Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniverseries in 1903

4. H. J. Hunt and Lizzie Boehm, at Kane.
11. Curtis Keller and Daley Tatman of Bluffdale.
13. S. W. McLoud of Misier and Lou Mode, city.
15. Circuit clerk E. Z. Curnuit and Jessie Achenbach at Rockbridge
18. James R. Anderson, Springfield and Adelia Underwood, city.
25. Thos. A. Dose and Thursey Rexroat at Berdan.
30. John Bateman, Jerseyville and Nora Meek, Rockbridge.
11. Wm. S. Hobson and Jessie Mungall.
17. Paul Geblhausen and Agnes Eva Wood.
26. Dr. S. A. Huffman, Chesterfield, and Clyde McQuerry, Greenfield.
1. Chas E. Ferguson, Gillespie and Jeannette Reno of Kane.
4. A. L. Young, White Hall, and Birdie Valentine, Rockbridge.
11. Henry Bonneger, Bluffdale, and Mattie Osborn, Jerseyville in St. Louis.
26. Rev. E H. Lugg and Lena D. Seeley, White Hall.
2. Ellery Painter and Ruth Thurman at Carrollton.
5. Frank R. Campbell and Mamie Stout.
5. John Gano and wife near Carrollton celebrated their 20th Anniversary.
8. John L. Solomon and Blanche Arnold at Greenfield.
12. John M. Farmer and Hester Martin.
14. Luther Lynn and Addie A. Hubbard.
15. Finice Linder and Anna C. Stout.
15. Fred C. Sharon and Mary Bruce Green, at Kansas City.
21. John Earnest and wife of Greenfield celebrated golden wedding.
22. Leigh Mitchell Hodges and Nadine Converse Skinner, at Phildelphia.
27. R. L. Jourdan and Emily Carlin, in St. Louis.
3. Frank Sherman and Mary Nolan, at Walkerville.
5. W. R. Dougherty and Mabel Cox.
9. Ebert Kincaid and Lou Parks.
25. Dr. K. S. Gooch and Tempest Johnisee at Lawton, Okla.
29. Jacob DeLara and Bessie Brooks.
9. Dieter Rathgeber and Henrietta Virden at Virden.
9. Joe Boring and Ethel White at Greenfield.
9. Claude Hamilton and Florence Smith, at Greenfield.
10. Edgar Shannon and Effie Sample, at Greenfield.
10. Fred L. Fishback and Beulah Pegram.
14. Oliver Lipscomb and wife of Kane celebrated 25th anniversary.
15. M. A. Thornhill and Lida Connole.
18. David H. Wells and Martha Ellen Dougherty, at Washington, Ill.
21. W. E. Cunningham and Ida Estes.
23. Fred P. Linn and Annie Nagle.
23. Chas. P Gibson and Lulu Kelly.
24. Geo A Hutchinson and Zeda Miller at Rockbridge.
30. Squire John B. Logan and Mrs. Meta Jenes.
30. Rev. J. E. Arts and Martha Sites, at Rushville.
8. Herman S Pranger and Mary Williams.
15. August Creter, age 77, and Mrs. Elizabeth Dawson, 59, both of Walkerville.
22. Petry Entrekin and Clara Piper, Greenfield.
2. Arthur Jennerjohn and Nancy Malicoat, Berdan.
12. Double wedding at court house; Issac L. Farris, Rockbridge, and Rose Garcey, Chesterfield: John L. Dougherty, and Sarah Freer, Rockbridge.
15. Phile C. Eldred and Nettie M. Davis, city.
16. Lynn Thompkins and Hattie Conway, Kane.
20. Albert Brown and Nancy Scoggins.
20. Silver wedding, Mr. andMrs. Walter Robley.
22. Jesse Tally, Eldred, and Lillie Cate, Jalappa.
26. Andrew D. McAdams and Goldie M. Turner, city, at Roodhouse.
1. Henry Weingand and Mary E. Kirback at St. John’s church.
2. Frank Mack and Anna Heraty at St. John’s church.
6. Henry Snyder and Mary Short, Woody.
24. Davis Winn and wife celebrated twelfth anniversary.
25. Frank Eberlein and Eloise Castle Burnap, at Upper Alton.
1. Mark Meyerstein, Jr. Roodhouse, and Ella M. Edwards, Scottville at Jacksonville.
1. Wm. P. Kirback and Angelia Giese, at Chicago.
7. Harry Sperry and Florence Clement, at Greenfield.
14. Chas. E. Driver, Greenfield and Frances Goans, Eldred.
14. George Howard Price, Minneapolis, and Christena Monroe, at Wabasha, Minn.
14. Lyman S. Bushnell, Jr. and Hattie Stevens, at Topeka, Kan.
14. W. K. Reisicke , Kane and Jesse Graham, at Virden.
15. O. H. Mundy and Ella Brown.
18. Noah McAdams and Grace Gill.
19. Albert Robinson and Eva Shannon.
21. Chas. W. Heaton, Springfield and Bessie Everest at Havana.
5. Massy Cox and Mrs. Jane Edwards, at Walkerville.
14. Simon Peter Shaw and Mattie Scoggins, at Eldred.
15. John Bolin and Nellie-Bridges, at Rockbridge.
16. J. J. Regan and Minnie Foley at St. Louis.
17. F. W. Shield and wife of Roodhouse celebrated golden wedding.
18. Wm. C. Weiskopf of Springfield and Nina Wooldridge, at Kane.
18. Tilden Elmore and Mattie Smith.
22. Robert Baines and Cora Bell Laster.
23. Oscar Shane, Greenfield, and Minnie Crist, Rockbridge.
26. W. J. Moore and wife of Rockbridge celebrated 45th wedding anniversary.
27. Sigel Anderson and Rosa Rice.
28. John Kirgan and Lucy Jacques.
2. Dudley Hardcastle and Alice Charles, at Pittsburg, Pa.
8. Henry Jouett and Hallie Grimes, at Fayette.
17. Wm. Houseman and Cora Carice, at Kane.
19. Jesse A. King and Courteney Hensler; at St. Louis.
23. Allen Norton and Clara Combrick.
23. Noah M. Fisher and Rachel Shaw.
23. Albert Lovell and Bessie Freer, at Rockbridge.
24. Wm. Winn and Nellie H. Bowie, at Berdan.
25. Oliver Knowland and Lillie B. Clark, at Eldred.

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