Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1898

6. Thos. E. Williams and wife celebrated their golden wedding.
6. John Bonher and Lizzie Smith married near Kane.
8. Mrs. Mary C. Hudson buried at Kane; died at Alton, 6th.
9. Chas. Ne????hof’s tailor shop burglarized.
10. Art League organized at Mrs. J. J. Sharon’s.
11. Dr. A. W. Foreman and Adelaide Ross married near White Hall.
11. John I. (unreadable) retired from presidency of Greene County National Bank, after serving twenty years.
12. Mrs. Johanna Lahiv died, aged 54.
12. Samuel Lockhart died at White Hall, aged 81.
12. O. S. Smith and Lucy Freer married at Rockbridge.
13. Geo. W. Hays died at Enos, Fla.
14. James Fleming died, aged 71.
16. Happyville decided to incorporate.
18. S. E. Simpson & Co. bought out J. P. Morrow.
19. F. M. Coats died near Wrightsville.
19. Bert Doyel and Lottie Mullery married at Greenfield.
19. Patrick Turney, Jr., died, aged 59.
19. Herbert Gardiner died of heart failure, while on his way to school in Carrollton; he was 16 years old, and a son of L. D. Gardiner and wife of Kane.
19. Miss A. M. Fenner left for New York
20. Frank E. G???? (next section unreadable) Williams of Carrollton married.
20. Rev. Chas. A Lemon of Wayne, Neb., and Arabel English of Carrollton married.
20. Mrs. Elizabeth Hudson died at Lincoln, Ill.
23. Fire on north side of square in Roodhouse destroyed ?. F. Cole’s grocery store and Martin & Porter’s dry goods store.
26. Joel Johnson and Katie Foley married.
1. Samuel W. Eldred bought interest of B. C. Hodges in Carrollton Bank.
2. Mrs. Helene Grueter died, age 60.
2.Martin Utley died of heart failure near Wrightsville.
2. W. I. Witt and Clara Scoggins married at Greenfield.
3. Virginia C. Davis of Carrollton married to Luther K. Settle of Harrodsburg, Ky.
4. J. H. Pierson appointed postmaster.
7. Wm. F. Green died near Carrollton.
7. John Hodge shot by Harvey Totten at a dance at Belltown.
8. Elijah Gamble died in St. Louis.
9. Ada B. Long, daughter of John Long and wife, married at San Diego, Cal. to W. H. Hammond.
10. Thos. McMahon accidentally shot near Kane by Serenade Miller.
11. Cantata “Rolling Seasons”, given at M. E. church.
12. Raffety & Carmody’s store burglarized.
14. Ed Slone of Carrollton and and Delia McGarvin of Mexico, Mo., married at Roodhouse.
14. Jacob Weller died near Riverdale.
14. Wm. Ballard died at Walkerville, aged 71.
16. John Baxton and Nora Phibbs married at Greenfield.
16. Garrett Welch and (unreadable) Bertman married at Greenfield.
17. John Hodge died at Berdan.
17. Michael Heraty and wife celebrated their silver wedding, five miles south of Carrollton.
18. Coroner’s jury decides that the shooting of John Hodge at Belltown was deliberated murder.
19. Ollie, daughter of James Dowdall and wife, died at Rockbridge.
19. Hubert T. Shaw and Emma Morgan married at Greenfield.
19. Daniel Welsh died at Berdan.
20. S. Emma Corrington died at Newport, Ky.
21. Mrs. Catharine Greenlee, age 79, died at the home of her son; Rev. Thos. B. Greenlee.
22. Michael M. Carmody and Emma Otto married.
22. O. T. Ruyle and Mabel Taylor married at Greenfield.
24. Squire John Painter died at Walkerville, age 75.
25. S. T. Stone’s hardware store at Kane closed by the sheriff.
25. Mrs. Olive Sanderson died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. ?. Hildebrant, near Carrollton.
26. Patrick Heffron and wife, west of Kane, celebrated their silver wedding.
26. Mrs. John Cannedy died at Kane.
27. Carey Douglas shot and killed at Roodhouse by John Jackson.
28. Mrs. J. C. Winters died at White Hall.
3. Edwards’ livery stable burned at White Hall.
3.Allen Spencer, an old soldier, died near Kane.
