Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1896

1. Benj. F. Ballard and Daisy Barnett of Wrightsville married at court house.
1. John Boehm and wife of White Hall celebrate their golden wedding.
1. Mrs. Catherine Hays died at White Hall, aged 70.
2. Mary Curtius, formerly of Carrollton, married at Harmon, Colo., to Wm. L. Johnson.
2. Mrs. Sarah K. Thompson died, at Kane, aged 52 years, 8 months; burial at Kane 4th; her niece, Cora Thompson, aged 19, buried same day.
3. Johannes Heinrich Fischer and Anna Kramer married at Glessen, Germany.
3. Mrs. Catherine Welhouser died near Providence.
4. Mrs. Emma Haxle Abbott died at Springfield, O., aged 45 years, 3 months; buried there on the 5th.
5. Eldridge Atchison, aged 84 years, 9 months, died at the residence of his son-in-law, A. W. Bingham.
6. Lena Lee, aged 13, broke through the ice and was drowned in the Roodhouse reservoir.
8. ______ Bowie sold his west side grocery store to _____her & Williams.
9. Geo. W. Green, aged 34 years, died at the insane hospital in Jacksonville; burial at Shipman.
9. Mrs. John Stout died, southeast of White Hall, aged 74.
10. Chas. H. Race died near Kane, aged 33.
13. David Johnson died near Hickory Grove, aged 87.
14. Mrs. Anna Davis died, east of Rockbridge.
14. John Jones and family moved to Roodhouse.
14. Electric light bids opened by city council; C. P. Woodworth’s was the only bid, and as no action was taken it was withdrawn.
15. Slayton’s Jubilee Singers at the opera house.
16. Knights of Pythias lodge reorganized in Carrollton, and officers elected.
19. Frank Halbert died at Kane, aged 25.
20. Mrs. Donald Smpson, Sr., died west of Carrollton, aged 68 years, 3 months.
21. Electric lights turned on at Greenfield.
21. Public installation of officers in Hugh DePayens Commandery NO. 29, K. T.
21. Geo. James of Fidelity and Sarah Smith of Wrightsville married at Carrollton.
21. Mrs. Jennie Monroe died at Drake, age 24, the result of severe burns.
22. Frank Gier and Georgia Freer married near Rockbridge.
22. Belle, daughter of Cyrus Bushnell, died near Eldred.
23. Geo. L. Burruss died near Daum, aged 76.
23. Stephen Milledge died at Herman, Oregon, aged 56.
23. James Carlile Hough, died, aged 19.
23. Mrs. Ida V. Pinkerton, milliner, made an assignment.
23. Temple Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, organized, with 41 members.
23. Mrs. Rebecca Grizzle died near Rockbridge.
23. Albert Hall and Julia Montgomery, sister of W. M. Montgomery of Carrollton, married at Virginia, Ill.
28. W. D. Ralston and wife of Roodhouse celebrated their golden wedding.
29. Annual institute of Greene county farmers opened at court house; address by Hon. Norman J. Colman.
1. Modern Woodmen camp organized at Eldred, with 35 members.
1. Mrs. Robt. Smith died at Apollonia.
1. Patrick Prindable died, aged 80.
2. Mrs. Jacob G. Pope died at Kane, aged 43.
2. Mrs. Susan Stroud died east of Kane, aged 80.
4. Mrs. Wesley Sloan, died aged 47.
5. Oliver Saunders died, aged 13.
6. Adam Koehm died at Greenfield, age 71.
7. Carrollton Symphony club, 20 members, took part in a charity entertainment at Jerseyville.
8. Annual family reunion at J. A. McPherson’s.
10. Little son of Geo. Whitlock, near Rockbridge, died after suffering ten days from drinking lye.
10. C. E. Underwood sold his bakery and confectionery to Louis Spreter.
10. Geo. W. Adams died at Greenfield, of cancer.
11. John P. Carmody and Annie Moloney married.
11. Dieter Damm and Nora Coats married near Wrightsville.
11. Geo. H. Cain and Emma L. Giller married.
11. Electric light bids opened, but no action taken by council.
12. Leap year banquet given by Miss Verna Sanderson.
14. “Down by the Sea” given by home talent at the opera house.
