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22 Jul 1873
The White Hall 'Register' says: Mrs. Scates, of Carrollton, now over 100 years old, is just living and daily expecting to terminate, perhaps, the longest life of any citizen that ever lived in the county. Mrs. Flatt, five miles west of town, is also over 99, and is in the last stages of old age and second childhood.

The Cairo Bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 22, 1873, Image 2
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26 Jan 1901
Daniel Jordan McMahon was born July 7, 1863, at Carrollton, Green County, Ill. His early life was on the farm, from thence he attended the district school, then to the Catholic Academy at Carrollton, then to the high school at Carrollton. From there he took the full course at St. Ignatius College, Chicago, graduating in the calss of 1883. His legal education was received at the Chicago Law School, graduating in the class of 1903. He has been a resident of Chicago since 1881.
Mr. McMahon is probably one of the best examples of vigorous manhood among the hundreds of thousands who have come from the rural West to seek their fotunes in this great commercial center. Being bred in an atmosphere of marality, where the Golden Rule has hot been forgotten, such men are always sure to reach a reasonable success in life. The first recognition of merit received by Mr. McMahon in Chicago was when he graduated at St. Ignatius College, he was offered, and accepted for a time, a position as instructor in the college. He is a Democrat in politics and an active, influential man in the councils of his party. He was duputy clerk of the County Court during the judicial terms of Prendergast and Scabes, and is now the attorney for the Board of Education. Aside from his public duties, he has a large and renumerative practice.
Mr. McMahon was married Nov. 11, 1890, to Susie J. Crowe. They have one daughter, Dorothy. They are members of the jesuit Parish. Though not connected with any of the church societies, these institutions receive his hearty approval in all their endeavors for good.
Mr. McMahon has a large circle of friends in the city. Mr. McMahon resides in the new Eleventh Ward, and is strongly backed for the Democratic nomination for City Attorney.

Chicago Eagle. (Chicago, Ill.) 1889-19??, December 06, 1902, Page 6, Image 6
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22 May 1909
William Barnhart of Carrollton, who killed his wife and Carl Clapp, who he found together in a roadhouse Dec 12, Thursday, by agreement, pleaded guilty to murder, and is to be sentenced to fourteen years for killing his wife and an indeterminate period for Clapp's death. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the latter case.

Chicago Eagle. (Chicago, Ill.) 1889-19??, May 22, 1909, Image 9
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19 Feb 1910
New Registered Pharmacists
Eighteen Out of the Class of Forty-seven Pass the Examination.
At the January meeting of the Illinois state board of pharmacy in Springfiled, eighteen out of a class of forty-seven applicants for registered pharmacist and twelve out of sixteen candidates for assistant pharrmacist passed the examinations. The names follow:
Registered pharmacists -- Bella L. Galsin, Edward E. Luken, Frederick Ruicker, Max Stine, M. A. Serritella, and Gustav A. Nester, all of Chicago, and James T. English, Carrollton; Charles E. Flautt, Grafton; B. F. Hudson, Moweaqua; Roy L. Irwin, Decatur; J. L. Lawrence, Arthur; Thomas Q. Mathis, Granite City; Hugh McCaslin, Nokomis; Joseph D. Proffit, Anchor; Harold N. Roud, Galesburg; J. Robert Shine, Mattoon; John H. Sims, Perry, and John E. Sisk, Marion.
Assistant pharmacisits -- L. R. Crawford, Hyman Lehovits, Charles Gimble, and Arnold P. Hicks, all of Chicago; and Charles E. Brady, Jacksonville; Harry Bugg, Springfield; Elton H. Elder, Decatur; Lester T. Loomis, Medora; Cora Miller, Pana; H. F. Obermeyer, Jacksonville; Roy R. Ogg, Springfield, and F. D. Williamson, Upper Alton.
The next meeting fo the board for the examination of registered pharmactists will be held in Chicago, Tuesday, March 8.

Chicago Eagle. (Chicago, Ill.) 1889-19??, February 19, 1910, Image 10
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27 May 1912
Jack Tharp, 42, and Joe Cannon, 37, quarreled over division of fish. Jack got 3 shots in arm; Joe 4 in leg. Bystanders got fish, and police got Jack and Joe.

The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, May 27, 1912, Image 6
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17 Aug 1912
Sheriff Morrow, Carrollton, Ill., near here, declares he has sure cure for wives who fall victims to affinities.
Mrs. Walter Evans eloped with Wm. Jurley, bachelor beau brummel of Lynn, Mo. Evans sent Morrow after couple. He brought them back handcuffed together. He then chained himself to Burley and paraded the couple down main street from depot to jail. The entire town saw the procession.
Mrs. Evans has returned to her husband, and says she will never leave him again. Burley is still rooming and boarding in jail.