5. Mrs. Sarah S. VanAredale died, aged 76.
10. Amos H. Davis died at Jacksonville.
18. Effie Wooldridge died at Rockbridge.
19. Matt Winans, barber, sold out to John C. Ward.
21. Dr. Golland arrested at Walkerville.
21. Mrs. Mary Blair, who died at Jerseyville, buried at Jalappa.
22. A. F. Lange left White Hall for Alaska.
24. Harry O. Sanford and Mertle Conlee married at White Hall.
26. Democratic primaries.
26. Oliver Hall died at Greenfield.
27. W. M. Ward died at Jacksonville, age 60.
27. Wm. D. Lemons and Clara Scoggins married at Kane.
28. Democratic county convention.
28. Aggie Corcoran died at East St. Louis, age 2?; buried here 29th.
29. Frank Collins buried at Greenfield.
30. J. E. Tucker died.
31. Robert Hill died in St. Louis.
3. Phillip F. Keller and Nora Russell married at Bluffdale.
3.Anna Otto committed suicide by taking (unreadable) acid.
4. (unreadable section) and Hartwell levees had yielded to pressure of water, and the ranches were submerged.
4.Lewis ?. Kidred killed by accidental discharge of a revolver in his own hands.
5. Elizabeth ?. Mason died at Walnut Grove, age ??
7. John Meister died suddenly near Berdan, age 61.
7. John Admire died at Roodhouse, age 74.
10. Rev. J. E. Artz preached annual Ester sermon to Knights Templar at M. E. church.
12. “Deestrick Skule” given at opera house by Eastern Star ladies.
14. Harry Hunter died at Kane.
16. Dennis Vaughn died.
17. Mrs. Ida Cox died at Walkerville.
17. Mrs. Margaret Cooper died at Greenfield, age 72.
18. Lafayette O. Ladd and Effie Fanning married.
19. Alfred C. Reno died at Greenfield, age 66.
19. Wm. Sinclair and Walter Kelley left for Portland, Oregon.
19. Saloon license carried at Carrolton city election for the first time in five years.
20. E. W. Chism and Maggie Meldrum married at Belleville.
20. Mrs. Wm. Spalding died at Alva, Okla.
23. Mrs. Florence Varner died.
24. Andrew Gillespie died at Harvel.
24. Horse and buggy stolen from Hiram Dixon’s barn at Rockbridge.
25. Wm. D. Phibbs died at Greenfield.
25. Bernahrd Singleman died at Greenfield.
26. T. F. Williams elected chairman of board of supervisors.
26. Fifth annual banquet of Current Topic Club.
27. James Pegram and Rosa Clark married.
30. Allie Beebe buried at Eldred.
30. Thos. Garret died, age 76.
1. Henry Connole left for Mobile, Ala., to join the army.
1.Samuel Scott died at Greenfield, age 70.
1. John Kinser and Ella Otey married at Walkerville.
4. Joseph Elkinton died at Rockbridge, age 63.
6. John Little died at Kane, age 48.
6. Thos. Hilands died at Greenfield, age 65.
8. Mrs. B. F. Mann died.
9. Republican county convention.
10. Mrs. Wm. Sinclair and Mrs. Sever and son left for Portland.
11. W. E. Williams of Pike nominated for congress at Jerseyville.
13. James Crone died at Kane, age 64.
13. James O’Donnell died.
14. Geo. W. Marmon died in Chicago; buried in Carrollton 16th.
16. Saloons opened in Carrollton.
16. Prohibition county convention.
18. Harley Hamilton and Edith (unreadable) married at Greenfield.
18. Commencement exercises at Roodhouse.
19. Commencement exercises at Greenfield.
23. Joseph Hall died at Greenfield.
23. Geo C. ????????? died in Denver.
23. Alfred Woods died near Woodbury, age 52.
24. Wash Farrelly died at Chanute, Kan.
30. Frank Painter shot and killed at Walkerville by Harry Pitt.
31. Carrollton High School commencement exercises.
1. Eleventh annual reunion and banquet of Carrollton High School Alumni.
1.J. Harry Pierson and Mary Louise Witwer married at Dallas, Tex.
