Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1895

The Patriot presents herewith its annual resume of events of the past year in Greene County, compiled from its own columns. While it has not been a particularly eventful year in happenings of great moment, yet, as the simple annals of the town and county, these chronicles are filled with matters that have been of vital interest to individuals and communities during the year. That a record of these events may be preserved in convenient and chronological form, this history of Greene County for 1895 is here given.
1)William Voiles and wife of Bluffdale celebrate their ** wedding.
1)George Richards and Mattie Dresselt married at Kane.
?) Wm. Price died at Walkerville
?) Mrs. Eliza Hand died at Greenfield
?) J H Fischer left for Germany. He is now in business there and is soon to be married.
5) Wm. L Laird, aged 30, died at Fidelity; buried at Kane
6) Harry L Wright and Mollie M Crawford married at Kane
7) Mrs. Parnella F Dalton age……………….in Macoupin county; buried at Green
8) C E Henson of Virden submits an electric light proposition to the city council
8) Fred H Kelley and Mrs. Mary Moore married at Alton
9) Dr. Robert Rives of Fayette and Mabel Payne of Medora married
9) Martin Howerton died near Providnece, aged 65
10) Bazzett’s auction store closed in Carrollton for lack of business
11) Sam Webrley, Jr. thrown from a wagon and seriously hurt at Kane
12) Death of Mrs. Letitia Bowman, aged 82
15) Public school building at Athensville burned
16) Mrs. Maria Allen died at Rockebridge, aged 77
18) C A Tibbs and wife of Kane celebrate their tin wedding
19) Thos. Wright, aged 59, dropped dead of heart disease at Wrightsville
19) Oscar Metberry, age 26 years old, son of Supervisor McQu**ry, shot and killed himself near his home south of Greenfield.
20) J H Barnett died at Rockbridge, aged 81
20) Mrs. Maria Davis died at White Hall, aged 72
21) Seno Stocks’ lumber yard burned at White Hall
24) The Rinaker-Downing congressional contest in Greene county was opened before S Emma Corrington, notary public
25) Mrs. Rebecca Land, formerly of Carrollton, was foud dead in her room in St. Louis
26) Grant Maholland’s house burned near Eldred
28) Wm. Green, son of Geo. Green of Carrollton, died at Redlands, Cal., aged 29
30) Annual Greene county farmers’ Institute opens at Greenfield
31) W P Knnis died at Emporia, Kas.
31) Mrs. J G Weller died west of Kane, aged 55
1) Henry Dixon ordained as a Baptist minister
2) Greene county fair grounds sold to E A Belknap for $*****
2) Clint Mc*herod and family arrived from Milwaukee
3) R W Carr died at Fayette
3) Geo. H Price died, aged 83
4) Petey A Brown and wife celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary
5) Everett Pernell and Cordelia Gilmore married in St. Louis
5) Stella Winn took poison and died at Bas**ham House
5) Joseph Aitum died at Greenfield
5) Mrs. Harriet Fellinger died at Greenfield
6) Frank M Short of Wrightsville and Ola Walton of White Hall married at Hotel Pierson
8) Annual reunion of McPueron family
9) Miss Ida Willams appointed postmistress at Rockbridge
9) Norman M Perry shoots and kills himself in St. Louis; buried here 12th
10) John Short and Mrs. Emily Short married near Greenfield
10) Frank McCracken and Mary Sconce married at Eldred
10) Meade Baldwin and Maude Seely married, west of White Hall
11) Capt. G I Williams sold the St. Kimo block to Dr. Ross
12) Jacob D Tunison, a prominent farmer, died suddenly near White Hall, aged 60
13) Thos. Ford and wife of Greenfield celebrated their golden wedding
14) Wm. A Burch and Ella Witt married at Kane
14) Prof. R E Wilder died at Greenfield, aged 84
14) Johnnie C*nn*dy died, aged 12
18) Greenfield Lodge, K of P entertained a large number of visitors on the 3*d anniversary of the order
19) John F Allen Lottie Keeley married at Kane
20) Two year old son of U S Dugdall, near Pegram, accidentally shot and killed by an older brother
22) Washington’s birthday appropriately celebrated in the public schools
22) Aunt Polly Hall celebrates her **th birthday at Kane
23) Mrs. T F Ladd died at White Hall, aged 55
23) Mrs. Ras Naylor died near Hay Press.
25) February term of circuit court opened
26) Joshua Campbell and Nannie Stroud married near Kane
27) Mrs. Catherine Mays died near Kane, aged 72
27) Frank Campbell and Mabel Otey married, six miles west of White Hall
28) Mrs. Elizabeth Howard died Rockbridge, age 71
6) Chas. Thompson and Sadie Rayfield married at Kane
4) Mrs. H G Metz died at Jacksonville; buried here 6th
5) Conrad Weber and Mrs. Mary Manley married at Berdan
5) Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds died in Carrollton
8) Mrs. Eliza P Clark, mother of Mrs. T J Pinkerton, died at Alva, Okla.