14. electric light and water contract awarded to C. P. Woodworth.
15. Chas. Booth died, aged 50.
19. J. I Johnson committed suicide by shooting himself at the court house.
20. Mrs. Julietta Enslow died at John Pope’s, age 93.
21. Scout Allison lectured on “Caster’s Last Rally”
23. Rev. R. F. Parshall died in Chicago.
23. Aunt Polly Hall of Kane celebrated her 99th birthday.
23. Rev. Robt. J. Church accepted call to pastorate of Baptist church.
24. Mrs. L. W. Loomis adjudged insane and taken to Jacksonville.
24. Mrs. Winnebald Christen died of consumption south of Woody.
24. February term of circuit court.
25. Jacob Schuten died west of Woody.
25. Mary K. Hunter died of consumption at Kane, aged 24.
25. J. S. Carr died at Jerseyville.
26. Edward J. Brown of Greenfield and Belle Standifer married at Carrollton.
27. Minnie, daughter of S. M. Wilhite, died at Greenfield.
27. John P. Smith died at Waller, northeast of Greenfield.
27. Edward F. Ford and Jennie V. Connole married at Carrollton.
28. Col. John Sobleski delivered his lecture on “Poland”
28. Mrs. W. L. Orr died at Chicago.
2. Mrs. David Longwell, aged 64, died at Rockbridge.
6. Mrs. John Lansaw died on Gregory’s ranch.
7. Democratic town primary.
8. Leora V. Holmes, aged 23, died at Rockbridge.
8. Geo. W. Wood, aged 60, died of lung fever, east of Woody.
9. J. P. Kahm and wife, near Greenfield, celebrated their china wedding.
11. Gus Cory and Lillie Cole married, west of Kane.
12. Wm. Lowe, aged 76, died near Dover Hills.
14. Republican town primary.
14. “Uncle Ben” Meado died at Coumbiana.
15. Jerry Roberts died, aged 66.
16. Mrs. Howard Ashlock died near Providence, aged 35.
16. Neal Whalen shot and killed at Roodhouse by J. T. Ashlock.
16. Geo. W. Warfield died near Woody, aged 65.
17. Polk Flatt and Lizzie Coonrod married.
18. Edward L. Daughty and Mary Davidson married.
20. Mrs. Jane Baines died near Belltown, aged 77.
21. Mrs. L. L. Roberts died at Roodhouse.
22. Wm. Stone, an old resident of Woody, died at the Jersey county poor house.
23. George Vernon died at S. G. Gardiner’s residence in Kane, aged 80.
25. Wm. Turner died of Paralysis at Rockbridge, age 66.
26. Dr. T. C. Hatton and wife moved to Jackson, Mo.
26. Prohibition county convention.
28. Mrs. Jacob Keller died, southwest of Walkerville, age 73.
29. Lulu Bell Greathouse died, age 7.
29. Harvey Rollins died, west of Walkerville, aged 90.
29. Isaac Wood died, age 60.
29. Thos. Hudson and Alice Dare married at Jalappa.
30. Wm. Henry Ballard, aged 25, committed suicide at Walkerville by cutting his throat.
5. Easter services at court house by Knights Templar; sermon by Rev. W. J. Tull.
7. James Hugbea died, aged 68.
7. Town elections.
8. L. W. Loomis died, aged 43.
8. Bert Murray and Dora Murphy married.
8. Wm. M. Cory and Antoinette Witt married near Kane.
9. Pat Cronin died.
13. Republican county convention at White Hall.
15. Michael Dunsworth and Maggie Kerns married.
15. J. Frank Vincent and Lida R. Milldege married at Berdan.
15. Virgil D. Wilson and Janie M. Connole married.
16. W. E. Ashlock died, aged 47.
18. Death of Mrs. Chas. W. Ward at Chicago.
19. W. Robinson died, northeast of Kane, aged 66.
19. Chas. P. Short and Mary L. Allen married.
20. Mr. John Daniels died southeast of Kane.
20. Birthday surprise party for Mrs. John Hensler.
20. Democratic county convention.
21. City election; license defeated by 9.
22. Destructive fire at Rockbridge.
24. “Hick’ry Farm” at opera house by Carrollton Dramatic Club.
