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Events in 1899

The local Chronology of another year, as compiled from THE PATRIOT’S files is set before our readers this week. The year 1889 in Greene county has been marked by no event of such importance as to attract notice of the outside world, yet scarcely a day has passed that did not bring with it some happening of great moment to an individual, a family or a community within the borders of the county. It is for preservation of these dates that his chronology is prepared.
The chronology of the year shows that the county has lost some of its oldest and most prominent pioneers, including Col. Jacob Brown & Col. J. C. Winters of White hall, Judge Fishback and L. F. Wheeler of Carrollton, Michael Waltrip of Wrights, and others of less advanced in years.
While we sorrow for these, we rejoice with Judge Cooper, who has celebrated his centennial birthday, with Judge Boyd who expands his social qualities by joining the Masons at 82, and with several elderly couples who have been celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries.
Kane and Roodhouse alone have suffered from disastrous fires. The criminal record is worse that it should be, and includes three murders. But one suicide in recorded.
Climatic freaks have been a noticeable feature of the year. The records for a number of years were broken by the excessive cold of Feb. 8, when the mercury went to 22 below; by the August Flood, when 5 ¼ inches of rain fell Aug. 8; by the September heat, reaching 105 in the shade Sept. 5; and by the phenomenon of Nov. 2, when the first snow of the season fell upon the trees still in full leaf.
