Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1901

1. First new century baby arrived at Austin Graham’s.
7. W. M.E. French lectures on art.
9. H. W. Abrams appointed district district deputy M V A.
10. Arthur Stone returns to Carrollton and starts tin smith.
10. Ross Schafer moved to Chicago.
10. District and county farmers’ institute at White Hall.
13. Temperature up to 66 degrees.
22. A thunder shower settled the dust.
24. Local Masonic ordered united in banquet.
25. Keach ranch 8,100 acres rented to Fairbanks brothers for a term of years.
25. Rev. J E Artz started on trip to Holy Land.
2. Ground hog day; 2 inches of snow.
3. Rev R J Church accepted call to Carrollton, Mo.
8. Six degrees above zero, coldest of winter
9. Royal Tyrolean concert.
14. Mandamus suits filed for disconnecting property from city.
18. Current topic club entertained with “Trip to Chicago” by Mrs. Henshaw.
19. “Old Time” party by Mrs. O H Vivell.
22. Cantata “Our Flag.” by high school.
24. Rev R J Church’s farewell sermon.
1. Carrollton visited by four companies of state militia, who guard Albert Shenkle while he pleads guilty to criminal assault and is sentenced to penitentiary.
2. J M Chenoweth, agent Q C & S L resigns to go on farm in pike.
8. “Coon” Henson given 11 years for murder of Robt Cummings.
9. Greenfield Torch Light is extinguished.
12. First step taken for public library: Council grants petition to submit questions of 2 mill tax at city election.
14. City injunction suits on trial before Judge Thompson.
30. Cash Ratchet store quit.
30. WM Byland retired from livery business.
1. Q. C & St L passed late full control of C & A.
2. Town elections, largely Democratic.
3. Twelfth W C T U county convention at Greenfield.
3. Katherine Ridgeway Concert Co concludes lecture course.
6. President Feinley of Normal addressed county teachers’ meeting here.
6. Baby born in county jail to Mrs. Sallie M. Admire.
12. Dr. James Squire withdrawn from mayoralty race.
12. “Old Homestead” given to $123 house for band benefit.
15. Big library when meeting at court house.
16. City election: Dr. Ross chosen mayor: library tax carried by 232 majority: Kane for license.
19. Carrollton high school contest.
20. White Hall voted $7,000 bonds to enlarge school building.
20. Current Topic Club’s eighth annual banquet.
22. Simon Finder sold salon and departed.
23. County board organized: T W Williams re-elected chairman.
30. Phenomenal swarms of mosquitoes: 90 degrees in the shade.
1. Mayor Ross succeeds Mayor McMalon.
2. State law passed to stop disconnecting land from cities.
2. Rev J E Artz returns from Holy Land and the given reception.
3. Fifteenth commencement the Roodhouse School: 11 graduates.
3. Kane school commencement: 7 graduates.
3 Patterson school’s first commencement: 6 graduates.
7. Judge Creighton decides in favor of city in waterworks injunction suits.
9. City lighting contract let for five years: price increased in ___per lamp per year.
11. Carrollton won pennant at county high school meet.
11. Mrs. Sallie H. Admire and Bert Murray found not guilty of murder.
12. Ed Admire returned from Philippines.
13. Geo Chips moved to Chicago.
14. City council decides in favor of pubic library and mayor names directors.
14. L. M I club entertained at “district school” by Mrs. Wiemer.
16. University Extension Club given reception at Mrs. J. J. Sharon’s.
18. I M I annual picnic.
19. L W Wood, Woody postmaster and merchant, moved to Colorado.
20. Rev G J Young accepts pastorate Baptist Church to begin July 1.
21. James B. Ricks elected supreme judge in this district.
23 West End Reading circle reception by Mrs. A. E. Wilson.
23. Heavy hail at Athensville.
26. Baccalaureate sermon by Rev T B Greenlee.
29. White Hall commencement: 11 graduates.
30. Memorial day
31. Twenty-seventh commencement Carrollton High school: 3 boys and 5 girls.
1. Fourteenth H S Alumni banquet.
2. Bishop Ryan confirmed class of 19 at St John’s church.
15. W J Roberts sold White Hall Register to McFarland A Rowe
17 County summer _________ opened at Greenfield: 100 enrolled.
18. White Hall Creamery Co Incorporated.
23-30 Temperature ranged from 95 to 100 in the shade: highest June record remembered.
