Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1897

1. Mrs. Jane McDonald died, age 60.
2. Carrollton postoffice burglarized and $97 in cash taken.
3 Re-opening of the remodeled Baptist Church.
4. Frank Hillis and Stella Crum married.
8. Jackson Day celebrated at court house.
8. D. D. Pierson, Jr. died, age 11 months.
8. James N. Brown, a Chicago attorney, formerly of Carrollton, found dead in Hotel Barnum, St. Louis; heart disease.
8. Operetta, “Red Riding Hood,” given by Carrollton Symphony Club.
9. Kane-Carrollton telephone line complete
12. Officers elected in Greene County National Bank: John I. Thomas, president; D D Pierson, vice-president, Ornon Pierson, cashier.
11. Public installation of officers in Masonic lodge and Eastern Star chapter.
15. “Charity Ball” by Carrollton Dramatic Club.
19. Greene county farmers’ Institute convened at White Hall; river convention 20th.
19. Eddie, son of James Hunt, died southeast of Carrollton, Age 14.
19. Mrs. John Solomon died at Greenfield.
19. Mrs. Nancy Brannan died at Woody, Age 76.
20. W. E. Sullivan, Roodhouse implement dealer, made an assignment.
22. Robt. Y. Smith died at Greenfield, age 53.
23. Aggie Ryan died at Atlanta, GA.; buried at Carrollton 26th.
24. Georgia, daughter of Mrs. Milton Smith, died at Greenfield, age 3.
24. Wm. Dickey and Mrs. Jennie Johnsten married at Roodhouse.
25. Mrs. Elam McAdams died at Bluffdale.
25. Frank Frech sold his interest in Advance mill to A. Pegram.
25. Thermometer at school house registered 8 below zero.
28. Wm G. Evans and Mrs. Mary E. Evans of Eldred married at Carlinville.
29. Arnold, little son of Wm. Tucker and wife, near Rockbridge, burned to death.
29. Roy Williams and Jouanna Gentry married at Mexico, Mo.
30. Wm. S. Dayton of Eldred and Lillie Turpin of Knox City, Mo. Married at Carrollton.
30. Jonathan Postlewait died in Carrollton, age 86; body taken to Winchester, Ohio, for burial.
31. Mrs. David Dodgson died
1. Wm. Ballow and Mrs. Mary Fisher were married in the county jail.
1. Mrs. Samuel R. Rice died near Kane, age 86.
2. Porter Morrow bought residence property north of Patriot office for $1,100.
2. L P Dodgson and family moved to McLean, Il.
5. Sam Small lectured at M. E. Church.
7. Mrs. T. W. Dunkeson died at Jacksonville; buried here 9th.
7. James F. Cannedy died near Rockbridge, age 51.
8. James W. Whitlock and Florence Crone married at Kane.
9. Glover W. Short and Stella M. Raines married at Kane.
10. Wm. F. Wright and Eldora Mundy married at Kane.
13. New Pipe organ completed at Methodist Church.
14. Lawrence Wagoner and Minnie Davidson married at Eldred.
15. Mrs. R. C. Zink died near Greenfield, age 60
16. H. T. Eberlein made an assignment.
17. Samuel Admire died at Woody, age 80.
17. Ruth, little daughter of Sam Edwards and wife, died, age 5.
17. Henry Tunison died at White Hall, Age 65.
17. Wm. F. Mains and Eliza Halbert married at Kane.
18. Carrollton society ladies gave a colored minstrel show at the opera house; Mrs. Nellie Allen Parcell, Mrs. Nellie Porter and daughter of Jerseyville and Miss Rose Ford at St. Louis assisted with the musical program; the entertainment was under the auspices of Trinity Episcopal Church.