The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, August 17, 1912, Image 30
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22 Jan 1914
Jerseyville Republican, Jersey County, Illinois
The funeral of John Lofton of Kane, and old soldier, was held Wednesday, the 14th, from the home of his brother, Will Lofton, at Kane, at 8 a.m., and the burial was in the Reddish Cemetery west of town. Col. Mart Parker, a stepson of the deceased, Officer Chas. Lofton, a cousin, and John Powell, who served in the Army with the deceased, drove out to the funeral Wednesday.
Mr. Lofton was about 84 years old. He served the Union during the Civil War and was for a time in the Anderson Prison. He leaves no children.
23 Apr 1914
David Haughtlin served with the Union in the Civil War. Service was ended by serious injury – returned home. Died April 23, 1904.

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Jerseyville Republican, Jersey County, Illinois
From Greene County
--The Livery stable of Capt. Downs of Scottville, located in Hillview, burned down Tuesday night, Feb. 9. The horses and vehicles were saved.
--A man, giving the name of W. E. Jones, walked into the sheriff’s office at Carrollton last Wednesday afternoon, surrendering with the announcement to have killed his mother in New York five (Unable to read the rest of the story) He received free transportation to Jacksonville.
--Claude A. Schultz and Miss C.L. Painter, both of Drake vicinity was married in the courthouse of Carrollton on Feb. 6.
--Mrs. Gideon Hutchens passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.A. Thompson of White Hall, at an age of 83 years, 7 months and 26 days.
--Verdie Firth Ransam, the 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Orin Ransom of White Hall, was claimed by death.
--James Gibbons of Roodhouse was summoned by death Feb. 9 at an age of 83 years.
--Mrs. David Dinsmore passed away at her home in Roodhouse Tuesday morning, Feb. 9, aged 61 years. A husband, three daughters and one son survive.
--Ebert Prather, south the Athensville, shot and killed himself Tuesday, Feb. 9, a shotgun being the instrument of death. He was 19 years old and had been married about four months, his wife being Miss Myrtle Cummings of Greenfield. It is reported that no cause for the rash act is given.
--James M. Smith of Monroe, La., formerly a farmer of near Carrollton died in his 68th year. He leaves the widow, children and two brothers, Wm. Smith of Concord, Tenn. And Sam Smith of Medora, Ill.
--Geo. W. Rumrill, for more than 40 years a resident of Carrollton, Feb. 10 died at his home in St. Louis at an age of 93 years.
--Harry T. Kelly of Carrollton Feb. 10 succumbed to pneumonia, age 49 years.
--Relatives and friends in Roodhouse received the sad news of the death of Jesse T. Barrow in Springfield, Ill., formerly a resident of Roodhouse and married to Miss Nellie Rogers of that city. The man was a brakeman on the C.& A.
--Mrs. Geo. H. McMahan died at the hospital in Jacksonville. The body was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.T. McMahan, near Roodhouse, and laid to rest Saturday.
Jul 1915
Jerseyville Republican, Jersey County, Illinois
From Greene County
--The Carrollton Board of Education has awarded the contract for painting and decorating the interior of the public schools of that city.
--Mrs. J. W. Vinyard of White Hall passed away Wednesday morning at 7:30, having attained an age of 48 years. She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Guy Richards of Kane.
--A.J. Baldwin, a prominent Greene County citizen, died Friday at his home in Pittsfield. Interment was made at White Hall after services had been held at his home. Deceased was the father of Judge F.E. Baldwin of Jacksonville.
--Mrs. Mary J. Fry of near Patterson on Saturday was called to her reward, attaining the age of 46 years, 1 month and 1 day. Funeral services were conducted at the Patterson Baptist Church, Rev. F. M. Crabtree of White Hall officiating.
--Mrs. Margaret Powell, wife of J. W. Powell, died Saturday night at her home, four miles west of Carrollton, aged 61 years, 3 months and 9 days. She is survived by the husband and five of their eleven children. Interment took place Monday at Maberry Cemetery, Dr. W. E. Mundell of Carrollton Baptist Church officiating.
--Dr. J. O. DeCourcy of Carrollton in a preliminary hearing Saturday afternoon was exonerated from the charge of having illicit relations with Pearl Cummins. Jim Hickman and Charles Lockrage, who were up on a like charge, were locked up in default of $1000 bond to await the action of the grand jury.
--Carrollton is busily engaged preparing for the I. O. O. F., picnic and county reunion, which will be held there on July 27.
--Clifford Greene and Cecil Holloway motored to Alton Sunday and were guests of friends.
--Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fenity and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown motored to Carrollton Sunday evening.
--Ray Garner, Lee Munday, Willard Ozbun and Harry Wayham, who for the past two weeks have been at Clayton, N. M., guests at the home of Fred Brown, returned home Saturday.
--Mrs. Charles Smith, who has been ill for some time, is much improved
--Mrs. O. G. Shirley, and Mrs. Carrie Gardiner, returned home Saturday from Chautauqua where they spent a few days.
--Miss Lela Greene was an Alton visitor Saturday.
--Horace Jones, who for the past three weeks has been a guest of friends departed for his home in St. Charles, Mich., Friday.

