Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1900

1. Dr. Darwin D Eads and Mrs. Anna L. Hartwell married in Chicago.
1. Mrs. S. A. Vedder left for Syracuse, N. Y., to attend her mother’s funeral.
1. Wm. Voiles and wife of Bluffdale celebrated their crystal wedding.
2. Public Installation of officers of Modern Woodmen at court house.
3. John Flaherty died, age 69.
4. Stephen Patterson died, age 34.
8. Mrs. Chas. Robley’s death recorded; died Dec 29 at Bluffdale, age 77; buried Dec 31.
6. Mrs. J.N. Cox killed by falling tree near Bridgewater.
8. Mrs. John A Bridges died at Berdan, age 58.
9. Annual Greene county farmers’ institute opened in court house; continued two days.
9. Woodson Tanner died at White Hall, age 84.
10. Wm. S. Coran and Miss Eugenia L. Gregory married at Lawrence, Kan.
12. Thos. Wallace died at Hot Springs, Ark.
13. Frank Polster died, age 29.
17. Union revival services began at M. E. church, in charge of Evangelist Coneley.
18. Public installation of officers, Order of Eastern Star.
19. Silas C__ and wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
20. Dr. Arnold Tompkins of Normal lectured before the Greene County Teachers’ Association.
22. Frank Bowman, Gus Wiemer and Steve Corrington left for California.
23. Fire at Guy Ellenberger’s residence.
23. John M. Lee and wife moved to Pittsburg, Kan.
24. Julius J. Elmore and Carrie Hubbard married.
29. Henry Price died near Walkerville, age 79.
29. Hicks Chowning and Effie Thompson married at Berdan.
29. Phillip Cunningham’s residence burned, East of Kane.
30. Mrs. Jane Hughes and Jesse Reynolds died in the same house.
31. George Kennan’s lecture on Siberia, at opera house.
1. A. Sheedy’s right foot amputated.
3. Maj F. L. Hicks went to Clarksville, Mo. to attend to the burial of his son, Phil Sheridan Hicks, who had died in the Philippines.
4. Big revival at M. E. church closed with 180 conversions.
4. Jeremiah Converse died at Greenfield, Age 78.
6. Geo Frank died east of Kane, age 65.
5. Thos W. Sullivan and Mary V. Steele married.
6. Henry Rawe and Lucy Selhorst married.
7. James Stevens and Cora Davis married at Kane
7. A. J. Shackelford died near Bluffdale, age 65.
10. Peter Turnbaugh died at Greenfield, age 45.
10. Gus Scoggins and Eva Reed married at Woody.
12. Pleasant Reno and Mrs. Susan Mundy married near Kane.
13. Barney Abein and Mary Rawe married.
14. Philip Steckel and Minnie Lahiv married in St. Louis.
14. W. M. Montgomery sold his dry goods stock to A. L. Redman of Olney.
14. Dieter H. Damm and Lizzie Thiel married.
15. Everett A. Rives and Emma Tolman married near Fayette.
17. Clinton Armstrong died at Peoria.
17. J H Ballow bought Kane Citizen.
17. Frank Fishback’s resident burned, four miles west of Carrollton.
17. Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hubbard.