26. David King and Etta Logan married at Woody.
26. Carrollton Lodge I.O.O.P. celebrates the 77th anniversary of the ordre.
27. Robt. Wylder died at Greenfield, age 68.
28. Lena May Short died of consumption near Woody, aged 16.
29. Geo. Milas of White Hall and Edith Maried Bolrum of Etaffdale married in Carrollton.
29. Nineteenth annual session of Alton Presbyterial ministries.
30. Third annual banquet of Current Topic Club.
30. Mrs. W. E. Williams died at Rockbridge.
1. H. R. Watt died at Morrisonville.
7. Thos. E. Elkinton and Mrs. Musie Beahoers married
7. Robt. Shaw and Mrs. Cassie Scoggins married.
7. John Scates and Elsie Bunfill married.
8. Mrs. John Gibson died in Tennessee; buried at Woody 10th.
9. C. P. Woodworth died.
10. Moses Wylder died at Rockbridge, age 76.
12. Republican senatorial convention at Greenfield.
14. James Bishop badly scalded by an accidence to a roadster engine near Jalappa.
15. Mrs. G. E. Johnson died.
15. K. of P. lodge instituted at Kane.
19. Chas. Dixon killed by lightning at Jalappa.
22. Mrs. Rollins died at Walkerville, age 83.
23. Isaac Jaynes and Mrs. Margaret Claflin married.
23. Annual public school exhibit.
25. Alexander King died at Roodhouse, age 76.
27. St. Louis cyclone.
27. Dr. Fred Parks and Amanda Dayton married at Woody.
28. Dr. B. G. Culver died at Kane, age 63.
30. Decoration day.
31. James Havlin and Bessie Pinkerton married at Belltown.
1. Last day exercises at Carrollton public schools.
2. Commencement exercises.
3. C. H. S. alumni reunion
3. Helen, daughter of R. P. Morris, died near Kane, age 11.
5. Mrs. Jesse Maltby died near Daum.
8. Dr. J. F. Potts died, age 59.
9. Lilliam E. Tull died, age 17.
10. Mrs. Sam McKabney died at Kane.
10. Chas. B. Smith and Fannie Raby married at Kane.
11. Wm. Craggs and Addie Woolley married at Greenfield.
11. Democratic congressional convention at Jacksonville.
11. Death of John Foust.
17. Mrs. Sarah Pendt died.
17. Walter Sperry and Hattie Felter married at Kane.
20. Maggie Ozbun died.
23. Chas. McMahon died near Kane.
24. A. T Perry died near Kane, age 67.
24. J. V. Porter and Surelda Clark married.
25. Mrs. J. M. Sanford died.
27. Mrs. Margaret Koughan died.
29. Greene county summer normal opened.
30. Wm. E. William died at Rockbridge in 55th year.
1. E. A. Doolittle resumes law practice here.
1. Carrollton’s population found to be 2,000.
3. Electric Light Co began supplying water.
4. Mud stops bicycle road race; and O’Conner’s Hopes defeated by St. Louis ball club’ no general celebration.
7. Electric lights turned on.
8. Mrs. Henry Selhorst died east of town.
12. Joseph Lahr suicided by shooting, near Kaferville.
13. Bold robbery at Eldred; five men held up by two masked men.
14. Franchise granted for second electric light company.
15. Chas. Kenney, age 17, arrested at Jacksonville, supposed to be one of the Eldred robbers.
17. James Lovell died.
17. Child of James Lewis of Rockbridge drowned in a well.
18. Democrats ratified.
18. Mrs. Urban Weimer died at Mexico, Mo., age 35.
18. Samuel Weirley of Kane and Maggie Sudbrack of Metropolis married.
20. Work of remodeling Baptist church began.
20. Logan club reorganized.
20. Mrs. Douglas Varble died near McGilead.
20. Cut in wages on L. C _ W; resignation and dismissals follow.