2. Public library board organized.
2. Work on waterworks extension in Dodgeonh springs began.
2 Sixth elgar factory in town started by Elmer Kline.
2 First load new wheat crop hauled in by Champ Clark.
2. City council and Electric Light Co agree on 5-year contract and 10 year franchises: an equal appropriation ordinance.
4. Matinee at fair grounds: temperature 106.
5. Sargt Robt. T Flack returned from Philippines.
10. Hottest day in 20 years according to official weather report: St. Louis 104.
12. Announced that Geo Wm F. Carlis would donate county soldier’s monument.
16. Robt Neece, St Louis, and Frank Simonds, Nebraska, arrested for Allen murder, on Shenkle’s confession.
22. Preliminary examination of Neece and Simonds.
24. Local thermometers indicated the highest temperature of seasons, 112.
26. Wheat threshing returns showed best crop for years.
29. Contract for soldiers’ monument let to Calver Stone Co.
1. W K Maxwell sold Kane Telegram to W D Franklin.
3. Richard and John Levett left for Oklahoma.
8. County S S picnic at White Hall.
9. Assessors figures show increase 20 per cent in personal property in two years.
24. Alderman Farrelly, 3rd ward, resigned.
26. Local investors caught by Mississippi Valley Lead Co.
28. Three-days soldiers’ reunion at Roodhouse approved.
31. James Monroe murdered at Roodhouse by Thos Markwich and Mike English.
2. Public school opened: 10 pupils.
2. Mandamus suits against city dismissed.
3. City tax levy $11,000 including 2 Mill library tax.
5. County S S convention at White Hall.
6. President McKinley shot by Czolgosz at Buffalo.
6. Temporary sensation produced by finding human skull and bones in well at Christian parsonage.
8. C & A engine drops into Seminary creek, near White Hall, through burned bridge.
9. Kane post office robbed of $150
10. County tax levy increased to $35,000.
14. Board of review adjourned, after adding $50,000 to assessment.
17. First frost; thin ice formed.
19. Memorial services for President McKinley
24. Greenfield old settlers’ meeting.
26. Tom Carmody, night operator at C & A exchanges shots with would-be burglars and routs them.
26. County soldiers’ monument completed: informal exercises.
26. Football: Carrollton, 16; Roodhouse, 0.
29. Water from Dodgeon springs turned late city mains.
30. L J Spalding elected alderman 3d ward, vice W C Fairleigh, resigned.
1. W. F Johnson re-opened Hyland livery barn.
1. Gay Hill and Fred Stephenson open new barber shop.
1. Mrs. P J Hobson injured in street car collision at Springfield.
3. Presbyterian church re-opened after extensive improvements: Pastor T. E. Greenlee resigned.
7. Re J E Artz returned as pastor M E church for fifth year.
15. Forty-seventh Greene County Fair.
15. Q. C & St L depo abandoned.
16. Council accepted waterworks extensions.
19. Andrew Carnegie promises $10,000 for library on certain conditions.
26. Family reunion at Wm Darr’s; four generations an four great-grandfathers – G W Darr, John Snyder, H. W. Bass, Thos Bandy – present.
24. The Carlin solders’ monument dedicated: immense crowd and distinguished speakers.
31. B C Hodges entered insurance men at Halloween party in log cabin.
2. Football: Carrolton, 12, Jerseyville 11.
3. Third annual old folks’ service at M E church.
3. Rev T B Greenlee’s farewell sermon, Presbyterian church; left next day for North Platte, Neb.
3. Salvation Army closed fire-works recital at White Hall – 96 conversions.
5. M E McMahon appointed collector, for J P Dansworth, deceased.
18. Reading room opened with “book shower”
26. Trial of Neece and Simmons for murder ends in acquittal.
26. Thanksgiving: sermon by Rev A. J. Young at union service.
26. Football: Carrollton 6, Jacksonville 5.
29. In Monroe murder case, Marwick gets 14 years for murder: English indeterminate sentence for manslaughter.
30. Girl’s basketball: Carrollton, 8: Roodhouse 5.
30. Geo H White sold ranch. 6, 832 acres to Peoria men for $41,506.
1. C F Schattgen moved back to Carrollton and opened meat market.
9. Library board selected Bowman lots for site.
11. Two-days county farmers institute opened at Roodhouse.
12. City council accepted library site.
13. The Patriot’s Christmas number issued
14, Temperature suddenly dropped to 4 degrees below zero.
15. New M E church at Greenfield dedicated.
20. Temperature 16 below zero.
24. Final word from Carnegie makes library certain.
24. Christmas eve celebrated by Sunday schools.

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