Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1894

Important Happenings in Carrollton and Greene County as Recorded by The Patriot
—Things Laughed About and Wept Over—
the changes of a Year
1 Lincoln Armstrong and Lillian Goodwip married at Medora.
2 A. A. Warren and Mattie Short married at (unreadable).
3 Perry Griffin and Rosa Ladd married.
3 Michael Cronin and Mrs. Margaret McNerny married.
4 John Kaser and Mrs. Georgia Elliott married at Marshall, Mo.
5 Third annual banquet of Carollton Corner Band.
6 Mrs. John Newhom died near Walkerville.
12 Wm. Hayes and Mary Heffron married.
15 Wimer’s cigar store burned.
16 Mrs. John Abel died near Carrollton.
17 Ed Brown’s hand crushed in corn husking machine.
18 First Majestic range excursion from Carlinville and Greenfield.
22 L. McFarland and son, Harry, left for Old Mexico.
22 Levi Murphy died west of Kane, aged 74.
23 J. R. M. Wylder died at Jerseyville.
24 Gardiner Mays died at Jalappa.
25 Mrs. Kate Miller died at Greenfield, aged 53.
28 Al Brice and Eva Bixby married at Walkerville.
28 Mrs. Jas. T. Ashlock died at Jacksonville.
29 Robt. B. Haven died near Greenfield, aged 57.
29 Mrs. Lucinda Cronch died at Greenfield, past 80 years old.
30 Elizabeth wife of John H. Rives, died near Fayette, aged 64.
31 F. F. Cameron and Margaret Burns married at White Hall.
31 Wm. Barbett and Jennie Mungall married here.
31 Jacob McAvoy’s residence, two miles south, destroyed by fire.
3 Washington Brewbaker died at Eldred.
5 First series of stock matured in Greene County Savings and Loan Association, and 91 shares paid.
5 Chas W. Clower and Annie Damm married.
7 Hynes & Wallace’s saloon burglarized.
7 Lewis Phillips tried to leave this world by strychnine route, but was pumped out and saved.
8 Annual family reunion at J. A. McPheron’s.
8 Mrs. Anna E. Culver, who died in Kansas, was buried in White Hall.
9 Carrollton Physical Improvement club organized.
12 Lincoln’s birthday observed at public (unreadable) with appropriate ceremonies.
13 Mrs. Michael Henkel died at Kane, aged ?4.
14 Joe Williams accidentally shot at Berdan.
14 Mrs. Mary Barr Lynn died, aged 80.
14 Mrs. Elizabeth Gardiner died at Kane, age ??
17 Dr. Revel W. English died at Kansas City in his 84th year.
17 Geo. W. Lipscomb appointed mater mechanic of L. C. & W. R. R.
18 Bertie, son of Wm. Vigus died, age 4.
19 Valentine Robs becomes a farmer.
20 Greenfield Cornet Band celebrates it 19th anniversary.
20 Annual farmers institute convenes at Roodhouse.
20 Richard C. Waddle died near Kane in his 3rd year.
20 "Majestic" wedding. Albert Ross Baldwin and Annie Mary Collins married at Majestic Range headquarters, in the presence fo hundreds of invited guests.
21 Joe Williams and Ella Rexfeat married at Berdan.
22 John A. Pellett and Lula Elliott married at Felter.
22 Willie Cress died at Greenfield in his 15th year.
23 Wm. G. Farrow, son of Mrs. Rachel Farrow, shot and killed at St. Charles, Ark.
25 Mrs. Nancy Critchfield died at Greenfield, aged 58.
25 John Hendrickson died at Old Kane.
2 James, son of Frank Taylor, shot and killed himself at (unreadable)
6 Blind Tom concert at Christian church.
7 Cider Jack’s Saloon burglarized.
7 Rev. Henry L. Johnson, a well known Baptist preacher, died at Murrayville.
11 Ralph, son of S. T. Smith, died, aged 19.
11 Wm. Casey died at Kane, aged 65.
12 Chas. Hopkins tried for the murder of Elijah Arendell, is acquitted.
14 Squire Manley died at Berdan.
14 G. G. Kenney and family moved to St. Louis.
15 Dudley E. Greene and Kellie G. Edwards married.
16 Robert Shaw and Lettie eloped from near Woodville to St. Louis, but the girl is brought back by constable.
18 Patrick Fanning died.
21 Mrs. (unreadable) Reynolds died at Berdan.
2? Julia (unreadable) died near Woody.
