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Marriages and Anniversaries in 1901



7. Chas Burger and Ann Wright, near Rockbridge.
12. Wm A Mungall and Anna Kirback.
13. Golden Wedding Mr and Mrs J J Eldred, Bluffdale town.
14. Edward Johnson and Maggie Davidson at Wrightsville.
16. Gustav Wiemer and Latie Raines , Highland Cal.
19. Wm Stevenson and Nellie Smith, near Kane.
20. David L Jarrard, Jacksonville, and Lizzie Osburn, near city.
21. Henry Booth and Pauline Short, near Woody.
21. Fortieth wedding anniversary, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Fitzgerald, near Kane.
2. Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs. A H Eldred, Carlinville.
12. Elmer H. Ellis and Edna Birdwell, near city.
12. Chas C. Capps, Greenfield, and Emma Shirley, city.
12. Ernest Halbert and Carrie Rober, Kane.
14. C G Jacobs, Kirksville, Mo. And Marguerite Damm at Dawn.
26. Wm Frech and Mrs. Etta Giberson, in St. Louis.
29. Wm. Nelson and Nannie Hendrickson, Kane.
29. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. W O Tolmer, Kane.
29. Silver wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Geo A Giller, Lindertown.
3. Chas Rexroat, Berdan and Mary Patterson, Roodhouse.
3. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. J C Kelly, city.
7. W L Charles and Grace Moore, Roodhouse
8. Gray M. Ellenberger and Maude Avery, both of White Hall, at Albin, Ia.
18. Oscar Hatfield, Roodhouse and Nicole King, White Hall.
18. Dr. Stephen Flatt, Hardin and Ellen Carruthers , St. Louis.
18. Andrew Sheedy and Mrs. Ann Gaban at Litchfield.
26. Silas Downs and Mrs. Rosa Palmier, Berdan.
27. John Mevaty and Teresa Jennings.
27. Geo R. Richardson, Jacksonville, and Sheila Roberts, Roodhouse.
28. Fred Baylein and Jennie Ward, city.
29. Peter Nord and Eunice Ford of Woody.
1. Rev Carl Earhart, Denver, Colo, and Fannie Allen, Greenfield
6. Fred Keiper and Kate Turney, city.
11. Wm A King and Esbelle Hoots, Wrightsville.
12. Sixty-first wedding anniversary. Rev. Wm. B. Bill and wife at Virden; were married in Greene.
16. Eugene Williams and Ethel Long. San Diego, Cal.
16. L B Rockwell and Mary H. Ashlock in Kansas City.
29. Rev J B Thornton, Greenfield, and Willia Thorpe, Carrollton.
30. Ed Camerer and Nellie Campbell, at Hardin.
3. Wm Shackleford and Mattie Suttles, Walkerville.
4. Geo DeBell, Sr. and Mrs. Maggie Clarkson, city, at Jerseyville.
5. Chas A Bowman, St Louis, and Myra May Parker, Carlinville.
5. John Landers and Bessie Meldrum, East St. Louis
5. Harry Kelly and Kate Carsten, near Kane.
12. Double Wedding by Squire Xiser; Harry Harrison and Wisner Carlton; Edward M. Rowe and Emma Harrison, all of White Hall.
19. Frederick J. Loose, New York and Mrs. Clara Schaeffer, city
26. E I Roodhouse and Janie M. Russell, city, at Jacksonville.
27. Fred Dressel and Adele Jones, Kane.
1. Arthur Barker, Cooperstown, and Hope Barleigh, White Hall.
4. Henry Ely, Eldred, and Lillian Drusch, city.
11. Rudolph Porter and Louise Coleman, St. Louis.
11. A M Barrow and Edna Ora Dill, Roodhouse.
18. R. H. Wallace, Kansas City and Eva Roodhouse, Roodhouse.
23. Clinton Rhodes, Wrightsville and Grace Martin, Roodhouse.
1. Walter Turner and Edna Young, Pasadena, Cal.
15. Robt Rexroat and Grace Flowers, Wrights.
22. Frank Carson, East St. Louis and Julia Perishable, City.
22. Lynn Dalton and Maggie Mitchell, near Greenfield.
22. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred White, White Hall.
28. Golden wedding Mr and Mrs. Wm. P. Williamson, Kane.
31. Harvey R. Williams and Bettie Ray, Kane.
3. Lieut Commander M. N. Hodges and Mrs. Laura Muir-Drew, New York.
8. Frederick Chandler, Kansas City, and Carrie McCollom, Greenfield
11. W T Sullivan and Nora Fitzgerald, Chicago
15. Henry Edwards and Dana Mulberry at Trinidad, Colo.
18., Septimus Taylor, St. Louis, and Maude Newbold, city.
24. James Sackett and Ora Graham, city.
29. Rev. J. B Lair and Pauline Russell, Bluffdale.
1. Walter E. Thomas and Della Admire, city.
1. Clarence B. Steed Urbana and Annie Newbold, city.
2. Clarence Swan, Granite City and Jennie Close, Dawn.
3. John B. King, city and Celia Sawyer, Roodhouse.
7. Eli Zink, Greenfield and Clara Adcock, Woody.
9. Dennis F. Vaughn and Mrs. Kate Eldred.
10. Dr. J. W. Adams, Walkerville; and Stella Wood, city.
11. Jesse Grizzle and Aggie Benson, city.
13. W. L. Clone, city and Malta Robings, Medora
23. Edward Bell, White Hall and Nettie Fitzjarrel, Greenfield.
23. Wm E. Barton and Connie K. Bowing, Greenfield.
23. Robt Walker, city and Jennie Rawlings, Roodhouse.
26. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Enock James, Barrow.
31. Capt H. W. Starkey, White Hall and Antoinette Wells, Indianapolis.
21. Howard Strang, White Hall, and Ethel Weisner, Rockbridge.
22. Chas McDonough and Minnie Lawsen, City.
27. Henry Debrede, Fayette and Maude Duff, Greenfield
27. James Long and Mrs C. H. Hill, Jalappa.
27. Amie Darr and Nellie Whitlock, Kane.
3. Marion Jordan, Morrisonville, and Flora Kelly, Linder
3. Golden wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Hubbard, city.
13. W. Clement Wood and Mabel Herron, Woody.
26. Swan L. Nelson, Paxton and Ebba Newbern, Dawn.
31. J. W. Marmon and Lottie Kelly, White Hall.
Recent Marriage License
Frank H. Russell, 26………………………………Eldred
Clara Flatt, 19……………………………………. Eldred
James W. Harmon, 24………………..………White Hall
Lottie Kelly, 28……………………………….White Hall
P. B. Thornton, 52…………………………..Pleasant Hill
Cora Hartsock, 33…………………………...Pleasant Hill
Jan 1902
James W. Marmon and Miss Lottie Kelly, both of White Hall, were married Tuesday evening in this city at the home of the groom’s uncle, David Sinn. Squire Ed Miner officiated.

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