22. Thos. Hough left for trip to England.
23. John Clough, __, dropped dead, in __ year.
23. E. E. Anderson and Katherine Armstrong of Roodhouse married.
24. Roodhouse races closed.
25. Mrs. Geo. M. Cameron died in Chicago.
25. Nat Bird died at Greenfield.
25. Mrs. Louisa Fischer died at White Hall, aged 96.
27. Cuba B. Williams died at Greenfield, age 4 years.
27. Prof Felmley lectured on education.
28. Nathaniel Kendall died near White Hall, age 81.
30. Mrs. J. G. Perkins died at Litchfield.
30. M E Blatchley assigns at White Hall.
1. Prof Felmley addressed Bryan Club.
1. Five prisoners escaped from jail, and three were afterward recaptured.
1. Oliver Stark and Jennie Mae Kirk married at Clayton, Mo.
3. Contract let for new iron bridge at Belltown.
4. Mrs. Geo Smith died east of Kane, age 62.
6. Josephine Macket died at Greenfield.
6. Democratic senatorial convention.
7. F J Stock, Sr., died at Greenfield, age 85.
8. Wm Lavery resigned as Democratic central committeeman; Col Nulton succeeded him.
8. Henry Booth seriously wounded by accidental shot.
8. John F Ozbun died, age 57.
8. Greenfield streets lighted by electricity.
8. Geo W Scandrett died at Rush Springs, I. T.
9. Vincent Delle Clough died, aged 10 months.
11. city tax levy of $9,150 made.
12. Mrs. Stephen G Bass died at Bandy.
13. County Sunday school convention opened at Pleasant Point
14. Wm Mulberry died at Venice, age 29.
17. Mrs. Perry Short died.
20. Geo W Winn died at White Hall.
20. C. F. Schattgen sold his meat market to John Prindable.
22. T S Chapman addressed Logan Club.
22. Louis Platto died near Kane.
23. J G Pinkerton died at Berdan, age 65.
23. Dr J A Cravens of St. Louis and Clara Lee Crane married.
27. Racing matinee at fair ground.
27. Chas Combrink and Hettie Fullerton married.
27. Wm C Pope died near Kane, age 61.
29. Mrs. Sallie Smith died near Short, age 80.
31. Cemetery Improvement Association reorganized.
31. Kane voted for electric lights.
1. Mrs. A. J. Witt died near Kane.
1. Mrs. Elizabeth Hill Emmerson died at Virden, age 74.
3. Geo Marshall died near Kane.
5. Patriot Souvenir issued.
6. M A Henkle and Fathia Shearer married at Kane.
7. Mrs. Mary Harlan died at Jacksonville, age 86.
8. M W A Picnic Association organized.
8. C. O. Orrick died at Houston, Tex.
9. County board fixed tax levy at $27,500.
10. Mrs. May Smith died at Kane.
11. Edgar Uzzle, age 15, shot his sister; afterward sent to reform school.
13. Chas Gross and James Bilberdack died near Fayette, aged 67 and 71; respectively.
14. Carrollton Cycling Club organized.
15. Oscar S Smith and Mand Shellenberger married.
15. Gov. Altgeld spoke at Roodhouse.
16. Gus Pope and Cora Burnett married at Kane.
16. Beagle Keowen died near Kane.
17. Mrs. Hampton Graves died near Kane.
17. Kane Telegram issued.
17. James T. Ashlock sent to pen for manslaughter.
18. Mrs. Mary J. McAdams died at Eldred, age 51.
20. Absolom Bradley died in his 810th year.
22. Chas Heaton injured on L, C & W road.
22. Fake foot race at fair grounds.
23. James Clifford and Mary Barrett married.
25. Adam Engleman died at Canon City, Colo.
26. Presbyterian harvest home festival.
29. H_____ Beebe and Maud Slone married.
29. Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford died at Kane, age 84.