2? Easter Sunday.
26 Wm. Blankenship and Mary Alice Gro? married.
30 F. F. Dibbie and family moved to Kansas City.
30 Musical entertainment by home talent under direction of J. A. Carson.
31 Mrs. Catherine Green died age 82.
1 Mrs. Joseph Dunnegan died at Bluffdale, aged ??.
? Democratic county convention.
? E. L. Simpson appointed postmaster at Carrollton.
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10 Chas. H. Eldred and Belle Burr married in Jacksonville.
15 Rev. C. H. Bass closes his pastorate at the Christian church.
17 Frank Standifer died, aged 61.
17 City election; license defeated in Carrollton by 44 majority.
19 Wm. R. Bushnell died.
22 Petrified woman found near Walkerville by Bud Howard.
23 Green Maddy found dead near Rockbridge.
26 Democratic senatorial convention at Carrollton.
28 Ota Cannedy died, aged 17.
29 Guy C. Richards died near Kane in his 75th year.
29 Anniversary exercises by Odd Fellows Christian church; sermon by Rev. W. M. Groves of Gerard.
29 Wesley C. Sloan died, aged 38.
1 E. L. Simpson takes possession of Carrollton post office, with Frank Eberlein as deputy.
1 First meeting of the new city council and officers appointed.
1 B. G. Metz and Mary A. Samuel married in Jacksonville.
3 Annual reception and banquet of L. M. I. Club.
8 Democratic congressional convention in Jacksonville.
8 Frank Leslie Sever died.
8 Adolphus Miller and Ella Garrison married at Kane.
9 Commencement exercises at Greenfield.
13 Robt. Postlewait and Emma Winkler married in Calhoun county.
14 Peabody’s Cantata of Ireland at the Opera house.
15 Mrs. Almira Baker died at Greenfield.
19 Bud Howard and Luella Heberling of Walkerville married at Hardin.
21 Base ball fever breaks out.
21 Archie Owsley and Emma Ward of Walkerville married at Berdan.
21 Saloons closed in Carrollton.
23 James C. Brown died at Greenfield, aged 69.
23 S. L. Richey died at Kane, aged 34.
25 Peter Clouter died, aged 66.
27 Rev. W. C. Roach closed pastorate of Baptist church at Kane.
28 Republican county convention.
29 "Rebecca’s Triumph," by home talent at the opera house.