White Hall Hospital
The institution is located on the west side of Highway #67 at 407 North Main Street. The Hospital building is a two-story frame structure and contains eight beds for patients. Two registered nurses reside in the building or are within calling distance. William Thomas Stickley, M.D., the physician and surgeon in charge of the hospital. Dr. Stickley is a graduate of the Medical Department of the State University of Illinois and is a thoroughly competent physician and surgeon. The Hospital is equipped with the X-ray, operating room and a complete set-up of surgical instruments. Any reputable physician or surgeon is allowed to give professional attention to patients in the Hospital. The best of care and attention will be given patients. This Hospital was founded by the late Dr. A. R. Jarman, a public-spirited citizen, and the building and the equipment is the property of his widow. The Hospital is being operated at present by trained and registered nurses.
26 Oct 1918
Daniel J. McMahon, candidate for Municipal judge was born in Green County, Ill.; 55 years of age; attended the District, Parochial and High schools at or near Carrollton, Ill.; attended St. Ignatius College from 1881 to 1883; member of faculty of that college from 1883 to 1887; deputy County Clerk assigned to Courts, presided over by Judges Richard Prendergast and Frank Scales respectively, from 1888 to 1893; has degree of LL. D. from St. Ignatius College; was admitted to the bar in 1893 and has been engaged in civil practice in the state and federal courts; associated with Frank L. Cheney, who has been his law partner for 25 years; was General Counsel for the Board of Education from 1898 to 1903; has always taken an active part in politics and public affairs.
The Committee of Bar Association appointed to report on candidates for nomination for judiccial office has this to say of Mr. McMahon:
"His integrity, professional standing, temperament and eperience, qualify him for the office."

Chicago Eagle. (Chicago, Ill.) 1889-19??, October 26, 1918, Image 1
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Date Unknown
Tri County News - Greene Co.
Irvin Crane, 86, the last Civil War veteran in this part of Greene County, died last week at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lulu Fizer, in Eldred. At the age of 19 years he enlisted in Go. G, 61st Regiment. He is survived by 8 children.

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Feb 1944
Democrat News, Jersey County, Illinois
Rites At Fieldon For Aged Resident
Mrs. Sarah S. Sager, aged resident of Fieldon, died Friday morning, January 28, at eleven o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alice Rudolph, in Alton with whom she had made her home the past six years.
Mrs. Sager was the daughter of the late William and Emily Barr Fickle, and was born in Calhoun County, November 25, 1856. Her age at the time of her death was 87 years, 2 months and 3 days. Mrs. Sager, widow of Houston Sager, had been a resident of Fieldon for fifty years.
Surviving her in addition to the daughter with whom she resided, is one son, Guy E. Sager of Alton, ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
The body was brought to the Jacoby Brothers' Chapel in this city and funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, January 30, at two o'clock at the Evangelical Church in Fieldon, Reverend Louis V. Huber officiated at the final rites and burial was in the Fieldon cemetery.
28 Aug 1945
Alton Evening Telegraph, Madison County, Illinois
GREENFIELD – Funeral Services for W. Elmer Bruner were conducted at the Methodist Church in Rockbridge Sunday afternoon at 2:30, by the Rev. Frank Crouch of Carlinville. Mrs. Imogene Secor Lawrence of Lockport, accompanied by Mrs. Flossie Kaffir, sang several selections. Pallbearers were O. J. Miller, Jesse Steele, Fred Pewter, and Burl Clark of Rockbridge, Orville Geier of Jerseyville and Cleatus Reynolds of White Hall. Honorary pallbearers were Pete Huff, Troy Burger, Irwin Scandrett, Ay Lovel, Celah Faith, and Basil Crane. Internment was in Witt Cemetery south of Rockbridge.
Nov 1947
Alton Evening Telegraph, Madison County, Illinois
Memorial at Kane Sunday for Marine
Body of Corporal Jesse Petton Arrived Here Tuesday. Kane Legion To Assist At Rites.
The first Memorial Service locally for a returned veteran of World War II will be held for Corporal Jesse Petton of Kane whose body arrived in Jerseyville Tuesday afternoon with military escort and was taken to Jacoby Brothers Chapel.
The Memorial Service will be held at the Methodist Church in Kane Sunday afternoon, November 9, at two o'clock with the pastor, Reverend Harry Fish, officiating. The Kane American Legion Post will assist with the rites and interment will be in the Kane Cemetery.
The flag-draped casket will be moved form the Chapel here to the Church at one o'clock Sunday afternoon.
The body of the young Marine was one of over three thousand that arrived in San Francisco, California, Friday, October 10, aboard the Honda Knot. Corporal Petton, a member of the Marine Corps, was reported dead in a communication received by his parents on May 13, 1943. His death occurred on May 11.
The young man enlisted in the Marine Corps on January 3, 1932, and received his training at San Francisco, California. After six months training he left for foreign service. The young Marine participated in the battles in the Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal.
Petton was born in Hillsboro, Illinois, October 1, 1918. He lived in Kane for fifteen years and was graduated from the Kane and Carrollton High Schools.
Other bodies expected to arrive in Jerseyville in the near future are those of Pfc. Emmert Griffin and Lieutenant Paul T. Smith.