18. Mable R Corrington died, age 22.
20 Teachers’ institute at Kane.
21. Rev R. J. Church preached the Annual sermon to the K of P.
22. Circuit court convened.
22. Mrs. Lucy Price Jones died in Minneapolis, buried here 25th.
22. Mrs. Chas Boring died at Greenfield, age 19.
22. Advance flour mill resumed business, under management of Alvin Pegram.
22. Dr. E. L H. Barry and Angie Braham married at Kane.
23. Prof. A. G. Robyn of St. Louis gave a pipe organ recital at M E. Church.
23. Mrs. Harriet Hubbard celebrated her 81st birthday.
24. John Ashen died, age 47.
24. Mrs. Elizabeth Schnelt died, age 87.
24. Major W. Dickerman died at Greenfield, age 62.
24. Frank L. Thompson and Ruth Totten married.
24 Geo W. Rhodes and Mrs. Sue Adams married at Greenfield.
25. Minnie Bowman married in Chicago to T. B. Bugler.
26. C. G. Edwards and family moved from Walnut Grove to Carrollton.
27. Jacob Brosie died south of Eldred.
28. W. R. Lawrence and Jessie Walker married at Wrightsville.
1. Willie Marshall died west of Kane, age 6.
1. Mrs. Clarissa Bush died at Greenfield, age 70.
2. Mrs. Sarah A. Morris died at Rockbridge, age 76.
3. Warren Arwood and Luelia B. Carter married at Greenfield.
3. Geo A. Thomas and Martha N. Coats of Patterson married at Carrollton.
5. S. T. Tuttle and wife left for a trip to Mexico and the east.
5. Twins, boy and girl, born to Geo Thompson and wife.
6. Mrs. Thos Butler died, age 68.
9. Revised ordinances adopted by Carrollton, city counsel.
9. Meeting of board of supervisors.
10. Arthur O. Ramsey and Verna Sanderson married.
10. Oscar A. Combrick and Katie Damm married.
11. Mrs. Harry Doyle died near Walkerville age, 22.
11. Henry C. Neikirk and Mrs. Mary Winters married.
11. Wm. G. Archer died near Woody, age 59.
12. James McNabb re-appointed master-in-chancery for two years by Judge Herdman.
12. Robt Woods, wanted on a criminal charge at Dixon, Mo, surrendered to Sheriff Robinson.
13. Democratic primary for Carrollton town.
13. Mrs. Jacob Dohm died near Greenfield, age 53.
14. Bishop Thos Bowman of St. Louis lectured on India at M. E. church.
14. Mrs. S. E. Brown died, age 55.
17. James Stewart and Minnie Barnett of Short married in Carrollton.
17. John and Birdie Olsten tried on a charge of blackmail preferred by H. H. Montgomery: defendants discharged.
18. Minnie Smith died at Eldred, age 11.
18. Milton G. Andrews and Mollie Beard married at Fayette.
20. Democratic judicial primary, to select Greene county candidate for circuit Judge: J. C. Bowman
1,010, Mark Meyerstein 748.
20. Wm .Winters of Providence died in insane hospital at Jacksonville.
20. Republican town caucus.
23. Jesse Rowe died at Walkerville, age 60.
23. Mrs. Mary I. Anderson died at Kane, age 16.
26. Judge Lakin and Jordan left for Minnesota to live.
26. The electric belt fakir made his annual visit, and reaped a harvest.
26. Mrs. Wm Geers died south of Carrollton, age 30.
27. Teachers’ institute at White Hall.
27. Kate Brown left for St. Luke’s hospital, St. Louis.
27. C C Seeley died at Nemaha, Neb; buried at Carrollton 30th.
30. Isham Linder and family returned from a five-months visit to New Mexico.
1. Ross S. Vedder graduated from Chicago College of Dental Surgery.
4. John H. Wolfe died at Roodhouse.
4. Rev T B Greenlee entered upon his duties as pastor of the Presbyterian church in Carrollton.
4. Mrs. Columbus Carter died at Greenfield.
5. Eddie Linder died, age 17.
6. Annual town elections.
6. J. E. Furgeson died, age 60.
7. Howard W. Edwards and Mamie Benson married at Greenfield.
11. L C & W ran special excursion train to the flooded district, west of Eldred.
11. Asa Cannedy died at Fayette, age 73.
11. Fred Duro died at Eldred.
13. Alton Presbytery, 60th annual session, held in Carrollton.
14. Scores of people saw the “air-ship”.
15. Louis Richards died at Greenfield.
16. John I. Thomas and wife moved to Jacksonville.
16. David M. Clark, formerly of Fayette shot and killed himself in a hotel at Louisiana, Mo.
17. Board of education election.
18. Frank F. Corrington’s residence burned at Woody.
18. Frank Turner died at Pasadena, Cal; age 24, buried here 25th.
19. Carlton Blitz fell from the water tower and was instantly killed, buried 25th.
20. City election; Wm H. Sieverling elected mayor, and license defeated by two votes.
20. Saloon license defeated in every city and village in Greene County.
21. R L. Wylder and Martha E. Gillespie of Greenfield married in Carrollton.
21 Frank Murphy and Mary Aulabaugh married.
21. Thos D. Price and family left for Minneapolis to remain.
21. Mrs. Hinton Jackson died at Nevada, Mo.
23. J. C. Carrico died near Kane, age 78
24. Teacher’s meeting at Roodhouse
26. I O O F anniversary celebrated at Greenfield and White Hall.
26. John J. Hunter died at Kane, age 28.
26. Jos Schultz made an assignment at Pegram.
26. Henry Egelhoff and Margie I. Terry married in St. Louis.
27. Mrs. Jerry Converse died near Greenfield, age 70.
27. R W Collins elected chairman of board of supervisors.
27. John S. Sheldon of Loda mysteriously disappeared; he was a partner in the large White & Sheldon ranch in Greene County.