30 Annual exhibit of school work at public school building.
31 Michael Shetterly died, aged 69.
1 First matinee by Carrollton Driving Club.
3 Thos. Clark and Addie Simpson married at Kane.
3 Hattie S. Moore died, aged 12.
4 Edgar S. Neat and Stella Sprague of Roodhouse married at midnight at Squire Connole’s.
4 Cyrus Hartwell died very suddenly at Patterson, aged 62.
6 John T. Williams died at Kane, age 83.
7 Twentieth class (14 members) graduates from Carrollton High School; commencement exercises at M. E. church.
8 Seventh annual reunion and banquet of Carrollton High School alumni.
9 Mrs. Minerva Parks died north of Greenfield, aged 90.
10 Annual summer institute of Greene county teachers begins.
12 Encampment and subordinate lodges, I. O. O. F. hold memorial services.
12 Board of Education employs teachers to Carrollton public schools.
13 Mrs. Amira King died at Kane, aged 71.
15 Mrs. John Cronan died at Chenoa; funeral at Carrollton, 17th.
17 John Branzenberg and Annie Thomas married.
23 Beginning of the celebrated auction storecases.
23 George Cole died near Kane, aged 55.
24 John Carson died at Greenfield, aged 79.
25 W. P. Miller and wife celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
26 Father Hoven of St. John’s church, leaves for Europe.
28 Orville Wilson and Grace Duckles married at Carlinville.
29 Wm. Gray died suddenly at Rockbridge, aged 50.
30 Nannie J. Armstrong died, aged 34.
2 Levi Stringer died near Rockbridge.
4 Independence Day celebrated by picnic and races at the fair ground; annual bicycle road race  won by Chas. Sloan.
4 Only one train each way through Carrollton on C. & A. road, on account of Debs strike; no letters or daily papers from St. Louis or Chicago for three days.
8 Robt. F. Green of Kane and Love Cannedy of Rockbridge married in Carrollton.
10 Norvel Cress and Kate Heiner married in Greenfield.
11 Republican congressional convention met at Jacksonville.
13 Mrs. Fred Jackson died.
15 John Dunsworth died, aged 85.
17 Republican senatorial convention met at Carlinville.
19 Fred L. Thomas and Mazie Robards married.
23 Postoffice moved to "Simpsonville", next door to the PATRIOT office.
27 B. M. Spalding, a prominent farmer, shakes the dust of Greene county from his feet.
28 Wm. Whiteside and Lulu Raines of Walkerville married at Hardin.
1 Mrs. Geo. G. Gillean (Lizzie J. Andrews) died at Crawford, Tex.
4 Mrs. D. W. Smith, died at Alton; burial at Kane, 5th.
7 Mrs. J. A. Berry died at Cairo, Mo.
13 R. B. Robinson sold west side news stand to Ed Smith.
18 Mrs. S. O. Campbell died.
20 J. G. Weller’s residence, near Wyan’s spring, destroyed by fire.
21 Clark Whitlock and Ann Clark of Rockbridge were married in Carrollton.
21 Mrs. Susan Caswell drowned in a cistern at Greenfield.
27 Reuben Carrico died near Fayette; burial here 28th.
28 James T. Ashlock and Mary Montgomery married.
29 R. F. (unreadable) and Hattie Wood married at Kane.
30 Anderson Hedrick died.
30 Wm. Adcock died at Woody.
30 Mrs. Cora Pruitt drowned in a well at Patterson.
? Circuit court opened.
? School opened.
? Aloysius J. Geers and Matilda Goll married.
? Soldiers (unreadable) opened at Roodhouse.
