Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Marriages and Anniversaries in 1902

1. Dr. F. H. Russell and Clara Flatt, Eldred.
14. John W. Story and Georgia Ash, Greenfield.
16. Henry Brooks and Tina Reno, Kane.
27. Robt. F. Downs and Sarah Montgomery, Berdan.
30. Geo. N. Cole, Greenfield and Margarite Secor, Walnut Grove.
8. Dr. W. T. Dowdall of Casner and Anna Connole, city, at Jacksonville.
11. Joseph E. Clark and Mary E. Beeley.
12. Rev. J. S. Stephens, Eureka, Mo., and Cora A. Brown.
19. Reuben Ellis and Mary Parks, Greenfield.
26. James Mungall, Jr. and Mary Thiel.
27. James Nichols and Mrs. Fannie Smith, Kane; married within an hour after bride had secured divorce.
3. Harvey A. Secor and Mary J. Reed, Greenfield.
12. Andrew Barnett, St. Louis, and Maude Finch, city.
19. Clisten [sic] Tatman, Jacksonville, and Ola May York, Roodhouse.
23. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Young, near Greenfield.
24. Thirtieth wedding anniversary, Elias Clark and wife, Kane.
2. Ed Ash and Maude Durham, Greenfield.
5. Henry Kyer, White Hall, and Mattie Patterson, city; John McGarrey and Lillie Mefford, Roodhouse.
8. Joseph Rawe and Nellie Dorsey, Greenfield.
17. C. C. Vandoren and Alma Gilmore, Roodhouse.
21. Geo J. Stokes and Frances M. Bowman, both of Chicago, at Elgin.
30. Rev. W. J. Batterfield, Waverly, and Mayme Fasnacht, White Hall.
14. H. A. Shields and Mae Sperry of Greenfield in St. Louis.
21. Robt. Singleton and Edith Depoister, White Hall.
25. Alva Darr and Bertha Reno, Kane.
27. Golden wedding anniversary of J. R. Woolley and wife, Greenfield.
3. Fifty-fifth wedding anniversary of Jefferson Coonrod and wife, Greenfield.
8. Fred Harkins, St. Louis, and Lena Steinberg, city.
10. George Bowman and Jeanette Price, both of Chicago.
11. J. R. Underwood of VIRDEN REPORTER and Jessie Furry, Virden.
13. Florence Varner, St. Louis, and Mrs. Emma Green, city.
16. Eben Barrow, Roodhouse, and Olive T. Smith, city.
18. Herbert A. David, Carlinville, and Nina A. Smith.
23. Albert Hubbard, Walkerville, and Miss Margaret Killarney, at Belleville.
30. Otis Frost, city, and Sadie Stout, White Hall.
2. Jesse Steel and Ella Tucker, Rockbridge.
3. Theo. Cummings and Mahala Bennett, Rockbridge.
9. C. E. Brayman, Pittsburg, Kan., and Harriet Dodson, Kane.
13. J. H. Johnson, Woodville, and Alice Sturmon, city.
16. Chas. Bacon and Carrie Boring, Greenfield.
22. G. H. Sheffield and Ethel McGrew, Greenfield.
3. Frank Pryor, Berdan, and Mrs. Mary Merriman, city.
7. Wm. Atteberry and Pearl Maberry, city.
7. Walter Long and Serepta Whitlock, Rockbridge.
22. John Streetmaker, Kansas, and Mrs. Susan [unreadable], Kane.
26. Harvey Ellison and Maud R. Lee, in Jersey county.
28. Fred. Wachford and Priscilla Long, Kane.
31. C. A. Draper and [unreadable], Roodhouse.
1. Dr. Walter Ellis, Princeton, Ind., and Bertha Foreman, White Hall.
2. Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Greene, near Kane, celebrate golden wedding.
2. Curtius Kesinger and Grace Guthrie, Wrights.
3. Chas. T. Bates and Mrs. Mary Bowlby, Roodhouse.
20. Roy Strang and Pansy Ralston, White Hall.
20. Peter Staals, Pegram, and Hulda Blackwell, Keach’s ranch.
22. Fred Secor, Greenfield, and Mabel Johnson, Rockbridge.
22. Edward Sapp and Cecile Short, Roodhouse.
23. Jos. Woolsey, Jerseyville, and D[unreadable] Dugger, city.
24. Dr. Ross Pritchett and Laura Pearce, White Hall.
30. Elmer Todd, White Hall and Winnie Stumbough, Berdan.
2. John Aulabaugh, Kane, and Dillie McCanis.
7. Harry Scruby and Jennie Simpson of Pana, at St. Louis.
9. Frank W. Greene, Kane and May Rue, near Delhi.
9. Fred Bauer and Pearl Kahn, near Greenfield.
9. Dr. H. Gleeson and Emma Welchlin in Kansas City.
12. Wm. Hand and Grace Stevens, Jalappa.
12. Thos. H. Robinson, Little Rock, Ark., and Ocie Gannaway, Kane.
15. Frank L. McDavid, Hillsboro, and Erma Raffety, city.
16. Edwin L. Sharon, St. Louis, and Alma Duffield, Jerseyville.
21. Herman Meyer and Margaret Corbel, city.
26. Curtis Frost, city, and Alice Watson, Woody.
28. J. Calvin Greene and Ula Charleston, Rockbridge.
28. In Kansas City, Harry Saunders and Mae Mundiss, Archie Saunders and Cora Benjamin.
29. Howard Plogger and Hattie Clark, Rockbridge.
30. Theodore Hunt and Mrs. Effie Newton, city.
2. Benj. Cohen and Addie Oswald, White Hall.
3. Albert L. Wood, Granite City, and Etta Gerbing, Roodhouse.
5. Floyd Pinkerton and Lizzie Simpson, city.
5. Thos. Welch and Mrs. Susan Loy, Rockbridge.
10. Luther Atchinson and Peal Atteberry, Kane.
11. Chas. Nesselhof and Dena Beninger, city.
19. J. E. Eagle and Emma Doyle, near Greenfield.
26. W. E. Burner and Marie Freer, Rockbridge.
26. Henry Moffit and Mattie Logan.
29. Jasper Griffin, Eldred, and Bessie Drumis, city.
3. O. E. Roodhouse, Cripple Creek, Col., and Mary Greenlee, North Platte, Neb.
13. Henry Ryland and Lizzie Andrews, Bluffdale.
19. Byron Lorton, Griggsville, and Rose Hubbard, White Hall.
24. Col. John H. Robertson, Jacksonville, and Estlemay Pierson, Boston.
30. R. W. Fender, Fort Worth, Tex., and Mary K. Fain, Carrollton, Ga., at R. G. Fain’s.

Transcribed 06 Aug 2006 by Myra Best Christeck

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