2. Chas. Barnard died at Kane, age 22.
2. Mrs. J. E. Hall died at Greenfield, age 39.
3. Teachers elected for Carrollton schools.
3. Mrs. Eliza Evison died near Kane, age 65.
5. Susan, wife of Rev. J. B. Harrison, died at Demopolis, Ala.
7. Mrs. Bridget Garrety died.
8. Stuart E. Pierson and Mary Thomas married.
8. Geo. W. Woodmen and Anna L. Fa?nacht married.
9. John Boothby died at Eldred.
11. Rev. J. W. Bush died at Kane.
11. Carrollton postoffice moved to west side of square.
15. Dr. Ward C. Tunison and Katharine Brown married.
17. Mrs. Belle Young died at Bridgewater.
19. Mrs. Ellen Carmody died, age 61.
22. Richard L. Metcalf and family of Greenfield left for Pasadena, Cal.
22. W. W. Waltrip and family of Daum left for Trinidad, Colo.
22. A. L. Eberhart of Chicago and Lena Lowenstien of White Hall married.
22. Mark Hubbard of Carrollton and Anna Eldred of Whtie Oak married.
23. J. ???lwell and Mayme Tindall married.
23. Ed Haff captured by City Marshal Reed.
24. Engineer Fred Dempsey killed near White Hall; Frank Ainsworth and Wm. P. Jackson of Roodhouse arrested for the killing.
24. John Walker died.
26. Re-opening services at Kane Baptist church.
27. Thos. A. Matlock died at Greenfield, age 65.
28. Wm. ?eers and Mrs. Maggie Frehr married.
29. Ralph Sharon and Deli Hobson married.
29. Rev. L. H. Coffman of Roodhouse and Hattie Robings of Brighton married at Upper Alton.
1. Geo. W. Yarbrough died, age 57.
2. Mrs. Whinneyann Carrico died near Kane, age 75.
3. Dr. J. E. Waters and Mary Grisham married at Athensville.
4. Geo. H. White and wife celebrated their golden wedding at Kansas City.
5. John H. Gehlkausen and wife seriously injured in runaway.
6. John Boyd and Ollie Ashlock married.
6.Klaus A. Potts died at White Hall, age 77.
7. Mrs. Phebe A. Billings died at Kane.
8. Mrs. Harvey Abrams died.
8. Wm. Lee died at Pittsburg, Kan.; buried here 12th.
9. David Lynn Collins buried at Greenfield.
11. J. L. Pope and wife celebrated their golden wedding at Kane.
12. Mrs. Ward Eldred died.
17. John W. Short died at Roodhouse.
17. Jacob Carstens and Agnes Phalen married.
18. Isaac Buchanan and Mrs. Wilmuth Taylor married.
18. Mrs. Kate Lewis died of cancer at St. Louis; buried here 19th.
20. H. T. White and family moved to Roodhouse.
20. Elmer Allen accidentally shot and killed.
20. Walter Farrelly and Miss Ennis married at Jacksonville.
20. Richard Angie and Ella Black married.
23. Mrs. J. M. Russell died at ????boro; buried at Walnut Grove 26th.
24. Sylvester Carrico and Nettie Berry married at Kane.
25. Mrs. Anna Wilson died at Providence, age 82.
26. Wm. E. King’s residence burned.
27. Wm. J. VanMeter and Victoria McCall married.
28. Carrollton Driving Club matinee.
28. Jas. H. Harper of Short and Mrs. Mahala Prather of Wrights married in Carrollton.
30. Bernard Bird died at Greenfield, age 65.
31. Patrick Driscoll found dead in bed at poor house.
1. Francis M. Jones died at Sedan, Kan.
3.W. H. Ainsworth’s store at Roodhouse burglarized.