8) Mrs. Harry Manning died at Kane
9) Thos. Newton struck Wm. Badman on the head with a pitchfork handle; Badman died 12th
10) B W Owens and family arrived from Tacoma, Wash.
10) L W Loomis’ new 7-inch telescope was mounted for the first time to view the total eclipse of the moon
10) Ira Stout and Julia Spalding married at Alva, Okla.
11) Greenfield Daily Blade appeared
11) John W Black, formerly of Carrollton, died at Neosho, Mo.
13) Harry S Temple died at Greenfield
13) Fred Brown and Lillie Herman married
13) Geo. W Day of Athensville killed by the cars at Roodhouse
14) Fred W Cox and Ollie Patterson married here
15) Little child of G D Hill and wife of Chicago buried here
16) Oscar Moesing died, aged 37
17) John C Cleveland and Mrs. Linne Locke married at Walkerville
19) Isaac N Nedder died at Rushville
21) Seventh annual W C T U convention for Greene county is held at Presbyterian church
25) Samuel Rexcoat died near White Hall, aged 50
25) James Dunn, Orville Mann and Thomas Richards broke jail
26) Mrs. Jennie Hillig died, aged 23
28) Thomas Richards captured at Slater, Mo. returned to jail
28) Clarence and Clara Egelhoff were given a surprise party on their 17th birthday
31) Mrs. Robert Morris died near Kane
1) F Z Dibble died in Kansas City; buried here 3rd
2) Father Hoven returned from an eight months trip to Europe
2) Town elections
3) School excursion to Springfield
4) Geo. C Gillean and Belle Andrews married at Crawford, Texas
4) Dr. J E Waters and Mrs. Klitha Shores married at midnight
6) Orville Mann captured at Roodhouse and returned to jail
8) Mrs. J H Baldwin died near White Hall, aged 60
9) Mrs. B F Piper died at White Hall; buried at Greenfield 11th
10) Rufus G Seely died west of White Hall, aged 59
10) Benj. Hartwick and Mary E Smith married, Linder town
10) Erastus Richards and Mrs. Henrietta Bridges married at Kane
11) Burton K. Scandrett and Belle Ellison married at Rockbridge
12) Patrick Foran died, aged 19
13) Mrs. Emma Tribble of Athensville suicided by taking poison
14) Ernest C Strang died at Greenfield, age 6
14) Chas. C Hartwick and Martha L Smith married, Linder town
14) Jas. H Price and Lizzie Gilbert of Woody married here
14) Easter service at court house in charge of Knights Templar; address by Rev. John D Vincill, D D of St. Louis
15) Frank Smith, and aged German, died near Walkerville
15) Wm. Riggall, a Roodhouse saloon keeper, died in a hospital at Jacksonville
15) James Graham of Roodhouse killed by the cars at Murrayville
16) City election; license defeated in Carrollton by 47 votes
18) Entertainment for Ladies Aid Society by Miss Edith Fishback and Prof. Valentine
19) Eli Perkins lectured
19) W G Secor and wife of Greenfield celebrated their silver wedding
19) Pleasant H Cruin died at Berdan, aged 53
20) Mrs. H T Rainey entertains the Current Topic Club at its closing meeting for the year and provides a banquet
22) Kate O’Heron of Berdan is pronounced insane
22) Chas. Morley and Dollie Neece married at White Hall
22) Julia M Christy died at Kane
23) Architect Buckingham’s plans accepted for the improvement of the Masonic Temple
23) John Curtin and Genevieve Stone married
24) James G Rayden of Roodhouse and Nellie Fletcher of Wrightsville married here
24) Matthew Bethard of Wrightsville of pronounced insane
24) Clyde R Sheffield and Ella B Clark married
26) Second annual banquet of Current Topic Club
29) Mrs. Mary Washburn died near Rockbridge, aged 92
30) Martin Coughan died, aged 85
30) Gerhard B Pranger and Maggie Rawe married
30) O C White and Minnie A Clark married at Carlinville
1) John A Boyd and Ida Bell of Walkerville married here
1) New city council meets and Mayor Pierson reads his message
2) Robbie, son of Ward Eldred and wife, died at Bluffdale, aged 4 years
2) Klon E Tolman died at Kane
2) Commencement exercises at Roodhouse
4) Mrs. Ross Schafer died
4) Silas W Eldred killed near Sulphur Springs, Ark.; buried here 7th
6) Vedder, druggist, retires from business, having occupied the same store 24 years
6) Free silver convention at court house
8) Commencement exercises at White Hall
9) Commencement exercises at Greenfield
