoneware factor at White Hall opened with banquet.
5. City council reversed its anti-saloon policy and granted license, vote was tie, mayor deciding.
11. Teachers’ summer institute opened here, continuing two weeks; 130 enrolled.
18. Hartwell drainage and levee district organized.
22. Commencement for rural schools of county held here, fifty pupils receive diplomas.
29. D H Prough’s barn, near Mt. Gilead, burned; loss $2,000.
7. Edward Market, near White Hall, fell into a coal shaft and drowned.
13. J. C. Bridgewater’s store, at Bridgewater, burned.
13. County 4 S convention at White Hall.
29. George Flatt’s hay barn, near Kane burned, loss $____.
29. Mrs. Bettie Irwin’s house, at Kane, partially burned.
1. Carrollton public school open with _________enrolled.
4. John McKenney, Greenfield, ended life with poison.
5. Circuit court opens with 34 divorce cases on docket.
7. Republican senatorial convention at Carlinville.
7. Fred Cox’s store at Walkerville burned, loss $3,000.
11. James Hopkins’ barns and silo, near Roodhouse, burned: loss $2,500.
13. Mrs. George Newingham, near Hillview, committed suicide by hanging.
14. County board granted franchise for electric road, White Hall to clay banks.
14. First frost, but no damage.
19. C S Deneen, Republican candidate for governor, spoke here.
26. Week of Chautauqua lectures begun in tent, under direction of Rev D T Black.
26. Six horses killed by one bolt of lightning on John Snyder’s farm.
27. David Prough accidentally shot and killed himself while hunting near Kane, his dog carried bloody signal to notify family.
4. City council adopted ordinance requiring property owners to pay half cost of sidewalks.
7. Picked teams of “has-been” sports played baseball.
8. Fire ruined Mrs. Spencer’s residence, city.
8. Local historical society organized.
13. C G Richard’s barn, near Kane, burned; loss $2,500.
13. Henry Corcoran, Roodhouse, committed suicide.
18. Greene County Fair opens, and celebrates its golden anniversary.
22. First killing frost.
22. New amphitheater at fair grounds burned: loss $1,100.
25. Corn carnival and horse show at Roodhouse.
25. Carrollton Creamery Co organized to build milk station
25. Twelve Baptist churches organize Greene County Baptist association at Providence.
29. Contract for steel bridge at Jalappa: price $1,670.
8. General election. Democratic majority in this county reduced a thousand.
11. High School “at home” to parents and friends.
13. Burglars get $300 worth of plunder at Wm Buie’s resident.
16. Jerry Brogen of Eldred fatally crushed by cave-in of bridge approach he was working on, near Carrollton.
16. Greenfield poultry shows, 500 birds on each bition.
17. County farmers’ institute at White Hall.
24. Catholic fair yields $1,134.
25. Two-days teachers meeting opened here.
1. Carrollton and vicinity furnished over 3,000 visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair, just ended.
3. Emma J. Williams, near Rockbridge, was ________
? ________ J & P electric bills.
15. Steam heating plant completed in this city.
15. County board offers bounty for wolf scalps.
28. Baptist annual roll call.

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