4. Union Sunday school picnic at Rockbridge.
5. J. C. White died, age 78.
9. Wm. Addison Maberry died at Woody.
11. Thirty-third annual Sunday school convention at Greenfield.
12. Clarence Davidson and Cora Bushnell married at Eldred.
16. Second annual commencement of country schools at court house.
17. E. J. Brazenell committed suicide at Roodhouse.
17. Big Modern Woodmen picnic at the fair grounds.
21. Harvey Gill and Laura Martz married at Eldred.
2?. Wm. P. Barr died at Jacksonville.
23. E. A. Eldred’s sale.
24. Seventy-fourth annual session of Carrollton Baptist Association opened at Kane.
24. Geo. A. King and Jennie Armstrong married.
25. Dr. C. C. Davis (unreadable section) calaboose and given a coat of tar and feathers.
26. Emily Hardin died.
26. Mrs. N. B. Trimble died at Jacksonville, Ark.
27. Marion Darr and Ada Bass married.
27. Orville Eldred and family moved to Carrollton.
29. First number of Roodhouse Daily Record issued.
30. Thos. H. Cobbs of Chicago and Lucie Mae Jones of Roodhouse married.
1. Jake Richards found dead in bed near Kane.
3.Ira G. Wilson and Sarah B. Burch married at Kane.
7. (unreadable) Snyder and Vera M. Gibson married at Greenfield.
9. Mrs. Oscar Clark died at Jerseyville; buried at Kane.
10. Ella Ellis died at (unreadable) Castle, Ind.
12. Mrs. John Lawson died north of Carrollton.
12. Christopher J. Miller died northwest of Kane.
15. Barnes & Borman’s store at Eldred burglarized.
16. Geo. Cullimore died at Frankfort, Kan.
16. Bert Robison and Wm. VanWinkle escaped from jail.
17. David Forrester accidentally shot and killed near Patterson.
20. Reception and banquet by Eastern Star ladies.
22. B. F. Goodman died at Kane.
22. Geo. F. Barnes and Daisy Reynolds married.
23. Mrs. Anna Prince died at Rockbridge.
23. Norman Howard and Nellie May Clark married.
24. Mrs. James Maloney died, age 80.
24. Harry Eckman and Eibel Hall married.
24. Judge E. L. Cooper of Greenfield celebrated his 99th birthday at Hickory Grove.
25. Robert Evans and Mildred Cole married at Woody.
25. Mrs. Absalom Wood died, age 21.
25. Mrs. Mary J. Wood died, age 65.
26. John G. McAdams died at poor house.
28. Lillian Varble died.
28. Geo. Edward Meldrum and Anna ?. Brown married.
28. Geo. W. Wright and Minnie E. Carmody married.
28. Albert Edwards and Laura A. Brooks married.
29. Pearl Brooks and Mary Seago married.
29. Mrs. Lucy Vandergriffe died near Fayette, age 80.
30. Mrs. Sarah Pointer died, age 61.
1. John D. Anderson of Kane and Ella C. Sparling of St. Louis married at M. E. parsonage in Carrollton at 1:15 a.m.
1. Bert Robinson, who broke jail September captured in St. Louis.
2. Carrie Halbert died at Kane, age 19.
3. Marshall Phibbs and Mattie Bare married at Eldred.
4. Elisha Tapp and Maria L. Hallup married.
5. Mrs. Charlotte Hayden Armstrong married at Alton to Judge Geo. Lingarger of (unreadable) Springs, Ark.
7.Geo Phillips died at Greenfield.