1 Carrollton YMCA rooms opened to the public
1 Mrs Joh Kimbro died at Greenfield
1 Wm T Saxton buried at Greenfield
2 James Phibbs buried here; died at Greenfield
3 M W A public installation
3 R B Meek & family left for Anstell, GA
4 Sgt Henry Connole returned from Cuban War
5 Austin Graham of Carrollton & Daisy Jones of Litchfield married at Carlinville
5 Mrs J R Armstong died at Kirkwood, MO
6 Mrs Catherine Becker died at Berdan, age 82
6 Mrs A J Scoggins died near Kane
7 Mrs Rachel Kesinger died at Wrightsville, age 83
7 Myrtle Bassham died at Greenfield, age 6
9 Curtis W Brace of Kane died at hospital in St Louis, age 74
9 Henry Connole took charge of Kane school
9 Mary Stringer died near Rockbridge
10 Michael Kalaher, Jr. died
10 Mrs John McClellan shot & seriously wounded by Edward Ashley
11 Robert Cummings shot & killed at Columbiana, probably by Coon Henson
11 John Gonderman died
11 Walter A Brown & Martha C Laning married
12 Jordan Lakin died at Warren, MN, age 19
12 John L Daum & Nora Foster of Greenfield married in Carrollton
12 Link Clark attempted suicide by shooting self in the head with a revolver
14 Mrs Amy Heaton died at Lake Geneva, WI, buried here 16th
14 Mrs Nora Carmody died near Dover Hills, age 90
14 John W Evans died in East St Louis
15 Wm M Mitchell died near Carrollton, age 36
15 Fire at Roodhouse destroyed Woolley’s Hardwar, Thompson’s Clothing, & Crissey’s
Grocery stores
16 Dr Justus Bulkley died at Upper Alton, in his 80th yr
17 Mrs Alonzo Griffin died north of Daum age 31
19 Mrs Martha Mulberry died, age 67
20 Lucius Painter & Mrs Ida Gleason married at Walkerville
21 Eber Simonds died near Woody, age 67
22 Edgar Bridges &Mary E Green married
23 Mrs Humphrey Willis died, age 42
23 Dr & Mrs F C Smock left for California
24 Frank Harlan & Eva Cameron married at Greenfield
25 C C VanDoren died at Roodhouse, age 61
26 Perry England died, age 31
27 Geo W Cannedy died near Rockbridge in his 81st yr.
27 Arthur Robley & wife, of Bluffdale, celebrated their 10th anniversary
29 Clark Stephens died near Jalappa, age 76
30 Edith, dau. Of Mrs Add Maberry, died at Woody, age 10
30 Temp. 8 degress below zero; river froze over at Alton for 1st time since 1863
31 Mrs Martin Koughan died, age 68
31 Mrs James Bridges died near Kane
1 W C & St L railroad succeeds L C & W
1 Dr A R Penniman & family move to Bonfield, Kankakee Co.
1 E D Clark & Son bought interest of John Kasser in west side store
2 John Pointer & Jennie Standefer married
2 Fire at Kane destroyed Little’s restaurant, Cory & Newton’s Hardware, Smith, Irwin,
& Culver Clothing store, Mundy’s barbershop, Dr Fenity’s ofc. And the Snell bldg,
occupied by Odd Fellows & Knights of Pythias
2 Mrs Hannah Shetterly died. Age 69
3 Cyrus Vigus died, age 78
5 Lt. H M Hodges left for Pacific coast on cable sounding expedition
5 Geo Welchilndied, age 71
5 Richard Kalaher died, age 30
6 F M Fishback died, age 69
6 Mrs Joel Johnson died, age 25
7 J W Meek frozen to death
7 Lafayette Gilleland & son Thomas died at Eldred
8 fire at Kane destroyed Telegram printing ofc. & 2 other frame buildings
8 first meeting of board of directors of Q C & St L railway held at Carrollton & officers
8 temp. 22 below zero
8 John Slone & Mary Doolin married
9 Dennis Brennan & Katie Snyder married
11 Michael Waltrip died at Wrightsville, age 89
11 Ida Bruner died at Rockbridge, age 37
12 H W Abrams & Adelia Hartwick married
14 Mrs A J Tunnell died, age 59
14 Eli Crum died at Berdan, age 80
15 Mrs Louisa Shetterly died at Walkerville, age 75
15 John Lawson of White Hall killed by the cars at Roodhouse
16 Richard R Clark & Ada Duncan married
17 Thos. Scruby left for Cedar Vale, KS
18 Mrs James Cozadd died near Greenfield
18 John Eubanks died, age 68
21 John Rathgeber, near Eldred, shot & killed his wife, then himself
21 Oscar McConnell & Nannie Short married at Eldred
22 Mrs Sarah LaForce died at Kane, age 81
23 John Hill died, age 63
24 Elmer E Williams & wife move to Hardin
26 Joel G Reed died at Camden, AR, age 75
27 Orville Eldred died, age 62
27 Mrs John Long died at San Diego, CA, age 67
27 Feb. term of circuit court convened, Judge Shirley presiding
28 Mrs Anna Meyer died, age 77
1 Mayor E A Giller & wife of W.H. celebrated the golden wedding anniversary
1 Sparrow season closed, Clerk Hubbard having issued 302 orders for bounty on
21,215 sparrow heads
2 W W Sutton died, age 78
2 Joanna Sullivan died at Roodhouse, age 42
2 James F Duncan died at W.H., age 61
3 Tucker King died near Wrightsville, age 40
5 Mrs Wm Ryan died near Daum, age 80
5 Mrs S P Cameron died at Greenfield, age 55
5 Chas Rexroat shot & killed Joe Hollon at Jalappa; coroner’s jury returned verdict of
7 Martha Jane Wiles died at home of Geo. Walker; buried at Greenfield on the 8th
7 Clyde Camerer & Florence Mitchell of Bluffdale married in Carrollton
7 Dr T H Hall moved here from St Louis
8 Edward Weller & Hattie Gernigin married at Kane
10 Mrs James Conlin died at Fayette, age 26
10 Mrs August Crater died at Walkerville, age 70
13 Ainsworth murder trial begun
15 Vic Parks & May Williamson married near Greenfield
17 Mrs Partrick Murphy died near Wrightsville, age 66
18 Carrollton Democratic town primary & Republican town caucus
20 Mrs Chris Doyle died, age 50
21 James Mahoney died, age about 85
21 Roy Kenney of St Louis & Ora smith of Smithboro married
22 Jury found Frank Ainsworth guilty of murder & fixed his punishment at imprisonment
in the penitentiary for 40 yrs.