30. A L Thomas and Jennie Walker married at Rogers, Ark.
1. Carrollton’s big Republican rally, addressed by Wm. E. Mason and others.
1. E A Doolittle and W C Scanland formed law partnership.
3. Wm M Mitchell died, age 72.
7. W. H. Cross and Bellie Shirley married.
9. Hon. E. O Stannard addressed Logan club.
9. Grover W. Browning died, age 11.
10. Mrs. Mary Hall died at Kane in her 100th year.
10. Wm Hillis died suddenly, age 52.
10. Big free silver rally addressed by Vice President Stevenson and others.
12. Graham Earle Co open, for a week at opera house.
13. Greene County Fair opens for four days.
13. Modern Woodmen picnic at fair grounds.
13. Chas Wilson fell forty feet from Baptist church roof.
14. Wade Hampton Billings died Medora, age 79.
19. Adellis Farrow and Lizzie Good of Eldred married.
20. Telephone line between White Hall and Carrollton completed.
22. Mary Picket died at Greenfield.
23. Frank Pierce died at Fayette.
24. Supervisors’ first annual picnic.
25. Florence Verona Reisch died.
26. Wm J. Bryan made his shortest speech at C & A depot.
27. Free _____ debate between S L Spear and Judge Bowmad.
27. J J Clafflin of Eldred and Mary Easdale of Poplar Bluff, Mo., married.
28. Geo Wahl of Morrisonville and Margaret Kahm married at Greenfield.
29. Dr. F C Smock and Hattie Moore married.
31. Gregory mansion burned.
31. Mrs. Emily Wright died.
31. Mrs. James Phibbs died at Jacksonville.
31. Jordan Perkins and Johnette Coheen married.
1. Mrs. John P Moore died at Fayette.
3. National election.
5. Chas W. Kelley and Louise Ward married.
5. Add Postlewait and Lizzie Sibley married.
5. Elmer Turner died at Greenfield, age 19.
11. Mrs. C C Hay died in New York city; buried here 14th.
13. Harvy Farrow adjudged insane and taken to Jacksonville.
17. Michael Bremnan and Julia Shanson married.
18. Rev. J. E. Harrison and wife left for _________, Ala.
19. Massey Cox, Jr. and Mrs. Lillie Smith married at Walkerville.
20. Trades Carnival.
20. Silver wedding anniversary of John Ashford and wife, near Daum.
21. Julius Schumann and Theresa Rupp married.
23. Mason Pointer died at Greenfield, age 34.
25. Sherman Morgan and Pearl Fuller married at Greenfield.
28. Harry Leo, little son of Marshal Standifer, died.
28. S. S. Clark died, age 68.
29. Peter Trippen died, west of White Hall.
30. Chas Foley died, age 68.
30. Annie Dougherty burned to death at White Hall, age 11.
30. Little daughter of Wm Burch and wife, west of Kane, fatally burned, age 5.
2. John D. Anderson died at Kane, age 55.
2. Samuel Pittman died at White Hall, age 72.
4. Oratoria, “Rebekah,” by Carrollton Symphony club.
7. Patrick Prindable’s will found.
8. Mrs. Mary L. Barr buried here; died at Jacksonville, 6th.
10. Una Winn died, age 11.
10. Jackson Brown died at Jalappa, age __.
17. L. J. Patterson died at Roodhouse, age __.
17. Mrs. Ann Steel died, age 67.
19. Wm F Vandersand and Lottie Gilieland of Woody married here.
20. Wm Hartsook died at Greenfield, age 53.
22. Rev F C Bruner’s lecture.
22. Robt Stevens of Jalappa blew off his hand with dynamite.
23. C E Duncan and Ada Robinson married.
23. Pleasant Short and Rosa Tillery married.
23. H G Ellis and Effie Jones married.
24. High School art loan.
24. F B Strang and Rua Pope married.
24. Lucinan K. Jones and Nellie C Gough married.

Transcribed by Kim Nappier

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