27. Ed Miner, Jr. and Agnas B. McMullin married in Detroit, Mich.
27. Fourth annual banquet Current Topic Club.
28. Jos Varnte and Nancy J. Cummings of Woodville town married in Carrollton.
28. Georgia Lovell died, age 18.
29. Mrs. John I. Thomas died at Jacksonville, age 76, buried at Carrollton, May 1.
29. School commencement at Roodhouse.
1. Mrs. Susan Vallentine died in St. Louis: buried in Harden Cemetery, east of Carrollton.
1. First meeting of new city council: M. L. Reed appointed marshal, and Marshall Mandefer night police
3. H. G. Russell of Paris, Ill, elected principal of Greenfield Schools..
4. Rev. J. W. Bush moved to Kane.
5. Julius Lozier and Mary Cummings married.
6. Judicial convention at Springfield Creighton, Shirley and Thompson nominated by the Democrats; Conkling, Kirby and Doolittle nominated by the Republicans.
7. Damon and Pythias presented at opera house by Jerseyville Drama Club.
7. Clyde Slone re-elected principal of Carrollton Schools.
8. Henry Cannole elected principal of Kane Schools.
9. Mrs. Albert King died in Carrollton, age 33.
13. Thos Wallace and Laura Whiteside married in St. Louis.
13. Richard Tucker Hill died in St. Louis, buried here 16th.
14. Annual exhibit of school work at Carrollton public schools.
14. Court of Honor organized in Carrollton.
17. Mrs. Albert Suttles died suddenly at Pegram, age 25.
18. Walter Bushnell and Katie Wheaton married at Eldred.
18. Special meeting of Alton Presbytery at Litchfield, to receive W. J. Tull into Presbyterial relation.
18. Wm. H. Cannedy died, near Rockbridge, age 80.
19. Chas Clardy and Mary Cunningham married at Greenfield.
23. Annual memorial sermon to G A R post by T. B. Greenlee.
24. Coleman traded horses.
26. Thos Stone and Clara Gill married in St. Louis.
27. Wm O Pierce died at Fayette, age 65.
30. Decoration Day observed.
30. Absolam Wood and Mary Winkler married in Calhoun county.
30. Henry Appell arrived from Germany.
31. Junior Class exercises at school.
31. Dick Williams and Amanda Benz married at Carlinville.
1. Carrollton High School commencement; 17 graduates.
2. Alumni reunion and banquet.
2. Jefferson Coonrod and wife of Greenfield celebrated their golden wedding.
3. Robt Page and Ann Breeden married in Greenfield.
5. Clark Dixon and Lillie Blair married at Rockbridge.
6. Fish fry and river convention at Roodhouse.
6. Joe Carmody and Ella Ellis married.
7. Judicial election.
7. J A Clark and family left for Eureka Springs.
8. Annual convention of Kpworth League, Jacksonville district at M E Church.
9. Henry Hardin died at Rockbridge, age 30.
10. Mrs. Mary Moses died , age 36.
11. Henry Gallup died, age 39.
12. Fieldon Hanks drowned in Apple Creek.
12. Mrs. Agnus Lynn Lackey died at Ripley, Tenn.
12. John Ranney and Sallie Patterson married.
13. Children’s Day at churches.
14. Annual tax sale.
14. Arthur E. Griswold died at Greenfield.
16. Carson T. Metcalf and Gertrude Sperry married at Greenfield.
17. J. K. Sharon died, age 65.
17. A T Perry lands sold at auction at Kane.
17. Mrs. Cecelia Carmody died, age 36.
20. Class of ? received first communion at St. John’s Catholic Church.
22. Wm Riggell case decided by Judge Bosman in probate court.
22. Chas Robley died near Bluffdale, age 75.
23. John W. Steinberg and Kinia Wise married.
23. Rev J T Brown moved from Kane to Pinckneyville.
24. J W Hawkins and Nellie Kincaid married at Walnut Grove.
29. Michael Roach died at Berdan, age 62.
29. Ernest VanArdale and Mary Roodhouse married in Chicago.
30. Harry B Fox and Myrtle A Murray married at Normal.
1. Wm Drum and wife celebrated their golden wedding at Greenfield.
4. Independence Day.
5. Bicycle road race “around the mound” first place prize to Carl Fischer, first time prize to Ned Sharon.
7. J H Freher, on Burrus farm, committed suicide by hanging.
7. Finis E. Bell killed by a tractor engine near Belltown.
7. C S Bayless died, age 54.
8. Rev W. J. Tull and family moved to Litchfield.
12. Richard Hill and Caroline Scott married at Pegram.
12. John Martin arrested at Greenfield for robbing Carrollton post office.
12. Meeting of county supervisors; B. G. Winters and wife elected superintendent and matron of county farm. Dr. E. S. Gooch chosen as physician.
14. Asaph Hall, Jr. and Shelia Cockrell married at Kane.
14. John North died at White Hall, age 62.
14. Henry Schnelt accidentally killed by a fall, age 54.
15. Mayoralty contests for Carrollton and Roodhouse heard by Judge Shirley, no change made in result
15. Martin Ryan accidentally shot and killed by Clyde Spear.
16. Wm L. Spear died, age 58.
24. Last good rain of the season.
24. Shelton Tompkins barn, near Kane struck by lightning and burned , with two horses.
25. Gerhard Schnelten died in St Louis hospital, age 57.
26. Curfew ordinance in effect.
27. Miss Alsey Irwin died at Kane, age 75.
28. Mrs. S. H. Fraser died in Carrollton, was thrown from horse and fatally injured while visiting in the country some weeks prior.
28. Notorious riot out of which several criminal cases developed
29. Racing matinee. Algiff made half mile green trot record of 1.13.
30. Mrs. J. B. Pranger died while visiting at Walla Walla Wash.
1. H. L. Herwitz retired from business.
2. Mrs. W. F. Stock, Sr, died, age 64.
2. Francis A. Saxton died near Greenfield, age 66.
3. Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols died, age 75.