18. Harry L. Carter and Grace Darr married.
18. Mrs. Richard Brown died at Kane, age 54.
19. Martha Washington luncheon given by West End Reading Circle, at home of Mrs. J. B. Hays.
20. W. M. Montgomery and wife moved to Springfield.
20. E. E. Wheeler sold his stock of shoes and furnishings to Lyon, Davis & Fain and retired from business.
21. Rev. W. J. Davidson of Greenfield and Katherine Doolittle of Carrollton married.
21. James Dowdall and wife, near Rockbridge, celebrated their golden wedding.
21. Jacob Meister and Rona Linker married at White Hall.
22. Rev. Samuel Smith died near Wrightsville.
22. Frank Britchke died, age 88.
23. Mattie Hunt left for Tallula, having been elected principal of schools there.
26. Mrs. Margaret Kahm died at Greenfield, age 73.
27. Dr. F. C. Smock died at Troy, Mo.
27. Franhk Liesenfelt and Ethel Little of Kane married.
27. Fifteen inches of snow fell in 36 hours.
28. John Short died near Woody.
2. Jury find defendants not guilty in the celebrated road case, Town of Kane vs. J. C. Ashlock and Edmonia Farrelly.
2. Maggie McTigue, died, age 14.
3. Walter Robley bought David Wright farm at $60 per acre.
4. Mrs. Fariba McCania died, age 78.
4. Mrs. Maria Tunnell died at Jacksonville.
5. Mrs. Chas T. Bates of Roodhouse died in Chicago.
6. Mrs. Rufus Smith died, age 44.
10. Jacob Becholdt of Eldred, age 20, accidentally killed while duck hunting.
13. Patrick Braham died near Eldred, age 80.
13. Mrs. Mary Williamson died at Greenfield, age 58.
13 Henry Sonnneburn committed suicide by taking poison, east of Greenfield.
14. Mark Hubbard bought the Josh Short residence property on School street.
14. Bradford Davis, an aged blind man, disappeared from Greenfield; dead body found in woods, 26th.
17. Democratic town primary.
18. Republican town caucus.
19. M____ meeting of First ward voters nominated K. A. Eldred for alderman.
20. Unusually high water reported in Illinois River __________.
20. Wm. V. Hates of Greenfield and Anna Jew____of Rockbridge married at Carrollton
22. John A. Bell died near Greenfield, age 56.
24. Judge Edmond L. Cooper died at Greenfield, aged 80 years 6 months.
24. ____ Washington died at Patterson, age 30.
24. Clifton C. Clark of Eldred and Virginia Smith of Carrollton married.
25. Commander H. M. Hodges, U. S. N. arrived in Carrollton for a visit.
25. J. D. Rowe and Ida Robertson married at White Hall.
25. John Franklin Allen died near Kane, age 35.
26. Mrs. John Lefty Scoggins died near Woody, of heart trouble.
26. Wm. Adock’s residence near Woody burned.
29. Mrs. John Gough died.
30. Mrs. Dennis Brenner died.
31. Democratic county primary.
1. Geo C Cockrell died at Kane, age 87.
2. Democratic county convention.
2. C. G. Edwards bought an interest in L. J. Spalding’s cigar store and factory.
3. Mrs. Frank Schild died near Eldred.
3. J D Samuel and family moved to East St. Louis.
4. Fire in the Rose block badly damaged W. F. Lyons’ grocery stock and fixtures.
4. Edgar Anderson and Emma Game married.
5. Eleventh annual W C T C convention at M E church.
5. Mrs. Z G O’Donohue died at White Hall, age 59.
6. Daniel Morfeet bought Bridges farm of 200 acres for $13,000.
7. Current Topic Club gave the seventh annual banquet, with Commander H. M Hodges as the guest speaker.
12. Manford Hand died South of Carrollton, age32.
12. John Borman Sr, died at Spankey, age 75.
12. Ida L. Armstrong died at Maddam, Kan. Age 60.
12. Perry Short and Eunice Admire married at Woody.
13 Death of John Crosan, Sr. age 87.
13. Mrs. Susannah Schafer died, age 65.
15. Easter Sunday.
16. Mrs. Frank Lohman died at Jacksonville.
16. Greene County Republican convention.
17. Municipal election.
20. Fifty Greene county coal miners ordered out on a strike at Clay City.
21. Mrs. Bridget _____ died near Greenfield.
21. Col J. B. Nulton re-elected president of Carrollton board of education.
22. Mrs. Eliza Meleiser died near Berdan, age 62.
23. Mrs. Woodford Jackson died near Wrightsville.
24. Board of Supervisors organized by electing John Parks chairman.
26. Republican senatorial convention.
25. Henry B. McMahan and May Brennan married in Chicago.
26. Wm. P Clarkson and Minnie Bertman married.
27. Carrollton Military Band concert at opera house.
27. Gus Jacobi, age 15, killed by runaway train near Rockbridge.
29. Mrs. Ellen Smith died near Fayette, age 73.
30. Walter L .Jackson and Lillie Spotts married at Wrightsville.
1. First meeting of new city council.
1. Rae Naylor died in Alton.
3. Mamie Rice married at Alton.
5. Jacob Andrews died near Greenfield age 74.
5. Geo Hardwick and Martha Scoggins married at Woody.
6. Ornan W. Bridges died, age 63.
6. Florence Schild died near Eldred, age 6.
7. Republican congressional convention at Jacksonville.
8. "Twentieth Century" entertainment by O E S chapter.
