Carrollton Patriot Newspaper

Events in 1893

January - August


 3rd – Mrs. Elijah Bell died:
4th – Carrollton Baptist association met at Kane:
6th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Roady:
9th – Jerome Campbell injured; Elmer Lewis died:
10th – J. G. F. Powell died; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Olney celebrate their 25th anniversary:
12th – Martin Casey died:
14th – George Wharton died:
15th – David Day died:
17th – Mrs. Calvin Seago died:
18th – Fire in Bonnell’s row:
21st – Threshing outfit of James Nugent burned:
23rd – House of Mrs. Zohn burned:
24th – Joseph Johnson and Nellie Benson married:
25th – Circuit court opened:
26th – Henry J. Klunk and Nellie Reedy married; Mrs. Geo. Goodman died:
27th – Sherman McCollister and Fannie Frost married; Valentine Kadel died:
29th – A. D. Lock died.
2nd – Son of Grant Tucker burned to death:
3rd – John Maley and Katie Fitzgerald married:
8th – Frank Corzine’s barn burned:
10th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobs; John Rohacek, Sr., died; Angie Boyle died:
15th – Paul Nitschke fell from a tree and received some serious injuries:
16th – Baptist Ministerial association convened in this city:
17th – John McGuire and Ella McMahon married; George Parker died:
18th – Joseph Robards and Ethel Blish married:
19th – C. E. Brooks and Clara E. Boehmer married:
26th – J. Kelley and Miss Worthy married; Mott Brown and Mabel Finch married; Mrs. Martha A. Trabue died; Paul Glohr severely injured by C. & A. R. R.;
Mrs. Eva Flanders died; E. C. Erwin and Bertha Hansell married:
28th – John Steed and Effie Cadwalader married; son of Wm. Thomas died; girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Link Ford:
31st – Peter Nichols and Elizabeth Thompson married; Wesley Updike died.
1st – Wm. Schmidt died; Walter Adams and Mattie Randolph married:
2nd – Lawrence Hagan and Katie Powers married:
3rd – Shultz Rhoads house destroyed by fire:
4th – Zeddock Reddish died:
6th – Mrs. Wm. Reeder died:
7th – Chas. Wharton died:
10th – Mrs. John Simpson died:
13th – Alexander Blay died; Will Todd broke his leg:
15th – Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Scribner celebrated their silver wedding:
16th – Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Reed died:
19th – King’s Daughters bazaar:
21st – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Bull; Men’s Rights supper; Edward Schallenberger killed:
22nd –Mrs. Walk died:
23rd – Lawrence C. lamb and Eva Lurton married:
24th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowe; Mrs. Harry Derby injured in a runaway; Minnie A. Birkenmayer died; Mrs. Shortal died:
26th – Danny Realdon died:
27th – David H. Amos died:
29th – E. J. Vaughn and Sarah J. McNabb married:
30th – Frank W. Booker died.
2nd – Mrs. Mary Jones died:
3rd – Chas. Ruetter died:
4th – C. B. White died:
5th – Bert Parson’s thumb shot off:
6th – James Pigue died; Miles F. Kehoe and Amy Nutt married; Patrick Keys died of heart disease:
9th – Mrs. Chas. Reutter died:
12th – Ray H. Hudgens and Rowena McAdams married:
13th – Henry Wurth died:
14th – Jessie Powers died:
15th – Mrs. Wagner died; son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobs died; John Cuddahee severely injured; J. C. Cummings died:
16th – Mrs. John Coleman died:
19th – Mrs. Eliza Hartwick died:
20th – Samuel Felty died; Ed Forc? and Maggie E. McDermott married:
30th – Scott Holmes died.

Transcribed by Heidi Grether

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