6 Chas. F. Meyer and Addie Hubbard, also C. E. Williamson and Effie Hubbard married in this city.
6 Thos. Abrams and Mrs. Sue M. Tilley married in Springfield.
8 Louis C. Besson and Johanna Nagie married.
9 Caleb A. Post and Mattie Young married at Kane.
11 Mrs. Thos. Holmes died west of Kane.
12 Albert F. Griffin and Josie Spear married.
14 Mrs. Fred Busch died south of Woody, aged 21.
15 Thos. Powell died at Woody, aged 21.
16 Rev. F. C. Bruner preached his farewell sermon at M. E. church.
16 Robert B. Graham, a young man from Carrollton, found dead in C & A depot here.
18 Greene County Fair opened.
20 Cornelius Crafton and Mrs. Rosa Gies married.
20 Walker Brown and Jessie Witt married at Kane.
23 Geo. Halbert and Lillie Warren married at Bluffdale.
24 Old Settlers’ reunion.
25 Irving Wetzel and Lora Wells married at Patterson.
26 Archie T. Bowman died, aged 20.
27 Clyde Norton died, age 7.
28 Fannie Simpson died, 18.
28 Mrs. Nancy Barnett found dead in bed at Rockbridge.
2  Michael Hayes and Sadie Carmody married.
3  W.E. Foran died, aged 28.
3  Geo. F. Mellor and Hattie Wilhite married at Greenfield.
4  Leonard Boishell and Martha Woods married at Kane.
5  Ed Witt and Nettie Hopper married at Kane.
6  John W. Dowdall died, aged 26.
6  Parley Thomason died at Woody, aged 16.
9  Alfred Hartwick died, aged 68.
9  A. M. Tunnell died at Fairbury, Neb.
10 Martin Bowman died, aged 20.
14 Chas. Jackson and Matilda Coonrod married at Rockbridge.
18 L. P. Hanna and Olive Edwards married at Greenfield.
19 Percy Lisles and Lulu Fiatt married.
22 Andrew J. Witt and Susie Waddle married at Kane.
25 Newton Meneley of Greenfield and Mary Miller married at Jerseyville.
27 Wm. V. Rhodes assaulted and stabbed at Wrightsville.
29 Mr. Burglar has a hard time at Weimer and Vivell residences.
30 Mr. Albert Burch died west of Kane, aged 36.
31 Mary Simpson died, aged 2?.
1  Elon (Cook) Kidred and Nina Valentine married at Seattle, Wash.
4  Rev. D. W. Britton preaches his first sermon at M. E. church.
5  Robinson C. Zink died northeast of Greenfield, aged 67.
11 Rev. B. B. Hamilton died at Upper Alton.
11 Chas. E. Kinser killed by train near White Hall.
11 Elijah Bess and Barbara Bryant married near Pegram.
13 Reception to H. H. Montgomery, grand commander Knights Templar.
15 W. H. Ladd sold out to Meldrum Bros.
16 Mrs. Chas. Otto died near Walnut Grove.
19 Jim Sykes traded in Carrollton.
20 Dr. F. X. Fischer and family moved to Belleville.
20 Thos. J. Pinkerton employed as engineer at the waterworks.
20 Harry Egelhoff and Sadie Hill of Jerseyville married here.
21 Robt. Clough and Ida Lewis married at Nutwood.
22 Henry Steokel and Bertha Pendt married.
24 Mrs. Ida Snow died at Kane.
24 Mrs. Geo. March died at Walkerville.
25 Geo. W. Wood and (unreadable) C. (unreadable) married at Berdan.
25 Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Ross Baldwin (unreadable) "Majestic" wedding couple.
29 Horace Hensler died, aged 45.
29 J. C. Hawkins and Agnes Brooks married at Kane.
29 Union Thanksgiving service at Methodist church.
1  Mrs. Leo Kaiser died, aged 48.
3  New county officers installed.
3  Uncle Josh Spruceby’s daughter rescued in the sawmill scene.
3  J. H. Fischer retires from the dry goods business.
3  Mrs. Wm. Kane died at Old Kane.
4  Mrs. Martha W???? died at Kane.
5  D. M. Fishback and Louise Lowenstein married at White Hall.
7  Mrs. Timothy Ellison died, aged ?3.
8  Mrs. Jasper Doyle died suddenly near Greenfield.
12 Arthur L. Wright and Katie Baker married in St. Louis.
12 Chas Foley, Jr. died, aged 29.
13 Frank Cook and Mattie Patterson married.
15 Nathaniel Miner died at Jerseyville in his 24th year.
18 John C??dwell committee suicide near Greenfield.
19 Geo. N. Greene of Rockbridge and Jessie McClure married at White Hall.
20 Mrs. Sarah Woodcock died, aged 95.
24 Christmas cantatas given at the churches.
25 Rev. D. W. Britton and Kathrina Burns married at Bloomington.
25 R. S. Newbold and Agnes Heron married.
25 Dr. T. C. Hatton and Mrs. John S. Hatton married.
25 Frank Howard and Katie Kirk married.

Transcribed by Heidi Grether

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