22 Mrs Frances Clark died, age 80
24 Mrs David Stiles died near Hardin
25 Mrs Susanna Lee died north of Carrollton, age 94
25 Mrs John Ranney died, age 22
26 Chas fischer & wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
27 Dr Guy Penney & Jessie Lakin married at Warren, MN
29 Edward Jones of Kane died at Jacksonville, age 48
29 Edward Miller 7 Maude Jackson of Nevada, MO, married
31 The Patriot’s anniversary edition
2 Easter Sunday, 4 inches of snow
3 Geo Clement 7 wife of Rockbridge had 50th anniversary
4 Town elections
4 Alton district conference of M E church convened at Kane
7 Mrs Wm French died south of Carrollton, age 36
10 L J Spalding bought C W Day’s cigar factory 7 stock
11 Samuel Erwin died near Kane, age 84
11 H L Vallentine & W G Secor of Greenfield jointly celebrated their 57th birthday
12 Mrs J L Fasnacht 7 dau. left for Blue Mound
13 Dr John Hardtner died in Springeield, age 88
15 Mrs Abraham Henderson died
16 Mary, d/o Nat Pegram 7 wife, died, age 11
18 Michael Jennings died, age 68
18 Carrollton city election; m E McMahon elected mayor by 39, license carried by 58
18 Cora Mayhall died at Old Kane, age 16
25 Douglas King of Athensville elected chairman of board of supervisors
26 John Mills died near Wrightsville, age 68
26 Mrs James Mayhall died at Old Kane, age 42
26 Samuel R Rice of Kane married in St Louis to Olivia C Major
27 Marriage of Horace W Foreman of Patterson, &Alice E Ozbun of Carrollton
28 Mrs Ellen Colean & son Walter brought here from East St Louis for burial
28 Annual display of work at public school
28 Roodhouse high school commencement; 17 graduates
29 Current Topic Club annual banquet
29 W P Marmon real estate sold
30 Mrs Anna Loomis died at Jacksonville, buried here next day
1 Mrs Julia Fain bought the G B Price property, north of square, for $1000
2 Body of Fred Dohm, young farmer who disappeared from his home near Greenfield
Jan 7, found in Macoupin creek
2 M S Good died at Roodhouse, age 60
4 Hugh McClellan died at Greenfield
5 “Old Maids’ Convention” at opera house
5 Marshall Dulaney died, age 69
7 Mrs Mark Shudel died at W.H.
7 Jerry Cronin died at Kane, age 75
8 Milton M Stubblefield died at Greenfield, age 79
9 City council elected Thos Flaherty marshal, & Wm Gilleland night police
9 Nelle McGaw married at Galesburg to Geo E Stephens
9 Wm A Alcott of Fairbury, NE, & Leborah Farrelly married at Greenfield
11 Thos Melvin Livingston of Carrollton & Jessie Wilson married at Rushville
12 Concert & minstrel entertainment by Carollton Military Band
12 Commencement exercises at W.H.
12 Commencement exercises at Kane
12 Thos Talty’s saloon burglarized
13 Carrollton High field day at fair grounds
16 David Billis & Bessie Bridges of Berdan married
16 Dr L M Bowman married at Alton
17 Mrs Tos D Carmody died, age 22
19 Lizzie C Tendick died at Rockbridge, age 12
20 Jesse Cummings shot 7 wounded by Ofcr. Gilleland while resisting arrest
23 J R Underwood took charge of the Virden Reporter
23 B W Owens left for Tacoma, WA
23 Thos Flaherty sold Cash Racket Store to C C Heron
23 Mrs Martha Ballard died at Roodhouse; buried at Bluffdale
27 Old fiddlers contest at W.H.
27 Geo H D Smith died at Rockbridge, age 81
30 Decoration day
30 Mrs S H Winchell died at Eldred, age 56