9. Roy Ballard, age 11, accidentally killed by pony.
11. Marshall Steel and Hattie Pilki????? married.
12. Dr. Harold G. Powell and Susan H. (unreadable) of Raymond married here.
12. B. F. Murphy andMary Tapp married.
12. Wm. Hillis and Gertie Rexroat married.
12. W. G. Haven and Minnie Ellis married near Greenfield.
12. Greene County Fair opened, having been postponed one day on account of rain.
12. Edward Long and Lottie Williams married at Rockbridge.
13. Chas. Lutz and Bessie Greene of Rockbridge married here.
13. Frank McGaw died at Galesburg.
13. Mrs. Wm. Rexroat died at Athensville.
14. Mrs. Frank Hanlon died.
16. Sarah McFarland died at Berdan.
18. Henry Mack and Margaret Liesenfelt married at Jerseyville.
19. Rev. P. B. Huffman died at Berdan.
20. Mrs. Henry Walter died south of Woody.
22. Robert Brooks died near Kane, age ??.
23. T. J. Masterson and Lillian Conroy of St. Louis married at Greenfield.
24. Luther Carter and Rosa Lawless married at Roodhouse.
24. Henry B. Raines died, age ??.
25. Rev. D. M. Stubblefield died at Greenfield, age ??.
2?. Michael ?oche and Elizabeth M. Pranger married.
26. Jos. F. Porter and Sadie Meyerstein of White Hall married in St. Louis.
27. Eighth annual meeting of Union Teacher’s Association at White Hall.
2. Mrs. Abigail Roodhouse died, age ??
2.Jesse Ballard’s 75th birthday celebrated at Walkerville.
3. James Jennings and Nellie Short married.
4. Bert Robinson and Orville man broke jail.
8. General election
8. Sarah Pinkerton married in Jerseyville to Benj. Foster.
9. Hattie Ski??? died, age 6?
10. Curtins farm sold at auction.
10. Abraham Bowman died, age 78.
14. W. Kee Maxwell sold Kane Telegram to D. H. Colbert.
14. Ainsworth murder case continued to Dec. 5.
16. Jessie Clark died at Fayette, age 13.
17. Edward Smith and Eva ????? married.
17. Chas. R. Gross and Minnie Harlin married at Carlinville.
22. Wendling Elhoffer died.
23. Martin A. Carmody and Annie Curtin married.
23. Frank Cannedy’s hand badly mangled in steam saw.
23. Merrill Jackson and Florence Pitchford married at Greenfield.
23. Moses A. Maberry and Mary C. Cardwell married.
23. William E. Sullivan and Rosa Gardiner married.
24. Carrollton High School defeated city team at Rugby football, 22 to 6.
24. Chas. Bartlett and Lucretia Bushnell married at Eldred.
25. THE PATRIOT’S fourth annual Postal Reunion.
25. Mrs. Belle Lewis died of heart failure.
26. L, C & W Railroad sold.
27. Rev. W. Green died at Roodhouse.
30. County farmers’ institute at Greenfield.
3. Directors elected for Bank of Calhoun County.
3.Paul Dennis died at Rockbridge.
3. C. H. S. defeated R. H. S. at Rugby football, 42 to 0.
3. Mrs. Michael McMahon died near Kane, age 60.
5. Ainsworth murder case continued in February term.
6. John Beard died near Fayette.
7. W. T. Norris died at Jalappa.
8. Albert Armstrong and Edith K???? married at Rockbridge.
9. New Bethel Baptist church at Brush College reorganized and adopted name of Second Baptist Church of Carrollton.
9. E. P. Richards and Mrs. Augusta Eldred married.
10. Walter Farrow drowned near Kampsville.
10. Ruth Trimble died at Jacksonville, Ark.
11. William Darr and Lizzie Stone married.
12. Jos. Watson and Tillie Pruitt married.
14. John W. Piper died at Greenfield.
14. (unreadable) Nailor and Mrs. Sarah (unreadable) married.
14. Emma (unreadable) died in St. Louis.
14. (unreadable) Witt accidentally killed near Kane.
18. Missie O’Haver died at Alton, buried at Kane 20th.
22. Mrs. Thos. ??????? died, age ??.
22. Frank Baldwin and Flora Bushnell married.
22. Marriage of A. G. Fullerton and Edith Roberts made public.
25. Helen A. Doolittle died.
25. John Gimmy, Jr. and Mary M. Simmons married at Roodhouse; William Cummings and Cora ?????, also Albert Fisher and ????? Cummings married at Carrollton same day.
29. Mrs. Catharine Dunsworth died at East St. Louis age ??; buried here 31st.

Transcribed by Heidi Grether

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