Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1903

1. McDonough, Daum & Smith began business.
9. Oscar L. Melgrum crushed and scalded to death in St. Louis tunnel. Body brought here for burial.
9. Soft coal sold at 18 cents. Hard coal unobtainable.
10. Vacant dwelling owned by James McDonough, south of town, burned. Loss $700, insurance $550.
13. Triennial a county meeting Court of Honor.
14. Mozart Symphony concert.
15. Annual Masonic banquet.
19. E. M. Hustad of Roodhouse, a Mason fifty years. Roodhouse lodge celebrated anniversary.
22. Second annual banquet M.P.L.
26. Mrs. J B Sherwood gave series of lectures to Art League.
3. Willie Shackleford, aged 13, drowned in Wolf Run creek, east of White Hall.
6. The bottom had fallen out of the roads. Highways in Greene County cost nearly $250,000 in ten years.
8. Slight earthquake shock felt here.
15. Arrival of blue birds and robins, followed by a 4 inch snow and 9 degrees below zero.
17. W.C.T.U. held memorial service on fifth anniversary of Frances Winard’s Death.
20. Contest and entertainment by grade pupils of public school.
27. Moving farmers occupied a column and a half in The Patriot.
28. Principal Thornhill gave practical demonstration of wireless telegraphy before C.T. Club.
28. Vince Hick’s residence, near Athensville burned.
5. February term of circuit court adjourned with seventeen divorces.
10. County convention M.P.L.
18. Bert Holmes of Fayette, aged 16, fatally kicked by a horse, died next day.
25. Thirty-four cases smallpox at Greenfield and doctors on a strike.
26. White Hall sewer pipe works and stoneware factory burned. Loss $50,000 insurance $25,000.
1. County convention of Modern Woodmen at Carrollton; three delegates chosen to state camp.
2. S. T. Tuttle left for Marshall, Mo.
4. Last county teachers’ meeting at Kane.
5. Farrow residence burned near Eldred.
7. Town elections.
12. Easter Sunday
18. Current Topic Club’s tenth annual banquet.
21. Dr. Ross re-elected mayor of Carrollton ; license carried by 9 majority.
24. Rev. Geo. C. Hawes and family arrived from Budaun, India.
26. I.O.O.F. anniversary sermon preached at Carrollton by Rev D. T. Black.
28. Geo. W. Wright re-elected chairman of county board of supervisors.
30. County W. C. T. U. convention at Carrollton; closed May 1.
9. Carrollton wins banner at county high school meet.
11. Commencement at Kane; 7 graduates.
18. Commencement at Roodhouse; 13 graduates.
24. Commencement at Greenfield; 8 graduates.
26. Commencement at White Hall; 18 graduates.
27. Farewell reception to Fr. H. J. Hoven, retiring pastor at St. John’s church.
29. Commencement at Carrollton; 13 graduates.
30. Carrollton High School Alumni sixteenth annual reunion and banquet.
2. Fr. J. J. Driscell, new pastor of St. John’s church, arrived from Charleston.
7. June flood broke Keach and Roberts levees in northwestern Greene County; Hartwell and Lowenstein levees broke 8th, high water mark, 38 feet, reached at East St. Louis, 10th.
7. Clarence Jones, aged 18, drowned near White Hall.
10. Jacob Young accidentally shot and killed himself, while trying to kill his wife, at White Hall.
19. Carrollton young ladies appeared in burnt cork, at minstrel show given by Eastern Star.
20. Ross Walker returned from four years’ service in U. S. Navy.
20. Orlando Johnson shot and seriously wounded his sweetheart, Ruby Dickerson, at White Hall, then killed himself.
25. A F Mill Co, reorganized.
28. Tank of naphtba exploded on C. B. & Q. freight train near Wrightsville, two men killed.
1. Elmore & Lemmon bought the Advance elevator.
3. Pegram citizens voted to incorporate as a village and changed name to Hillview.
4. Carrollton’s celebration devoted exclusively to amusement and noise.
5. J. W. Nellens Flooring establishment at Roodhouse burned. Loss $10,000 insured.
7. City council adopted anti-spitting ordinance.
10. Mr. John Harrel scalded by explosion of thresher engine.
13. Deeds – recorded transferring the Keach Ranch, 2440 acres, to Fairbanks Brothers. Consideration $200,000.
24. Wm. H. Eads, a Scott county teacher, drowned in Apple creek, north of Wrightsville.
26. Reqium high mass celebrated at St. John’s church for Pope Lee XIII, who died on ______
26. Barns belonging to Ed Fisher and Douglas Meyer at Belltown burned. Loss $500.
1. Keach drainage and levee district organized.
2. ?????????????
5. Heavy windstorm uproots business houses and ruins many shade trees.
6. Annual county Sunday school picnic at Kane.
7. Donald Simpson is thrown from buggy and leg broken.
7. Picnic reunion of B. W. Greer’s old pupils at High Street school.
9. Roadmaster Sweeney and gang of men began tearing up Q. C. & St L. track eastward from Columbiana.
10. Order jeaned by C & A officials abandoning road between Carrollton and Columbiana.
11. Injunction served in Q. C. & St. L. track removal case. Sweeney arrested and work stopped.
16. Bernard Koster struck by midnight train at Berdan and killed.
17. Trotting matinee at fair grounds.
18. Mandamus suit filed to compel operations of Q. C. & St. L.
19. Modern Woodmen county picnic held here.
20. County Sunday school convention at M. E. Church.
26. Old Settlers meeting at Greenfield.
1. Public School opened with nearly fifty more students than last year.
8. James Lavery sold clothing stock to Lynn, Fain & Davis D. G. Co. and retired, having continued in business here for 39 years.
9. County board fixed tax levy at $35,000.
9. Wm. Reynolds of Kane killed his sweetheart and himself near Mexico, Mo.
10. Freight train wrecked north of Berdan.
15. Three additional rural mail routes started from this city.
18. Lewis Creter, age 23, from Walkerville killed by cars at Alton.
19. Board of review completes work, having added $157,530 to personal, and reducing real estate assessments over $100,000.
21. M. E. conference returns Rev. D. T. Black as pastor here.
24. Dwelling occupied by Frank Brown, at Kane, burned.
29. County W. C. T. U. convention held here.
9. Della Walter committed suicide by taking poison.
10. Q. C. & St. L. road resumed train service west of Carrollton.
12. John Gross left for Germany.
13. Forty-ninth annual Greene county fair began.
27. Keeley Burns-Giller cattle sale.
30. A. J. Tunnell bought David Black farm.
30. B. C. Hodges bought Carlin ranch.
5. Rev. Wm A Sunday arrived in Carrollton and took charge of union revival services.
6. Edward Martin found mortally wounded in rear of McMahon’s saloon, died next day.
24. First snow of the season.
21. J. B. Kabm elected president of Greene County Fair Board.
26. Union Thanksgiving services at M. E. church; sermon by Evangelist Sunday.
26. Last football game of season here; Carrollton high school 15, Alton high school 0.
27. County meeting of school officers and teachers; two days session at court house.
29. Union revival meeting closed’ 175 persons had made public professions of religion.
3. Greene County farmers institute began two-days session at court house.
6. Lewis Baldwin, son of Geo. Baldwin of Bluffdale, killed in railroad accident near Walshville.
9. B. W. Collins and wife ________ superintendent and matron at county ______.
11. The Patriot’s Christmas magazine and postal renewal number issued.

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