31 eight milch cows & 2 steers killed by lightning at Jersey dairy
1 Mrs John P Dunsworth died
1 C Reime & Lillie Hartwick married
1 w G Burnett & Lolla Bleknap married at Greenfield
1 Carrollton High commencement; 12 graduates
2 Twelfth reunion & banquet Carrollton High alumni
4 Oscar Waltrip & Rena Walker married at Wrightsville
5 Hugh Brown & Judson Snow arrested for attempting confidence game
7 John w Fitzgerald & Margaret Hodges married at Kane
8 Edward Short & Susie Duncan married at Greenfield
9 E A Thornhill elected principal of Carrollton public schools
9 Mrs Johnson Linder died at Palmyra
11 Children's day observed at churches
12 Chas L Irwin died near Kane, age 23
14 W W Waltrip & family moved back from Trinidad, CO.
14 Dr Clifton Pegram died at Memphis, TN
16 Demorest silver medal contest at the M E church
16 Ralph Terhune died at White Hall, age 71
17 Ross Walker joined navy & left for San Francisco
19 Noah Shaw died at Eldred
20 Lansing Dickson & Alice E Ward married
21 W L Winn of White Hall, & Edna Hixon of Middlebury, IN, married
21 Hayden Stevens & Lizzie Williams married at Kane
22 J L Patterson of Roodhouse died at Jacksonville, age 53
24 Samuel T Skeen & Effie Angle of Roodhouse married
24 Mrs Wm Batty died at Wrightsville
25 Mrs N J Andrews died, age 65
27 C J Lumpkin & Mary Elizabeth Pegram married
28 Dr G H Kopperl & Courtenay E Kenney married
30 John Morfoot died, age 81
3 Zach Bradley's leg broken, thrown from wagon from runaway team
4 Independence day celebration postponed to July 8 due to rain
6 Mrs Hiram Dixon died at Rockbridge, age 50
8 Dynamite explosion at Martin's 2nd hand store, near C & A
9 Scott Rice & Lena Varble married at Woody
10 B W Collins chosen sup't of county house & farm
12 Charles Denby & Nettie E Pope married near Kane
19 Mrs Mahala Black died, age 73
19 Clay Thomas & Jennie Carlin married
20 Mrs Rugh Thompson died
22 Eva Self died, age 26
26 Valley Convention at White Hall
27 Dr Ralph Workman & Irene Carlin married
29 Jesse Brannan died at Wrightsville, age 17
30 Wm Scroggins died at Greenfield, age 61
3 Count Sunday school picnic at Greenfield
3 John Q Gill & Mrs Lillie Ray married at Jerseyville
6 Double wedding at Eldred; Walter Winchell & Mary Flatt; Arid Flatt & Gertie Gilleland
7 Geo Jones died near Kane, age 48
8 Waterspout in Greene Co, 5 1/2 inches of water fell in 8 hrs.
8 County Sunday school convention at Rockbridge
8 Will & Fred Young drowned near Pegram
9 Wm England & Della Martin married
9 C E Bowman died, age 44
9 Nola Morrow & Lena Schaffer of Athensville married
10 Carrollton Baptist church strucky by lightning & badly damaged
10 John Gibson & Metta Smith married at Eldred
12 Mrs Ellen c Hodges died at age 78
12 Chas D Eldred died, age 35
13 John Veach & Rosa Ford married at Bluffdate
15 Rev A A Benfield 7 addie Doyel married at Greenfield
16 Thos Bethard died east of Carrollton, age 45
17 Claude Duncan died, age 15
18 Chas McFarland left for Mexico
21 Mrs Thos Leyden died at Berdan, age 23
26 Mrs Ann Rountree died at Kane, age 73
30 A J Allen murdered at C B & Q pumphouse, near white Hall
30 Herbert F Harrison & Mabel Luther married
30 Absalom Wood & Julia Winkler married
1. Luke Waltrip died at Wrightsville
2. Mrs Georganne Logan died, age 46
4. Ciruit court opened