9.` Mrs. John Foran died, age 52.
9. Richard Yates nominated for governor at Peoria.
9. Dr. J. R. Walker and Flora Nye married at Greenfield.
10. Gideon Hutchens died at Berdan, age 74.
10. J. A. Wolff's poultry house burglarized.
11. Mrs. A. Sheedy died, age 80.
12. Lloyd W. Sunderland died near Kane, age 83.
12. Mrs. Kate Gollier died at Patterson, age 73.
12. L M I Club annual picnic.
14. Roy Drake and Lucy Jouett married at Greenfield.
14. H. T. White elected superintendent of Roodhouse schools, and C E Joiner at White Hall.
15. Work begun on new Hodges building by R. J. Lovett, contractor.
16. Prohibition county convention.
17. Squire T. J. Carlin presented with a "16-to-1" cane.
17. East End Reading Circle gave a closing luncheon at Mrs. T. H. Boyd's.
18. Mrs. W. E. Greene died near Rockbridge, age 67.
20. Walter Koughan died at Colorado Springs; buried here 24th.
21. Mrs. Abram Freer died at Rockbridge.
22. Francis Jefferson Critchfield died near Woody.
22. Wm. S. Demaree and Mattie McCaw married.
23. West End Reading Circle gave a closing luncheon at Mrs. J. J. Sharon's.
23. Alex Morrow and wife of Greenfield started to Europe.
26. Lee Conrad killed by being thrown from a horse.
28 Partial eclipse of sun.
29. Destructive fire on Palm street in Roodhouse.
30. Mrs. H. T. Rainey started for Europe.
30. Arthur H. Stone and Catherine M. Vaughn married at Alton.
30 Memorial day exercise.
30. Mrs. L. S. Patterson died at Roodhouse, age 77.
31. Twenty-sixth annual commencement of Carrollton High School; 15 graduates.
31. Wm. H. Summers and Catherine Keating married at Litchfield.
1. E. A. Thornhill re-elected principal of the Carrollton public school.
1. Thirteenth annual reunion and banquet of Carrollton High School alumni.
1. Mrs. Winifred Coonrod died in California; buried in Greenfield, 6th.
3. Damon Flatt and Eliza McAdams married.
5. City council made first visit to Dodgeon springs.
6. Dan Pranger and Lizzie Dirkson married.
6. Clark Dixon died at Rockbridge, age 26.
6. James Buron and Mabel King married at Greenfield.
7. Mrs. Finis Linder died.
8. R S Sandy died at Roodhouse, age 51.
8. Jos Arnold died near Greenfield, age 54.
9. Harry Mungall killed by being kicked by a horse.
10. Mrs. Elizabeth Ward died at Ottawa, Kan, age 82; buried here 12th.
13. Chas Waltrip and Effie Stone married at Wrightsville.
15. Chas W. Brooks died as Kane, age 22.
17. Samuel D. Eldred died in Jacksonville; buried here 19th.
19. Democratic congressional convention met at Jacksonville.
21. James F. Baily died at Wrightsville, age 63.
21. Republican national convention at Philadelphia
23. John E. _of Rockbridge died in McDonough county, age 26.
25. Ellery Lockhart and Miss Messon married at Walkerville.
23. John J. Smith died at Soldiers' Home in Quincy.
25. Mrs. Harriet Shefield died at Greenfield, age 77.
25. Democratic state convention.
27. Andrew J. Isaac and Ruthie Clark (colored) married.
27. Mrs. Polly Cox died at Walkerville, age 81.
1. Judson Snow arrested for horse sealing.
2, Mrs., Mary Shannon died, age 70.