9) Hugh McKittrick and Grace Kennett married in St. Louis
9) Closing reception and banquet of L M I Club at Mrs. Henshaw’s
9) C V Loper and Miss L W Varney married at Rickbridge
11) Mrs. Henry Harden died at Rockbridge
11) La Pearl’s circus here
11) Philip Young and Mary Fields married at Walkerville
14) Annual tax sale
15) Hartwell ranch of 9,000 acres sold at auction for $131,600
18) Mrs. Dorsett, aged 90, died at Berdan
18) Nameless Society held its annual picnic at Kampsville lock
18) Morton Campbell of Roodhouse pronounced insane
21) Mrs. Perry Ridings is given a surprise party on her 53rd birthday
21) John White and Dollie Richards married at Kane
24) Henry C Stout died at Greenfield, aged 59
25) E J Secor died, aged 79
29) Wm. Waltrip and Anna Hall married near Greenfield
29) David H Gott and Nettie Secor married at Greenfield
29) Mrs. Betty Funkhouser died near Wrightsville
30) Decoration day
30) Third annual exhibit of school work in Carrollton
1) P O’Donoho died in St. Louis; buried at Eldred 3rd
3) Sam Edwards buys out Jim Bowie’s interest in the store
5) Wm. A Brown and Addie Vermillion married here
5) Commencement exercises at Carrollton
6) Eighth annual reunion and banquet of Carrollton High School Alumni
9) W A Morrison and Lucy Ballard married at Walkersville
10) Two weeks normal institute opened here, with eighty teachers enrolled
12) Dr. Howard Burns moves out to his summer cottage, north of fair grounds
15) Greene County Fair stockholders elect directors
16) Memorial exercises for Greene county Old Fellows at Roodhouse
24) Julia Brown died near Fayette, aged 13
24) Postoffice at Roodhouse burglarized
25) Wm. E Davis and Daisy Rites married at Greenfield
27) Harvey E Weeks and Lutie V Pope married at Kane
28) Sheriff Robinson returned from Chanute, Kas., with James Dunn, the last of the three prisoners who broke jail March 25
28) Gilbert Rourke and Mary Brooks of Greenfield married here
4) Celebrated in Carrollton by a base ball game
6) Isaac Kirk died
7) Lewis Neal and Lucy Johnson married near Daum
7) Mrs. John Booth died
7) Chas. Murphy died
9) Mrs. Nelson Garren died
9) Geo. Brown committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver
9) Cora Standifer died
9) Mrs. Jane Hubbs died at Pegram
9) Jerry Whitlock, died near Rockbridge, aged 83
11) Edward Corrington died at McCoy, Colo.; buried here 17th

12) Banquet to Carrollton Base Ball Club at caidence of T D Price
18) Mrs. G W Winn died at White Hall; buried here 20th
21) Mrs. Sarah Southworth died at Jerseyville; buried here 23rd
23) Mrs. O P Cory died at Kane, aged 67
26) Peter Mowen died west of Kane, aged 38
26) Florence Turpening and Cordelia Woods married
26) Robert E Whitlock, postmaster at Roodhouse, is found to be short nearly $1,000; his resignation and arrest follow
28) Some young ladies and gentlemen from Carrollton “Shot the Jam” at Kampsville
30) Joe Hollon shot at James Johnisee and family, near Jalappa
1) Clair Sharon and Fannie Robinson married
2) Ball game – Fats 13 Leans 6
4) Timothy Sullivan died, aged 87
6) Mrs. Sarah Ratliff died at the home of John M Lee
7) Mrs. James Stevens died at Rockbridge
7) Geo. A King and Lillie Armstrong married
8) County soldiers’ reunion at Greenfield
8) Frank A Davis and Jessie Brown married
12) Luther Ward died near Woody, aged 19
12) Mrs. John Dowdell died, aged 32
14) John Hinkle died at Berdan
14) Dr. Howard Burns and Edith Fishback married
15) Ned Wright and Belle Austin married in St. Louis
18)Mrs. Caroline Hutchens died at Florence, Kas., aged 62
20) Frank Butler, alias Thos. Doyle, passes three forged checks and is arrested
21) John Flatt died near Eldred, aged 80
21) Knights Templer and ladies left for Boston in a special sleeper
24) Dora Clark and Effie McQuerry of Greenfield married at Jerseyville
25) Rev. J J Reader closes a three years pastorate at Baptist church
26) Lewis D******** at Beltown, aged 86
26) Mrs. Anna Hartwell sells the Hartwell ranch to Peru (Ind) capitalists for $**,***
30) Mrs. Theo hunt pronounced insane
2) School began
3) Dan’l Dwyer died at Berdan, aged about 73