4. Albert shenkle arrested for murder of Engineer Allen at Q pump house
4. Thos. Ford died at Greenfield, age 80
5. Geo. Petty killed while sleeping on Q track near White Hall
5. Sept. heat breaks the record at 102 to 105 in shade
5 Joseph P Kelly died, age 25
7. 6th trial of Ashlock road case ends in hung jury
7. Board of assessment review ends its work
8. James J Carmody died near Berdan, age 42
11. Public school opens with 116 in the high school & total of 428
12. City council adopted tax levy ordinance, $7,905.
13. Grand jury in session 9 days; returns 8 indictments
14. Mrs Narcissa Cannedy died at Rockbridge, age 80
15. 5 cases of diptheria reported in Carrollton, of a mild form
15. Jesse N Strode died in Linder, age 65
16. Gideon Hutchens & wife of Berdan celebrate their Golden anniversary
17. C S Smith & wife of Kane celebrate their 25th anniversary
17. Theo Lowe & Lulu Wright married at Kane
17. John Gibson died at Eldred, age 72
20. O D Bradshw & Maggie Stone married
20 C M Barnett & Ida dorks of Rockbridge married
22 Paul, s/o Jeff Rawlins & wife, killed by the cars at Roodhouse
24 Ruth, d/o Malachi Carmody of Berdan, died of diptheria
24 Judge E L Cooper’s centennial birthday celebrated at Greenfield
25 Squire J G Heron & wife celebrated their golden wedding
26 First heavy frost
28 Daniel L Tunnelll, who came to co. about 1817, died at McPherson, KS, age 83
29 W M Montgomery announced closing of business & move to Springfield
30 Mrs Mary Beal died, age 88
30 coldest September day in years, 26-32 degrees
1 Mrs Mary A Thomasson died, age 85
3 White Hall street fair opened
5 Drusilla F, wife of Rev J E Artz died, age 37
7 10th annual harvest home at Presbyterian chapel
7 Harvey Totten arrested for killing John Hodge at Berdan, Feb 7, 1898
7 Mrs James Ellers died near Woody, age 34
9 Harry Cook died, age 19
9 Eldon’s comedians ;here for the week
10 Greene Co. Fair opened in the rain; continued over Saturday
11 Barney Short & Lucy Underwood married
11 Geo Batty & Maggie Short married at Wrightsville
12 W Kee Maxwell & Alma Burnett married at Kane
12 Col Jacob Bowman died at White Hall, age 85
13 was Friday & the Co. Fair’s luckiest day
13 Arthur Reno & Maude Clark of Rockbridge married
14 90 degrees in the shade
17 Body of Martin Leyden, a Chicago policeman, brought here by 7 brother officers for
17 Garrett Welch died near Rockbridge, age 67
17 Ed Davis died near Kane, age 15, also Joseph Gates, an old soldier
17 Mary Jane Pinkerton died near Berdan, age 73
18 Robt Fullerton & Jessie Bule married in St Louis
19 Col J C Winters died at White Hall, age 83
19 Charles, s/o Geo A Giller, died of injuries by being thrown from a horse
20 first football game of the season; Carrollton-5, Jerseyville-0
20 Prof A G Robyn’s annual concert
21 David Hanks died in Patterson, age 60
21 Child of Chas Meyers died while he father, who had come to town for medicine,
was sleeping off a jag in the calaboose
22 Robt Beebies & Mrs Dean Noel of Roodhouse married here
23 Solomon Heter died at White Hall, age 86, also John J Young, in Linder, age 55
23 Jessie, d/o M T Kight, died at Greenfield, age 6
24 Richard W Stroud died at Upper Alton, age 46, buried at Kane the 26th
24 Mrs Elizabeth Henderson died near Asbury, age 66
24 Special village election at Kane; T F Williams elected clerk; purchase of fire