2. Rural mail delivery started from Carrollton.
3. P D Cheney died at Jerseyville.
3. Joseph Pruitt and Clara Bock married.
3. Potee Nelson died near Rockbridge from being overcome by heat.
4. Independence day celebrated
4. F R Martin killed by C & A train at Pegram.
4. Democratic national convention at Kansas City.
6. Gus Howard stabbed by Benj. Shetterly at Walkerville; no serious results.
8. Mrs. Nancy Hodgan died at Kane, age 77.
9. Summer normal for Greene county teachers opened at Carrollton.
10. Petition presented for disconnecting lands from Carrollton.
11. Chas Dary and Blanche Frech married.
12. Conner Carmody presented with a "16-to-1" cane.
17. Rufus Wood died at Eldred, age 36.
18. Roy Wade and Zena Solomon married at Greenfield.
23. Mrs. Silas Carrico died, age 79.
24. The Gem, a gasoline launch built at the Carrollton "navy yard," launched at Kampsville.
27. Wm. Ryan died, age 44.
29. John Adcock and Pearl Black married at Woody.
31. Prof David Felmley elected president of Illinois Normal University.
2. Fifth annual county Sunday school picnic at fair ground.
2. Mrs. Catherine Cronan died, age 63.
2. Emma Kiesel died.
3. Deadlock in Democratic congressional convention at Jacksonville terminated by the nomination of T. J. Selby on 2152d ballot.
5, Gilbert Adcock died at Woody.
6. Mrs. Alfred Talkinton died at Rockbridge, age 40.
6. Sylvester J. Howard died at Jacksonville, age 87; buried here 8th.
7. Edwin Gulgnon and Blanche Pinkerton married at East St. Louis.
9. Democratic senatorial convention.
9. Martin Thorpe died at Greenfield, age 96.
9. Thirty-fifth annual convention of Greene County Sunday School Association.
9. Mrs. Gilbert Rourke of Greenfield died in Chicago.
12. Columbus Varble died near Woody.
16. Greenfield Torch Light first issued.
16. Carrollton city council voted to buy Dodgeon springs.
18. James Bishop died at Patterson, age 77.
19. Mrs. Peter Hobson died at Greenfield.
21. Wm. Kirgan died, age 68.
22. Dr. Ross Vedder and Kathleen Witherbee married in Chicago.
24. Wm. Barnett committed suicide by shooting himself near home of James Mungall.
24. Drouth of thirty days broken by heavy shower.
25. Thos Liles and Frances Logan married.
26. James Welch died near Wrightsville, age 86.
25. Sallie B Barr died at Jacksonville; buried here 29th.
28. Mrs. Elmore Smith died near Eldred.
29. Wm. Patterson and Virgil Anderson badly scaled by explosion of traction steam engine.
30. Wm H Page and Nettie Davison married.
31. James Hunnicutt died near White Hall, age 80.
3. Public school opened with an enrollment of 120 in High School, and total of 440.
3. Mrs. Annie Day Mayes, who died in Georgia, buried at Greenfield.
5. R. Vernon Clark and Sarah Arnold married.
5. Lucas Feldhaus, age 3 years, accidentally killed near Centerville.
6. Second annual reunion of old settlers at Greenfield.
6. Keith L. Edwards and Susie Blair of Rockbridge married at Clayton, Mo.
8. Mrs. Jane Eubank died.
9. Maro Piequett and Cora Admire married.
10. Clyde Linder and Grace Seely married.
11. John H. Thomas and Mae Schattgen married.
11. Wm. Conlin and Ellen Scott married.
12. Harvey Totten sentenced to three years in prison for killing John Hodge; case against Albert Shenkle, charged with murder of A. J. Allen, is dismissed by state's attorney.
13. Dr. W. D. Turner and Ella Belle Gabriel married in Chicago.
13. Mrs. Columbus Varble died near Woody.
14. Lee Martin killed by the cars.
16. Mrs. Caroline Pankey died near Eldred.
17. Harvey Epps and Eva Ramsey married.
21. Mrs. Mary Maxwell died at Eldred, age 84.
22. Leroy McFarland bought Sharon property.
23. Mrs. Mary Conlee died at White Hall, age 79.
26. Geo Rives and Ada Charleston married at Rockbridge.
28. Fred Admire found dead near his home in Carrollton; verdict of suicide.
28. John Napper died near Walkerville
28. Rev J E Artz returned to Carrollton by Illinois M. E. Conference.
29. R L Wylder died at Greenfield, age 30.
2. "Pitchfork" day in Carrollton.