3. Mrs. Mary Swires died at Jacksonville.
4. Meade Keeley and Alice Short married.
5. Thirty-second annual county S S Convention opened at M E church.
5. Lynn, Davis & Fain moved to Horwitz building.
7. Burglars enter Attorney Whiteside's and Dr. Hays' residences.
9. Summer Institute Greene County teachers opened.
10. First annual commencement exercises of Greene county ungraded schools: 18 graduates; address by Prof. Felmley.
11. Infant child of Philip Steckel and wife died.
11. Louis Spreters bakery closed.
14. Infant son of Geo Kiesel and wife died.
18. Supervisors annual picnic.
19. Albert E. Underwood and Ada Clifford married.
21. Elizabeth Chapter, Eastern Star, organized in Kane.
22. Dr. Thos McEuen died at Roodhouse.
22. Leland, son of W H. Johnson, Greenfield, died.
23. Albert Bradshaw died at Roodhouse, over-dose morphine.
24. J A. Pellett passed examination for admission to bar.
24. Abram Yost died near Kane.
25. Carrollton Baptist Association met here: 73d annual session.
25. John Mitchell and Mrs. Emily Waltrip married.
25. Walter Williams and Lulu Tompkins married near Kane.
26. Second racing matinee at fairground.
26. Mrs. Susan Corrington and family moved to Newport, Ky.
27. Mrs. Lucian Painter died at Walkerville.
27 Chas Carter's house, near Macoupin bridge, burned.
28. Stuart Davis and Sue Wilson married.
30. Chas L. Wason and Gertrude Wood of Woody married in Carrollton.
1. Carrollton public schools opened with 401 pupils.
1. B G Winters and wife took charge of the county poor farm.
1. Mrs. Alice Bridges died in East St. Louis; buried here 3d.
2. J W Hutchinson died at Greenfield in 56th year.
4. Hon O A Snedeker died at Jerseyville in 50th year.
5. Mrs. Perry Mayhall died at Jerseyville; buried at Kane.
6. Judge Shirley opened his first term of circuit court in this county.
6. Honora, wife of Michael Carmody, Sr. died, age 71.
6. Mrs. S. B Atcheson died at Kane.
7. Mrs. Kate Rutherford died at Old Kane.
7. James Scott died near Greenfield, age 73.
7. Mrs. Jane Lee died at Greenfield, age 90; a resident since 1823.
12. Improvements at Christian church completed.
12. Ves Emmonds met his death in natural gas well at Athensville.
13. Rev. T B Greenlee formally chosen pastor of Presbyterian church.
13. One of twin babies of Geo Thompson and wife died.
13. Hot weather forced half-day sessions of school.
14. John Moloney and Mary Pranger married.
15. Robinson & Franklin's show in town.
16. Snapping of gun in court cleared Clyde Spear of murder.
16. Drouth broken; temperature dropped from 90 to 50 degrees.
16. W A Hubbard, county clerk, and Grace Squire married.
17. W J Bryan at Roodhouse
17. Timothy Ellison died, age 69.
17. Henry Shanks died at Old Kane, age 79.
19. Fred Gardiner and Ella Reno married at Kane.
19. First frost.
20. Little Charlie Fardell died.
20. Rev J E Ariz appointed pastor Methodist church.
21. J G Walker and Elizabeth Shores married at Rockbridge.
21. Frend Krame and Aida Rives married at Greenfield.
23. Mrs. Laura Tunstall Wright died.
23. Mrs. Mary Brace thrown from surrey and fatally injured.