apparatus defeated
25 Walter B Kelley returned from Alaska
25 Fred A Mytinger of White Hall & Angie Stout married
26 John Brogan & Ruth Bradley married at Eldred
27 Rev Chas E Combrink called to Presbyterian pastorate at Pierceton, IN.
28 John Meyers, a White Hall boy, killed by accidental discharge of a companion’s
29 Old folks’ service at M E Church
30 Whitney Mockridge concert
30 John woods died near Rockbridge, age 63
1 Greene Co. Fair officers elected
2 Residence of Jesse Ridings, in White Hall, destroyed by fire
2 first snow falls on trees in full leaf
4 football: Carrollton-17; White Hall-0
6 T P Hackney died at White Hall, age 66
6 Mrs Mary A Robley died, age 69
6 35 days of mail weighing show nearly 2 tons of mail originating at this office
7 Hon W V Rhodes moved from Wrights to Springfield
8 Judge Richard Yates opened his gubernatorial canvass here
8 James Harrison Day died, age 75
8 Hallie, s/o Frank Cannedy, died
9 Frank Staley of Taylorville & Emma Williams married here
10 Travis Ray & Ann Brace married at Bowling Green, MO
10 Tom Connole closed out his stock of shoes to go on the road
11 football: Greenfield-6; Carrollton-5
12 Mrs M J Sever died, age 72
14 City council let contract for brick crossings to court house
15 Green Driver celebrated his 91st birthday
15 Clara Montgomery, colored, died at Jerseyville
16 Thunder shower takes place of shower of shooting stars
17 Martha E, w/o Dr J T Crow, died, age 62
18 Judge Thos H Boyd became a Mason at 82
18 Jacob S Hunt & Cora Harkins married
19 Mary, d/o Joseph Hoffman, died, age 9
21 Guy, s/o Frank Cannedy, died; 2nd family death in 2 weeks
23 Ira Davison & Stella Patterson married
24 David O Pierson died, age 26
24 Meade Wooldridge & Ella Rayfield married at Kane
24 Coon Henson caught in Arkansas for murder of Robert Cummings, Jan 11
25 Chicago Symphony Orchestra
26 Stella, d/o James Varble, died near Kane, age 5
26 Geo A Simpson died in St Louis in 39th year
26 Mrs Thodore Hunt died, age 38; her 4-week-old babe died the 28th; buried in 1 grave
27 Arthur MacDonald & Belle Roberts married at Alton
28 Chas E Martin & Helen Garber married
29 Fred Witt of Kane & Amanda Robinson married
30 football: Carrollton-32; Jacksonville-5
30 Union Thanksgiving service with sermon by Rev J E Artz; temperature 66 in shade
1 The Patriot’s 5th annual Thanksgiving reunion; 52 letters from former Greene Co
1 Mrs Emily Brace died near Warren, MN, age 82
3 Capt Joseph Brown died in St Louis, age 76
4 Frank Linn & Susie Perkins married
7 final test of White Hall water system
7 Lorado Taft lectured here
8 John Foran, Jr, died, age 26
10 Wm Hubbard family reunion
11 Geo F Hunt died, age 74
11 Mrs Eugene Willims died at Rockbridge, age 23
12 Co. board met; nearly 2 days taken with Wrights boundary case
13 Elsie, d/o Wm Hodges, died at Kane
13 M J Frank & wife celebrated their golden wedding at Red Bluff, CA
14 Lyman F Wheeler died, age 81
16 Mrs Jerry Bethard died at Wrightsville
19 C C Kimbro & Mae Richards married at Rockbridge
20 John B Richards & Minnie H Cook married at Hot springs, AR
24 Mrs Jas Stone died at Woody, age 56
25 Edmund M Rives & Myrtle Pitchford married at Rockbridge

Transcribed 03 Nov 2002 by Carol S VanValkenburgh

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