2. Geo McDonald and Julia Keyes married in Alton.
5. Melvin Shaw and Carrie Broal married at Eldred.
8. Mrs. P T Attebery died at Kane.
9. Greene County Fair opened.
10. Paul W. Wood and wife celebrated their silver wedding.
11. Rowell Hunnicut died at Kaferville, age 93.
14. Mrs. Belle Fisher died.
15 Pleasant Kimball died at Woody
15. Abraham Henderson died.
16. Wm. Johnson and Elizabeth Druhm married.
17. Robt Neppert and Julia Heron married in New York City.
19. James Milton Reynolds died.
21. Mary J. Marmon died.
21. Patrick F. Carmody died.
21. Cornerstones of new M E church laid at Greenfield.
22. Conrad Kircher died at Wrightsville.
22. Mrs. Henry Denham died at White Hall.
23. Timothy Carmody and Anna Begia married.
24. P J Bates died at White Hall.
25. Geo H Amos died at White Hall.
26. Yates rally at White Hall.2
26. G A M cannon unloaded.
26. G E Johnson died.
29. Henry Kosters and Elizabeth Siemer married.
26. Mary Crane died at Eldred, age 15.
30. Mrs. Wm. Sinclair died at Portland, Ore.
31. Mrs. T__Fairelosh died.
31. Roy Vallentine and Marguerite Dare married at Kane.
1. Jonathan Freer died near Rockbridge, age 44.
1. P Tarney, Sr. died near Berdan, age 94.
1. Patrick T. Carmody died near Berdan.
7. Jock Ashlock died.
8. City council let waterworks contract to Chas A. Stockey for $18,500.
10. Mrs. Myra Moore died, age 89.
12. Pope English died at Oakland, Cal.
13. Wm. Rawe and Lizzie Gehlhausen married.
17. Mrs. Eliza Mulberry died, age 71.
19. John P Carmody died.
21. Elmer Meneley and Ida Short married near Greenfield.
22. Thos Sernby and Mrs. Nancy Green married at Kansas City.
27. Edwin F. Campbell and Mrs. Lanoma Dillingham married at Greenfield.
27. John Long and Mrs. Mary J. Hale married at San Diego, Cal.
29. Census of Carrollton announced at 2,953
29. Thanksgiving football game; Jacksonville 12, Carrollton 6.
30. Ella May Roodhouse died.
1. Henkel building burned at Kane.
1. Capt Joe Brown died southwest of Kane, age 75.
2. Valentine Rohn died.
6. Donald Dule died.
6. Carl C. Heron and Marian Wright married.
8. James Monroe Walls of Bluffdale, age 26, committed suicide by shooting.
11. C C Berry of Kane died in St. Louis
12. Mrs. Valentine Rohn died
12. Warrick T. Wright and Lizzie Swires married.
13. J. E. Brooks of Kane died in St. Louis.
14. The Patriot's Christmas number learned containing sixth annual Postal Reunion.
14. Mrs. Catherine Taft died, age 79.
15. James Marvin died at Berdan.
17. Robt Bandy and Hattie Sackett married.
19. Oscar O. Barger and Elizabeth Daum married.
20. Roy L. McPheron and Bertha Cunningham married.
21. John Chism fatally injured by being thrown from buggy, died 23rd.
21. Mrs. Charlotte Perrine died, age 83.
22. Gretchen Zick died, age 41.
23. Mrs. Elizabeth Saxton died near Greenfield, age 60.
24. John Byland and Lelia Schafer married.
24. O G. Hershey and Mae McMichael married at Rockbridge.
25. Wm. ______ and Emma Woods married.
28. Geo P. Bowman and Myrtle Barsen married.
25. Albert Shenkle arrested at White Hall for criminal assault on Grace Giller.

Transcribed by Judy Hartsock

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