3) David Q Pierson and Mamie Brown married in St. Louis
4) Samuel Huffman and Nice McQuerry married at Greenfield
4) Levi Delour shot and killed at Roodhouse by Rufus Lupton
9) Mrs. Walton Collins died east of Greenfield
9) John M Burger died at Rockbridge, aged 25
12) Van V Wright and Rosa L Bowman married near Greenfield
14) Electric light proposition carried by 206 to 104, at a special election
15) Mrs. Mary Montgomery, died at Rockbridge, aged 77
15) Wm Gilbert and Eva Bushnell married at Eldred
16)Clement Schafer died, aged 21
16) Mrs. Isaac Milner died near Kane, aged 35
17) N P Culver and Chloe Tolman married at Kane
18) T O White and Marguerite Anderson married at Kane
18) Wm. H Parson and Mabel Meck married north of Carrollton
20) Golmar Bros. Circus
22) Mrs. Wm. Hillis died, aged 52
24) Lee Farrow and Helen Walter married, southwest of Woody
24) Cooper family reunion and 96th birthday of Edmund L Cooper celebrated at Hickory Grove
25) Old Settlers’ reunion
28) Hezekiah Light died at Greenfield
28) Isaac Lowenstein died at White Hall, aged 62
1) Will Allen and Florence Stout married at Greenfield
5) Fats 30, Leans 18
6) John Short died near Eldred, aged 30
6) Mrs. John Carmody died, aged 49
8) Mrs. Louisa Elmore died, aged 45
12) James P Roodhouse and Jessie Dain married at St. Louis
12) Mrs. Geo. DeBolt, Sr., died at Jacksonville
15) Greene County Fair begins
15) Lewis Satory and Laura Nailor married
15) Rao Williams and Elizabeth Ramsey married
15) Roy D Greene and Elsie Williams married at Greenfield
15) Walter S Blue and Ada Glass married
16) John H Waller and Nancy Collins married near Greenfield
19) John Seago died east of Kane, aged 26
21) Mrs. Henry Cogger died at Rockbridge, aged 38
22) Wm. Neal died at Greenfield, aged 48
23) Lewis Rafferty and Ora Flowers married at Wrightsville
23) Geo. Thiell and Dora Stone married at Kane
24) “Under Two Flags” at the opera house
28) Fred Attenbury died, aged 15
29) Geo. P Bauer and Bertha Thorpe married at Greenfield
30) Oliver T Purl and Blanche Scandrell married at Rockbridge
30) Chas. Kight of Kane and Laura Greene of Jerseyville married at Brighton
31) Earthquake shock
31) James Short and Della Stone married
2) Levi Bridgewater thrown from a wagon and killed, south of Woody
2) Wm. S Carter died at Woody, aged 62
4) Wm. Haddock and wife of Bluffdale celebrate their crystal wedding
4) Luman Curtius died, aged 87
4) Mrs. Geo. Nash died near White Hall
6) Douglas Chapman died near Walkersville
10) Josiah Mason died near Kane, aged 77
10) Mrs. J C Hawkins died in Kansas; buried at Kane 13th
11) Jacob Tendrick pronounced insane
12) Dee Morrow and Irene Armstrong married at Girard
13) Mrs. Ben Foster died at Greenfield
14) James F Bradshaw died, aged 64
15) Lucius Painter and Mrs. Nora Likely married
18) Mrs. Barry Shade, near Greenfield, pronounced insane
18) Reception given by Mrs. I H Lakin in honor of the 18th birthday of her daughter Miss Jessie
18) Theodore Ham died near Kane
20) Thos. Flaherty and Katie Foley married in Chicago
28) Oratorio-cantata “Under the Palms” for the benefit of the Ladies Aid Society, under the direction of Leon K Craig.
30) Wm. Henry Phillips died
1) Geo. Goodman and Lucille Briggs married at Kane
1) Perry Hartwick and Mary Kimbro married at Greenfield
1) Leslie Smith died
2) Mrs. Nancy Ballard died near Rockbridge, aged 32
3) Hezekiah Patterson died near Eldred, aged 73
4) Everett Green pronounced insane at Roodhouse
4) Geo. Thompson died at Kane, aged 19
6) Wm. M Ward pronounced insane
7) Mrs. L W Reed died, aged 40
7) Mrs. Elvira Fales died in St. Louis, aged 75, buried here 9th
9) Albert Cole and Susie Varble married at Kane
10) Mrs. Sarah Grizzle died
13) Thos. Black died, aged *5
15) Mrs. Jos. Mitchell died, aged 64
17) John D Haworth and Ida M *oan married
19) Mrs. Ella Rare died at Kane, aged *9
19) Samuel S Green and Sarah E Stone married
19) Joseph Rhodes and Florida J Schooley married at Kane
21) Norman C Woolsey died at Greenfield
23) Geo. D Worley and Dora Boggatt married
25) Chas. I Daigger and Mary Busch married
31) It snowed

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