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29 May 1952
Alton Evening Telegraph, Madison County, Illinois
Newton H. Halbert Died In Hospital
Newton Henry Halbert of Kane died Monday morning, May 26, at eight-sixteen o'clock at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton where he had been a patient for twelve days. He had been in failing health for sometime.
The decedent was a son of the late Wilson and Naomi Close Halbert and was born in Greene County on September 6, 1874. His age at the time of death was seventy-seven years, seven months and twenty days. Mr. Halbert was a retired farmer of Greene County.
He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Claude Reynolds of Kane; two sons, George Halbert of Alton and Albert D. Halbert of East Alton; and three sisters, Mrs. Louis Richards of Carrollton, Mrs. Mary Hoppe of Alton and Mrs. W. T. Maine of Garnett, Kansas. He also leaves eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
Friends called at Jacoby Brothers' Funeral Home. Final rites were held at the Funeral Home Wednesday afternoon, May 28, at two-thirty o'clock. Rev. Harry Mason Fish of Grafton, a former pastor of the Kane Methodist Church, conducted the rites and interment was in the Kane Cemetery.
26 Jan 1976
Alton Evening Telegraph, Madison County, Illinois
Lloyd Edwin Weller, 70, of Rural Route 3, Jerseyville, formerly of Kane, died at 3:15 a.m. Jan. 18, at Jersey Community Hospital.
He was born Dec. 22, 1905, in Greene County, the son of the late Lucy Davenport and Thomas Franklin Weller. His wife was the late Ruby Oma Weller, who died Feb. 4, 1974. He was retired from the fire department at Olin Corp., Alton.
Survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Lloyd (Phyllis) Green, Mrs. Harold (Vivian) Kessinger and Mrs. Fred (Violet) Meyer, all of Jerseyville and Mrs. Everett (Levetta) Ayres of East St. Louis; one sister, Mrs. Curtis (Anelda) Grizzle, Salem; 23 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
Funeral services were held at the Gubser Funeral Home at 2 p.m. Jan. 20, with the Rev. Thurman R. Strange, Assembly of God Church, Jerseyville, officiating. Interment was in the Jalappa Cemetery.
18 Feb 1976
Alton Evening Telegraph, Madison County, Illinois
Mrs. Cecil M. Cope, 78, formerly of Kane, died on Feb. 9 at Alton Memorial Hospital. She had resided at D'Adrian Convalescent Center, Godfrey, for two years.
Her husband, Asa Truman Cope, died June 4, 1942. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Edward (Stella) Collins of Bunker Hill and Mrs. Louis (Phyllis) Williams of Cottage Hills; four sons, Asa F. of Kane, Clarence M. of Staunton, Fred H. of Alton and Stanley W. of Amarillo, Tex.; six sisters; two brothers; 21 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.
Services were conducted on Feb. 11 from the Burke Funeral Home with the Rev. David J. Shreve officiating. Burial was in Jalappa cemetery near Kane.
Final rites for Warren Fraley, 75, of 312 Grand Ave., East Alton, were held on Feb. 10 at the East Alton Pentecostal Church with the Rev. E. E. Lackey officiating. Burial was in Rose Lawn Memory Gardens.
His death occurred at 7:05 a.m. on Feb. 8 at the Jersey Community Hospital. Fraley was employed as a machinist with Standard Oil Co. for 38 years until retiring in 1962.
His survivors include his widow, the former Matilda Wieneke whom he married on March 15, 1922 in Jerseyville; a daughter, Mrs. Ferd (Keota) Falcone of Alton; a son, Oliver W. Fraley of Godfrey; two brothers, Estel of Carrollton and Lewis of Chicago; and two grandchildren.
The American Cancer Society has been named as a memorial.

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