24. Grant Twitchell died near Greenfield.
25. Mrs. Martha E. Black died, age 65.
28. Rev T B Greenlee installed as pastor.
29. Robt L. Bowman and Elizabeth Bauer married at Greenfield.
30. Second Robyn organ recital.
30. James E. McClure of Carlinville and Flora Parker of Kane married in St. Louis.
1. Clyde Sheffield sold interest in grocery to John Kaser.
2. Presbyterian harvest home.
3. J M Sanford and Maggie Wells married.
3. Mrs. Geo Goode died in Wrights.
4. Stephen T. Rives died, age 66.
4. Bluffdale gets daily mail.
4. Issac E. Bernthisel of White Hall died, age 70.
5. Harry O Tunison and Florence Vedder married at White Hall.
5. Omaha groceries delivered, minus the bargains. (Has that sugar come yet?)
6. Benj G Tompkins and Lillie Hayless married at Kane.
6. Jacob Borlin and Posie Thomason married at Kane.
8. Comic opera, "A New Year's Reception"
11. David Dodgson and Mrs. Martha Pinkerton married.
12. Greene Co. Fair opened with biggest first day on record.
12. Modern Woodmen picnic; address by Lieut. Gov. Northcott.
12. Oscar Ashford and Bertha Pinkerton; Frederick Rathgelser and Daisy Ashford married.
15. Robt L. Bradley and Louise Winkler married.
16. Mrs. Mary Brace died.
17. Bishop Ryan confirmed 65 children at Catholic church.
19. Herman Thien and Annie Naber married.
20. James Gross and Nettie Stevens married near Kane
20. Elmer Shannon and Etna Johnson married near Daum.
22. Judge L. H. Lakin died near Warren, Minn. in 51st year; buried here.
23. Sale of Bradley lands.
25. John Mundy died near Kane.
25. Gunnison Helter and Flora Bishop married at Rockbridge.
26. John Henry Schnelten, age 14, thrown from wagon and killed.
28. Infant daughter of Ben Whetterly and wife died.
28. "Annie Wilkes" discovered to be a ringer, and mare and owner quietly disappeared.
28. Joseph Henderson, resident since 1830, died near White Hall.
28. Frank Kirback and Rosa Robacek married.
29. Apple shipping season closed; shipments 3,000 barrels.
31. Mrs. Phillip Steckel died.
31. Mrs. G. A. Lane died at Rockbridge.
1. Roodhouse fair grounds sold at public sale.
1, Mrs. Park Coonrod died, age 69.
2. Pope English and Martha Ellen Cory married at Banta, Cal.
4. J A McPheron and wife celebrate their golden wedding.
4. Wm H Hyland and Alice Brown married.
5. John Martin convicted in federal court at Cairo of Carrollton post office robbery, Jan 2.
6. Thos D. Carmondy and Julia McAvoy married.
8. Robt L. Russell and Ida Darr married.
10. Body of Mrs. Nancy Curtius brought from Kansas City for burial.
10. Electric light plant at Roodhouse burned.
12. Ladies' cornet band organized in Kane.
13. Baby and chrysanthemum show.
13. Wm. H. Hudson died at Greenfield, age 68.
18. Geo W. Christian died at Roodhouse.
19. House occupied by Geo Evans, near Woody, burned.
19. Mrs. Cynthia Silkwood died at Walkerville, age 90.
19. Peter Pewter died at Greenfield, age 84.
20. H. B Hamilton died at Greenfield, age 56.
22. Mrs. Narah Carmody died, age 71.

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